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Rider of blue Lucieth, A'rlo originally hailed from High Reaches weyr. He's a bit of a travelling handy-man, holding the rank of Journeyman in the Smithcraft. He'e experienced in black-smithing, tinkering and general construction, though he's been known to dabble in a great many things on the side. When he's not in his forge, he's airborn with Lucieth, often doing either transport or surveying work for additional income.



Dark brown hair is kept close to the head of the blueriding smith before you, shot through with early gray along the sides. His skin is tanned and ruddy from too much time at the forge, though the blue eyes that peer out from under an average brow still show signs of being bright and keen. An average nose and unassuming lips are complimented with a bit of growth on his face, somehow walking the line between unshaven and scruffy It’s a face of smiles, even if one is rarely on it while he concentrates at his work, a bit too rugged to be traditionally handsome.

A frame just shy of six feet tall is thick but not sculpted, his body an instrument of his craft and his life. Broad shoulders and a barrel chest are flanked by muscled, capable arms that end with calloused, blacksmith hands. His torso tapers to a waist that would be more slender if not for the sheer mass of his trunk’s bulk. Sturdy thighs give way to less obvious calves, feet at the end, balanced and planted. Solid. Practical. Sensible.


There’s nothing particularly compelling about Aderlough’s history. People say that there’s not much to do up at High Reaches in the wintertime other than make babies and small talk, and it turned out that, on the night in question, neither of his parents were keen on talking. Around nine months later, the obvious happened. A baby’s backside got smacked, he squealed in response – because, hey, if you were hanging upside down, naked and someone spanked your ass, you’d scream too - and that was more or less the end of it.

Aderlough grew up happy and strong in the care of several at the Weyr, but unlike his friends who seemed to prefer the more glamorous of the crafts, he was drawn to the life of a smithcrafter. His reasoning was simple: He lived at High Reaches Weyr…and the forge was warm!


Apprenticeship at the age of 12 eventually led him to mentoring under a stout, gray-haired senior journeyman named Gunder, who everyone at the Weyr simply referred to as Thump. The coming years would educate Aderlough in the finer points of the craft, from blacksmithing both simple and complex items to mechanical tinkering and tool-making. Shortly before his 21st turn, he was awarded what many considered to be a long overdue journeyman’s knot. Aderlough was exceptionally pleased, eager to move about in the world and ply his craft, but a search rider put his plans on hold.

Candidacy was a maddening time for Aderlough’s overseers. His chores were done promptly, respectfully, and yet he still managed to find time to enjoy food and drink, even pushing the boundaries with women while remaining within the letter of the law. His philosophy on life was simply that if boundaries were never pushed, everyone would simply stay where they were in life. His own boundaries would be pushed some time later, when he met his best friend, a steely blue dragon named Lucieth.

And so it was. The turns that followed would see the two, roving from place to place, holds and weyrs alike, offering services where he could, teaching those younger when he was able and allowed, and learning for himself whenever he was wakeful. At 35 turns of age, A’rlo found himself at Ierne, happily working in the forge in the evening and learning of the world above on Lucieth’s back during the day.


And Gluttony Ran Free Brown Chubb

He's a substantial brown 'lizard, with a heavy build down to his very bones. His hide is a culinary-inspired mishmash of deliciousness, with his wide-mouthed maw and low-slung eyeridges lurking over round, hungry eyes traced in sleek lines of caramel. Bits of shortbread form his too-pale neckridges, nibbled away to nothing between his shoulders. The rest of him is built on a luxurious base of multi-layered baklava, the light, horizontal striations of pastry alternating with something darker, giving him the appearance — from a distance — of being a medium-brown. Meaty haunches laced with honey-hued dribbles and stubby, butterscotch talons are paired with a natural corpulence, giving him a delightfully roly-poly appearance. Earthbound as he might appear, he's quite capable of flight: his wings are like panels of fine biscotti dipped in frothy mocha at the trailing edges and held together by spars of carob that appear to melt a bit at the edges. Those wings are perfectly functional, if rarely used, while his tail has all the seeming of a braided length of fried sweetbread, cinnamon-and-sugar dusted to end in a delighted dollop of caramel cream at the very end.


Dark Heart Of The Forge Blue Lucieth

Only an Ancient mastersmith could forge darkest midnight and fiery blue into a creature such as this, a well-composed construct of raw angles and harsh lines made smooth only by the burnished seeming of his hide. His countenance is a vicious thing, encased within an onyx deathmask and soldered in place with fleeting hints of gunmetal gray, a larger specimen among his kind. In all but the best of lights does he appear utterly black, a being wrought of oiled smoke over a framework of deepest blue. Good light brings to life the strange, liquid shimmer of his hide, akin to blue flame and oily rainbows upon a metallic surface. Revelations in the form of heavily burnished steel wink and glitter here and there in a filigree that's barely there, an illusion born only in the best of lights and with fresh oiling. His wings are shadowed drapes held by spars of near-black steel — his claws, too, are forged of that selfsame steel, and his 'ridges are subtly marked on the leading edges to lend a sense of sharpness to his already razor-keen build. The fey, oiled blue continues the length of his body, terminating with a split, whiplike tail.


  • Lyuba - Despite A'rlo's recent arrival to Ierne, the rider of green Allochkath has become a fast friend. A'rlo owes much of his friendship with the rider to her age, and the fact that like him, she's a simple, plain spoken denizen of Pern. The two enjoy a fast-formed, close friendship, a fact that's only aided by the fact that their dragons appear to get along well when they're together.
  • Thump (NPC) - A Senior Journeyman in the smithcraft, Thump served as A'rlo's mentor for many years before A'rlo finally went out into the world on his own to practice his trade. The two are in frequent communication, and Thump has even been out to visit him at a few of his stationings. A'rlo holds his opinion in high regard, and the man himself in great respect.

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I'd be remiss here if I didn't heap a huge amount of praise on Lyuba somewhere on this page. She's pretty much the reason that I brought A'rlo to the game and she contributed heavily to his creation, from his character model to his dragon and fire-lizard.

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