Current desc:
Pale is one word to describe this man, an average height and soft features leaving him less than imposing. Fair skin, seeming almost untouched by Rukbat's rays, bears only the faintest hint of a tan. Built lean and slender, his lithe frame may not hold excessive muscle, but what is there has been toned and shaped through the turns. Light grey eyes sit below thin, wheat-hued brows, smile lines evident if one looks close. Hair long and falling straight, the length of it is layered somewhat as it brushes down along his shoulders. Though certainly not white, the fine strands have a definite faded quality to them, blond mingling with shades of muted brown, taking on an occasional sun-golden sheen in the right light. A gentle face, framed by two chin-length locks, holds a narrow nose and thin lips, the strong, squared jawline, clean-shaven and perhaps seeming out of place given his somewhat effeminate features. While curving from his temple to just behind his left ear is a dyed braid in midnight blue.

Old descs:



Bevenky was born to greenrider Vicky and brownrider B'ven of Fort. Foisted off on the nannies, he grew up a typical weyrbrat, though perhaps a bit more soft-spoken than his peers. He barely saw his parents, who had been weyrmates briefly before Vicky decided to move to Telgar with a bronzer, leaving her then-teenaged son behind. Bevenky had made himself useful in the weyr, helping out where he could and assisting the various lower cavernfolk with whatever odd jobs they needed doing. In his fourteenth turn, the youth was searched for a clutch and managed to impress a blue. The dragon did wonders for Bevenky's - now B'ky - sense of adventure, and the pair were soon through weyrlinghood with only minor problems. Discovering a love for flying, and then for travel, B'ky became a transport rider, ferrying people and packages all across Pern. Though neither rider nor dragon are exceptionally strong, they've endeared themselves to many folks in distant cotholds and even a few Halls for their willingness to haul stuff for only a half-mark or less (more often much less), and for the nearly always prompt and safe delivery of items in their care. B'ky is especially likely to give free rides and to transport equipment for the Healer Hall for little or nothing, due to a close call once which he doesn't like to talk about but which has given him a healthy respect for well-secured crates and a deep admiration for the healers of Pern. He's been doing transport work for about 15 turns, and upon reaching his thirtieth turnday, he decided to finally use those marks he'd been saving up and treat his dragon and himself to a bit of a vacation. Where he ended up was perhaps not so important, though he'd always been fond of his birthplace. Unfortunately, B'ky's vacation and inability to say no when help was needed took them from Ierne to Xanadu, where the bluerider briefly (and unsuccessfully) attempted to reconcile with his former weyrmate, greenrider B'miel. Political tensions and no small amount of homesickness eventually led to the bluerider returning to Fort, where he re-joined Roc wing, as its wingleader. Work-related stresses and troubles both political and personal have taken their toll on the man, the gentleman blueie more often than not found with a frown rather than a smile. Eventually, the stress took its toll, and a near-fatal heartattack forced the bluerider into retirement.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon PC/NPC/Adoptable?
Vicky mother Telgar Weyr greenrider Grinith NPC/no
B'ven father Fort Weyr brownrider Sidoth NPC/no
Bevicka sister Fort Weyr weyrfolk - NPC/no
Bevin nephew Fort Weyr weyrbrat - NPC/no
V'ken brother Fort Weyr rider ? NPC/no
D'ven half-brother Benden Weyr brownrider ? NPC/no
Anaky half-brother Weaverhall Apprentice Weaver - PC
Beva paternal grandmother Fort Weyr old auntie - NPC/no
K'shan weyrmate Ierne Weyrhold greenrider Nawyth PC

B'ky has quite a few relations (siblings, cousins, possibly even children) in most of the northern weyrs. (@mail if you're interested in claiming relation - would love some PC family members!)


none - Avideth does not like to share his rider, alas


Painted by the Winds Blue Avideth
Swathes of bright sky blue sweep almost uniformly over the back and wings of this dragon. The color deepens slightly as it spreads down across his shoulders and over his haunches, darkening to indigo at the joints and creases of his legs. Cerulean bathes his belly, streaming out over the arch of his long neck and tail. A wedge-shaped head holds wide, round eyes and violet-splashed headknobs, the purplish tint swooping down the length of his snout to touch the very tip of his nose. Though not terribly large for his kind, the blue's flanks and limbs ripple with muscle beneath the smooth skin. His talons are a cloudy blue-gray, elegantly curved and sharp.


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  • If It's A Rose.. - Empty Hats
  • March Of The Wings - Anne McCaffrey, Tania Opland
  • The Duty Song - Anne McCaffrey, Tania Opland
  • Fields of Gold - Sting
  • In These Arms - Bon Jovi

- suggested by Deo~

  • Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx
  • Listen To Your Heart - DHT
  • Secret - Maroon 5
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