A'ran (Journeyman Healer/Greenrider)


Long black hair tumbles down A'ran's back like silk; deceivingly uneven waves shimmer like satin as they float across his shoulder blades, where the silken locks truncate in abrupt, albeit staggered layers, cut in such a fashion that, when neatly combed, falls in an orderly fashion that comes to a near point at his spine. His long black tresses frame his oval face, though break away from it as it trail into a pointed chin. His features are very suggestive of the feminine, from the softer shape of his lips, more full and kissable, to his more prominent eyelashes and shapely eyebrows, and even his gentler brow. But his eyes are a startlingly piercing green, almost seeming to glow, such luster and life existing in their emerald depths. His neck is slender, trailing into a finely boned set of shoulders and collarbone, all very feminine and shapely in their contours. His body is very finely boned, and almost cat-like in nature. Stealthy, lithe, and while fit, still slender. Most of his height is in his long, pencil-thin legs, which give him an average female height, lending even more to his pretty boy image.

Emerald seems to be this young man's color of choice. A loose blouse of almost silk-like cloth covers his upper body, tight only at the waist and the wrists, and slightly so at the neck, the latter two done by laces, and the foremost by tucking it into his trous and literally blousing it. His trous are an even darker shade of emerald green, unlike his blouse, which is lighter in hue, almost spring green. They conform to his finely boned legs like tights, showing most of his bodily shape. Even in more private areas. His trous trail into black boots, however, which has a slightly taller than normal heel to them, making them appear more as a woman's shoe, than a man's, though with how A'ran seems to strut in them, he obviously doesn't mind this fact.


Aliran was born to a male bluerider and female greenrider in Southern Weyr (now Ierne Weyrhold), the spawn of a mating flight. He grew up normal enough, doing odd jobs around the Weyr as he got older to earn his keep.

Aliran developed an affinity for plants and nature early on in life, spending much of his free time gathering plants to study, curiously taking them apart and seeing how they worked. It was this affinity that lead his mother to start teaching him the most basic and common properties of herbs medicinally, having trained at Healer Hall for a time until being searched out and Impressing her green.

Aliran showed an unusual apptitude, quickly picking up what his mother shared with him, devouring the knowledge and hungrily asking for more. His mother offered him to the local Healer as an apprentice, who was grateful for the extra help and took him on.

In a few short months it became obvious to the Healer that Aliran needed to put his unusual apptitude to use as a proper Apprentice and after confering with Aliran's parents and Aliran he was officially Apprenticed into Healer Hall and taken to their Crafthall near Fort Hold.

He spent many turns there, writing letters to his parents and friends back at the Weyr, detailed his sucesses and failures. He quickly made it to Senior Apprentice, due in part to his previous training back at Southern Weyr, but soon demonstrated that his aptness was no mere fluke and continued to stay ahead of a good many Apprentices, particularly when it came to anything related to plants and medicine.

His seventeenth turn brought many surprises, having spent most of his teenage turns as a Senior Apprentice he was finally awarded the Journeyman knot. It was perhaps the greatest birthday gift he could have ever hoped for. And it only seemed to get better.

When he went home to visit his family one of the local Dragons insisted that he should stand for the clutch slowly baking on the hatching sands. Flustered yet flattered beyond all belief he agreed, knowing that Dragonriding was in his blood. Quickly writing a note to the Hall to appraise them of the situation he took his belongings and settled into the Candidate barracks.

Weeks went by but all too soon the Weyr sounded with the sound of hundreds of throats humming welcome to the rocking, cracking clutch on the sands. Candi feet scattered to the barracks, shucking clothes and donning the traditional white robes before rushing back off to the sands.

Much foot-shifting later Aliran found himself nearly knocked over by a lovely green creature, who promptly claimed him and told him that she was Shaseith and now he was her A'ran. Tears in his eyes he eagerly accepted her claim, with promises to let her in on his promishing experiments.

Weyrlinghood went by quickly, and A'ran found himself getting quite close to Ashtyn — now A'tyn — the boy who had also Impressed at his clutch, mate of the blue Navimath. Their relationship grew heated for a time, but A'ran's continued study of botany and herbalism, as well as their continually busy schedules as Weyrlings eventually had them drift apart near their graduation.

Now a full fledged rider, A'ran continues his work as a Healer and Dragonhealer in Ierne Weyrhold, performing experiments on the local flora to find medicinal purposes from the broad range of new and unusual plants found only on the southern continent, regularly filing reports with Healer Hall to update them on his findings and progress.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Unknown Father Ierne Weyrhold Wingrider Blue
Unknown Mother Ierne Weyrhold Wingrider Green



Green Airaloke
Crimson edges wrap around emerald fire, created the illusion of raw and tattered lines to this slender firelizard. She looks completely feral, dipped in blood that slides along her eyeridges and dribbles down the hollows of her cheeks. She is sharp lines and fierce angles, her head long and pointed, her muzzle coated in sanguine. Her throat is a smooth column of velvety lime green that passes along her underbelly. A splash of red decorates the strong muscles where wings meet body, and the trailing edge of each wing spar is tinged in blood. Each talon is black, fitted neatly into her dark green toes. Red decorates the back of each angular knee and ankle joint, and the tip of her tail looks like she dipped it into blood as well. The rest of her is a deep, unwavering green like the underside of a leaf, smooth and without cessation.


Green Shaseith
Fog curls up around Shaseith's delicate muzzle, wafting over her eyeridges and swirling about verdant headknobs, giving a strangely intriguing pallor to this dainty green. The pale hue wends its way down over her slender neck, teasing over rocky ridges that have the slightest traces of gray and brown to them, as if they were mossy rocks admist a misty forest. Tendrils wrap their way out over her unusually large wingspan, twining with the verdant vines that wrap around her sails, setting off the silvery 'spars. Despite her massive wingspan and strong shoulders, the rest of her form is dainty, her body lean, even down to her well-muscled hindquarters. Her tail tapers off, her body long and lean, ending abruptly in an emerald gem, the only part of her seemingly untouched by the mysterious fog that wraps around her verdant exterior to shroud this noble beast in a cloud of dreamy mist.

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