Spare, limber and gifted with the last vestiges of a gracefully declining beauty; his ginger-red hair streaked here and there with a trace of silver-gray falls to his shoulders, often worn in a tightly woven braid to keep it out of his way. His face is noble; elegant with fine features — his best being his thoughtful gray eyes. Fit and athletic from many seasons of riding a dragon, he's in fine shape for a man of his age. And while he's not particularly tall, neither is he short either with a slightly above average height.

He wears a pair of riding leathers; dark brown pants tucked neatly into a pair of fur-topped boots. A warm jacket, and all the necessary tools of a rider are tucked hither and yon about his person; from the riding gloves tucked into his belt, along with the flight cap and goggles.


The second son of a minor Holder in mountainous Telgar, Aanfiel grew up in a relatively simple state — life in the mountains wasn't terrible, but it wasn't easy either, and he was expected to pitch in and do his share of the work, even at a young age. Sent to Landing to learn how to govern a Hold in a Steward's capacity, he fell in love with the younger son of a more affluent Telgari Holder. This made his father quite livid, as Aanfiel's older brother soon fell ill with a wasting sickness and passed away — and the boy's mother was also dying. Told he must marry the girl that had been his brother's intended, Aanfiel refused, and was banished from his Hold by his father only to learn that his lover had passed away in a riding accident — and he was not welcome at that Hold either.

Swept off to Telgar Weyr by a new lover — this one a lovely and seductive greenrider, Aanfiel found that Weyrlife suited him very well. Searched by that greenrider's dragon, he was soon among those standing for a clutch upon the Telgar sands, and as one by one, the eggs hatched until at last she came — the lovely sun-dappled beauty who declared her name to be Valliereth and Aanfiel became A'fiel, lifemate to a new glorious green creature who adored him, and he her.

Turns passed, A'fiel found love, and lost it again — he cared little for his sexual tastes, finding he loved men and women equally, and thoroughly enjoyed his life as a greenrider. He did find that he soon had a knack for teaching — having enjoyed his studies back at Landing, and reading enough books time and time again that he was eventually approached and asked to be an assistant to the Weyrlingmaster of Telgar. He remained in this capacity for many more Turns until at last, a particularly grueling and exhausting weyrlinghood saw him collapse as the weyrlings graduated.

Ordered south for a long period of R&R, A'fiel packed his bags with help from friends, mounted up on Valliereth, and set off for Ierne WeyrHold. There, it was his intention, that he would remain until he was once more allowed to return to his home Weyr, and take up his duties once more. In the meantime, however, he planned to rest, soak up the sun for long hours on the beach, and relax for the first time in many Turns.


Name Relation Location Position Status
Fieral Father Minor Telgari Hold Holder deceased
Aaylissa Mother Minor Telgari Hold Holder's Wife deceased
Fierayli Brother Minor Telgari Hold Heir deceased




Mistress of the Sun Green Valliereth
Sun-dappled verdancy reins supreme over a lithe and dainty form. Petite and tiny for one of her color, there lies yet an elegance and grace that the ravages of time and age have done little to mar. A small head crowned with quaint little headknobs brushed with flaxen highlights, rests atop a refined swan like neck, blending smoothly into curving chest and narrow sides. Her hips, matronly rather than muscled dominate the latter half of her body, leading down to a lithe little tail. Her wingsails; narrow and lean promise speed, but very little staying power, their near translucent color that of sage and mint that seem to all but vanish in the light of day. About her neck, skeins of golden platinum form a chain from which a great blob of gold hangs, a great pendant upon which dashes of emerald green and aquamarine are arranged. And yet, despite her age, there still hangs an aura of innocence and youth to this green dragon; one that speaks of childish joys and happier times. Still, exquisite perfection is not entirely perfect, or is it? The lighter hues upon one hind leg seem to darken slightly before her ankle— and then lighten to near white about her hind foot itself; giving perhaps an illusion that one leg is shorter than the other — a minor flaw that would mar her beauty were it truly a physical handicap.

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