Arietta has a soulful look to her with a heart-shaped face that is supported with full, pouty, lips and an upturned nose. Her eyes are hazelnut and downturned, framed by thick lashes and soft arching, thick brows. Her dark blonde hair is often tousled in a side part that looks casual against her cheeks and adds a touch of disheveled charm to an otherwise contained appearance.
She stands at 5'4" though may look taller in the heeled boots and shoes she tends to favor to give her added height and femininity. She often wears fitted dresses, shirts, and full skirts that are well-made enough to be of fashion though she has never had the marks or ability to wear outfits that would suit her best.


Arietta is a daughter of holders who have a small parcel of land that they tend with a nonchalance that often gives it a certain rundown appearance. Her father’s work as a stonemason has created even more reason for the general layout of the property to be cluttered and chaotic looking. Her artist mother, though she has a detail for fine lines and perfect colors, can rarely be bothered to fuss with the cothold itself. Arietta, being the eldest of four, has always been the responsible one. Her siblings range in ages from 9 to 3, with her brother being the next in charge, and her two younger sisters often underfoot. Surrounded by chaos, Arietta has found solace in managing and controlling everything in her power. She manages to appear well-dressed and well-kept at all times, quickly becoming a beauty as she grew into her teens that led many suitors to her door. Her parents have never particularly cared what their children did (either out of benign neglect or passive parenting) and so Arietta has never been reprimanded for her choices. She never made it public knowledge that her “best friend”, a girl a turn younger than her, was more than that. When the same girl came knocking and begging her to follow her on a journey, Arietta balked at the question and watched as the girl fled on her own. It didn’t take her long to realize that Arietta was far more heartbroken than she thought she’d be and with reservation, she left her family behind to pursue her girlfriend. Somehow along the way she ended up getting Searched by a Telgar rider, which was likely something that saved her life for a girl who had never roamed far did not properly prepare for a journey that was lasting as long as hers did. Not knowing what else to do, Arietta accepted the proposition and continued to find her carefully controlled world unravel around her.

Barbabith claimed Arietta on Telgar’s sands with an enthusiasm that has never wavered in the four turns since her Impression. The pair worked within Telgar’s Weyr without issue and Arietta adjusted to Weyr life fairly well. She was disappointed when her siblings chose not to join her shortly after Impression and later found reason to be further disappointed when it seemed all her family expected of her was for her to send marks to support them. With bluerider Kalliope’s support, Arietta began to find different ways to express herself than tending to her family. When Kalliope wanted to transfer to Ierne Weyrhold, Arietta followed happily.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Kalliope Weyrmate Ierne Weyrhold Bluerider Indivarth



A dark green covers this dragon from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail. It is a deep covering like overlapping holly leaves as the tendrils of green cross along her body and down her legs and tails. Her wings are the same deep dark green as the rest of her hide, although the undersides are a shade lighter and if one looks close they can see the undertones of small red clusters towards her wingtips. The same hints of small red clusters can also be seen on the underside of her tail. Her belly and insides of her legs are the lighter shade of green that matches her wings. Her claws are such a dark green that they are almost black.

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