Experience has taught Corvi to keep her hair cut short, so wet clay doesn't cake in it and hot metal doesn't burn it. Thus, she keeps her black hair only an inch long at most, and otherwise lets it do what it wants. It's not usually combed down, either. Her face is pale, and softly square shaped, with two blue eyes staring intelligently from it. She's a small, slight woman, with thin features and limbs-when standing strait, she's only 5'3, and her tendency to slouch her shoulders usually costs her an inch or two. There is usually residual clay-dust on her clothing, and sometimes even a bit of clay-mud on her arms and face.


Corvi's childhood was relatively normal. She grew up in the hall, the daughter of two journeyman smiths. Thus, her childhood was filled with smithy things, like fire and ceramics and chemistry-borne explosions, through which she cultivated an interest in the craft. At the tender age of 11, she jumped strait into apprenticeship and looked to start causing explosions of her own. Initially, she looked for a focus in chemistry, but she quickly learned that her talent lay in clayworking. She did your standard apprenticeship cycle of classes, chores, more classes, more chores, before graduating to journeyman at the earliest opportunity. It was shortly into that journeymanship that she was abducted by a bluerider who claimed to be on search. We all know better, though. Corvi was taken to the weyr and set to doing more of that endless cycle of chores, lessons, chores, lessons does it ever end?, before being dropped down in front of a clutch full of hatching, hungry, possibly bloodthirsty dragonets. It was shortly thereafter that she was chosen by a brown dragonet, who thought she looked either convenient or tasty, and impressed her, demanding food. More of that endless cycle of classes, chores, classes, chores, though this time with a brown dragon known as Ereviuth in tow, until the little brown finally grew up. Since then, she's been practicing her smithery and using her artisan-level skill at ceramics to make money, in addition to harnessing Ereviuth's ability to fly.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
x x x x x


None, as of yet.


Brown Ereviuth
All wings and limbs, Ereviuth has a long frame that's covered in a layer of strong, defined muscle. He's a moderately sized brown, but he /looks/ strong. Swirling eyes stare out of a head as dark as moonlit earth, which gradually lightens in a primitive-stripe pattern going down his neck. His neckridges remain that dark brown, coinciding with a line down his neck, down from which random darker strips fall, marring the pleasant mahogany of an otherwise unmarked hide. His legs grow considerably paler, broken only by that dark-earth tone cascading down his legs in those faint, primitive stripe patterns, which mar a similiarly lightening tail.
About Ereviuth's shoulders rests a set of standard issue weyrling straps. Dyed a nondescript grey, they seem to have seen better days but are only intended for use until the young dragon stops growing so rapidly.
Ereviuth is 11 Turns, 1 month, and 14 days, with a length of 32.76 meters, and a wingspan of 54.60 meters.

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