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There is something almost feline in the way that Aerelyn moves. Languid and fluid, she has a practiced grace about her that seems in prefect harmony with the balance of her body. She is reasonably tall, but slender, carrying just enough in the way of curves to be reasonably attractive. Narrow shoulders arch towards lithely toned arms. A gentle roundness of the chest narrows down along a flat belly to slightly wider hips. Long, elegant legs support her frame. Her face carries soft features, rounded cheekbones accentuated by a narrow chin and delicate nose. Strait eyebrows frame a pair of soft, ocean blue eyes. Strands of dark brown hair hang hang down into her eyes with fashionably long bangs, the longer strands behind it dangle in soft layers onto her neck.

Her clothing is simple, utilitarian if nothing else. A rider's jacket almost always hangs from her shoulders, showing patches of various colors where it has been repaired over the turns. Beneath this, a thin tunic of a flowing material clings close to her skin, following the curve of her belly until it vanishes into the top of her pants. Long, wherhide and dyed nearly black, the leggings are soft and supple, allowing an ease of movement. Her feet are covered by a pair of black boots which lace up to mid-calf.


Aerelyn was born to a single mother who worked the farms outside of Telgar. When Relyn became pregnant, stories began to circulate about who the baby's father might be. Some claimed the father to be a the somewhat 'slow' helper of a local farmcrafter, while others claimed the son of one of the local holders. There was even a tale or two that a dragonrider had showed her fancy during one of the big gathers in Telgar. Still, no one really knew for sure and that lead to the usual scandalous stares and rumors that usually accompany hold life.

After her birth things seemed to quiet. Every now and again, growing up, Aerelyn might have heard a whisper or two. Someone trying to find some trait she held in common with their husband, or word of some visiting harper who shared the same eyes. Still, she grew up with a perfectly normal childhood. It seemed quite likely that she'd grow up, enter a craft, and be nothing more than a perfectly average member of Pernese society. However, when she came of age, nothing seemed to settle right with Aerelyn. She spent a turn apprenticed as a beastcrafter, then a tanner, then a smith, trying each one on for size before deciding that none seemed to suit her fully. While she was skilled enough in each craft, and caught on easily to them, she hated that the crafts were so segregated. Her own interests tended to be wide and varied, a combination rather than one specific thing. So, giving up on the hard rules and lines of craft life, Aerelyn returned home.

More rumors followed, the locals latching on to any chance to gossip. They claimed that she must be the daughter of that 'slow' man who had died a few turns back. Why else would she have dropped out of so many crafts only to return home a disgrace? Her mother never saw her has a disgrace though, perhaps understanding her daughter better than most others. Hold life had never appealed to her, but it was something she couldn't escape from. So, taking the chance, she encouraged her daughter to look elsewhere for something better than the simple life she'd made for herself.

So, she decided to leave home behind and got a job working as a stablehand at the weyr. She got to work with leathers, animals, metal, and still have enough time for other interests as well. Aerelyn thrived in the open, free environment of the weyr, and for the first time in her life found a place she was accepted. Halfway into her first turn at the weyr, she was asked to stand for a clutch hardening on the hatching sands. As a candidate, she developed a close relationship with the clutch-father's rider, a bronzer named M'thye. He had fully expected her to impress to the one golden egg sitting on the sands, and Aerelyn… well she wasn't about to get her hopes up on impressing a dragon.

On hatching day, both were surprised when a small, spindly dragonet chose her long before the gold egg even hatched. Since that day, she has been green Azarith's rider. Disappointed, M'thye dropped the relationship all too quickly, setting his sights on the new golden queen's rider instead. He had high expectations of becoming a weyrleader and his plans included buttering up as many gold riders as he could manage. When she refused him, he ended up at Aerelyn's weyr entrance, begging her to take him back. And so that's how it remained for a number of turns. On-again off-again, the two had a relationship that certainly wasn't built on any love or mutual affection. So with no real strong ties to Telgar, it came as no surprise that when her best friend, Niah and her blue dragon Celiketh transferred to Ierne, that Aerelyn would follow along.

For a time, things were calmer and the rider settled in to be a bit of a tinker. She created small objects which she sold at gathers. Toys, carvings, leather bands with intricate etchings, things that tended to combine the aspects of her varied interests. However, M'thye followed after her and all too soon the peace she'd found was disrupted again. For the first time in countless turns, the bronze Lukuth caught Azarith in flight, and Aerelyn found herself in a very odd position. The healer had only just told her that she was pregnant when her friend Niah left suddenly to Ista. With no explanation, and no one else but the bronzerider to take comfort in, she stayed behind. Although she did everything right, gave up on riding her dragon, refused to go between, Aer miscarried shortly after her sixth month.

Frustrated by this, M'thye returned to Ista without so much as a word to his former weyrmate. Certainly, it might have been enough to crush someone with a weaker spirit, but for the first time since her dragon hatched, Aerelyn felt free. She had her time of mourning, blaming herself, but she moved on well before word came to her that the bronze rider had found a new weyrmate, and now had a bouncing baby boy. Settling into life at Ierne, she was content. Not happy, but content at least with the life that she was making for herself. Still, restless, it seems only a matter of time before something would change again in her life.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Relyn Mother Cothold near Telgar Farmcraft Helper N/A


Curlin Blue Serge
To be merely blue these days seems to be an irregularity, but this firelizard seems to be just that. His smooth and supple hide glows with the brilliance of cerrulean, deepens to the depths of indigo in the curves of muscle and facets of bone and hilights only with a slightly less deep shade of blue across his neck ridges and atop his whipping tail. He is not to be set aside, though. His arched neck shows pride, and his wide wingspan for a blue promises power and speed. His bone structure tells of a firelizard which hopes for the large end of the blue size range. He WILL be important, and even his body knows it. Down his face, an irregular star of sky blue parts the plain color. It widens only to the left, leaving the right with no point. As it shimmies down his face, it ends just above his nostrils. Both hind legs to the hock are similarly colored, the only difference in what would otherwise be considered a "textbook blue".


Brought to Life Green Azarith
Burnished, distressed jade clings to a drawn-out muzzle, cracks of lighter color peeking through the dark to highlight pale whirling eyes and the gentle curve of her cheekbones. Dusky pine-tinted tones flow down her slender, strappy neck, the sunless hue broken by cheery lines of emerald that dance along the rise of sharp ridges. Pale spring green lightens as it gravitates along the underside of her neck to pool along her svelt chest and down below to her smooth belly. Massive wings are supported by sinuous muscle and spindly spars, expansive sails breaking the darkness with swathes of moss with a faint latticework of gray. Her lean torso flows to the peaks of narrow, dark hips and snakes down to the forked tip of her shadowy whipcord tail. Dapples of sunlight race down her sides to pool into clearings of green-yellow that dribble down otherwise dark and antiqued stringy limbs. Angular but powerful, her paws are tipped with claws of deep myrtle.

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