Full Name Demetrius
Occupation Owner; Green Dragon Inn
Dragon bronze Jocameth


At six foot two inches tall, D'mer's form in comprised of lean muscle and long lines. He is the kind of man on just expects to see engaged in strenuous physical activity. Short, dark hair is neatly trimmed, a few stray wisps drifting down onto his brow. A neatly trimmed, but faint, beard and moustache show of the squareness of jaw, framing full lips bearing a hint of a sardonic smile. Vivid grey eyes are made brighter by slightly arched thick brows, the downward sweep at the inner corner of the eye giving the impression that he observes everything with a critical eye. Sharp features, high cheekbones, angular lines and a tendency toward smirking lend him a sardonic appearance that can be considered off-putting for most. While not particularly broad of shoulder, his build is pointedly masculine without the need for exaggerated musculature.

A plain white T-shirt girds his torso, the fabric worn and old and tinted almost grey by years of fighting fires. However, while the garment is not even close to stylish, it does have the benefit of showing off the lean muscles of his torso and sharper cut line of bicep. A pair of well-worn black leather flight pants gird his lower body, the waistband bearing the heavy suspenders required to hold up fire fighting gear in the field. Sturdy, but scuffed black leather boots and an equally scuffed and worn black leather jacket finish off the outfit.


The youngest son of a fire fighter outside of Hannista Hold, Demetrius's childhood, while hard, was not without joy. Like their father, all four of the boys were trained to fight fires, spending thier days engaged in the harsh training required to perfect bodies and minds to battle the worst nature has to offer. Like his brothers, Demetrius was resigned to the life the entirety of his family had engaged in for generations. At the tender age of seventeen, however, he was asked to stand at Telgar and was— to the great surprise of himself, his father and his brothers, chosen by Bronze Jocameth.

Weyrlinghood was problematic for D'mer, a hot temper, the inclination to fight and entirely to massive an ego leading him to spend a good deal of time on the Weyrlingmaster's watch list. Still, he managed to graduate with his class and split his time between fire fighting and search and rescue. Still, that cocky self assurance was an ever present factor in D'mer's life. For the next seven turns his life was near constant adrenaline rush of his own creating, Jocameth being just as big a danger junkie as his rider. It was while fighting a particularly dangerous forest fire threatening a remote cothold, that D'mer's life changed dramatically.

Trapped by a fallen tree and badly burned, the twenty five turn rider was grounded by a badly broken leg- the break itself bad enough that the healers were worried he might not walk at all. Fortunately, Jocameth was NOT injured. Unfortunately, the same fire claimed his weyrmate's life, a fact D'mer would not learn for days. D'mer, however, while emotionally devastated by the accident and loss, was determined not to let himself even consider the possibility of being permanently crippled. The next four years of his life were spent retraining himself to use the injured limb and dealing with the mental and emotional trauma inspired by the scarring on his left leg.

Transferring to Ierne, the next four years were spent new riders in search and rescue and fire fighting. D'mer however has been considering finding a place to finally settle in permanently.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Andreas (An'dras) Brother Telgar Wingrider- S&R Green Telyth
Alexandrous Brother Hannista Hold Firefighter None
Michael Brother Hannista Hold Firefighter None
Piotr Brother Hannista Hold Firefighter None
M'ars Weyrmate (Deceased) Telgar Wingrider S&S Brown Yiusleth



How can a firelizard be 'fluffy?' It appears as if nature has achieved the impossible, somehow, upon the hide of this green …though it is truly only deviations in her color and the play of light and shadown upon her form that lend her the cast of 'downy'. Upon chin, neck, and her belly through underside of tail, she is the softest of dreamy mint hues, her legs and even feet and claws dusted by the tone. Upon head, and down her back into tail, however, thick stripes of forest green reign, broken up only a little upon her wings by recurring little patches of that palest mint. The crest of her neck ridges is a sharp surprise: a loud shade of red dipped in it and lending this pretty one a small shock to the senses!



While by no means the largest bronze ever to be spied, there is a pointedly rugged air about him. Broad of shoulder and long of limb, Jocameth's form is punctuated by long, surprisingly pointy head knobs and a serpentine tail of surprising length. His is hide is almost uniform shade of glittering bronze, the hue broken up by shades of polished brass licking like flames up the length of muscular legs and spiraling down the length of his tail. Fire and light, Jocameth's wingsails are adorned with flame-like licks of bronze, brass and copper. A well-formed head, topped with spiraling head knobs in shining coppery hues and a long snout lend him a somewhat sardonic aire heightened by unrelenting confidence.


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