Standing at roughly 5'10", Ebeny manages not to appear thin and lanky thanks to her elongated hourglass figure. Mostly lean, she's not quite curvy enough to achieve the look entirely and it might be more that her tiny waist becomes wide hips that don't do her many favours. Her facial features are a little more angular, with a thin nose and sharp jaw, her deep green eyes muddied by brown to shade darker in most lights. Black hair falls to below her shoulders in kinked waves, showing no particular pattern or desire to be tamed.


The first of seven children, Ebeny was born to a Telgar Weyr caverns worker of sixteen turns old, Elyanna. Her mother claims not to know who her father is, whether this is due to circumstances or the number of men she slept with in so short a time, nobody knows. She did raise the girl herself, though paid little attention to her - certainly Ebeny didn't ask or call for much. More than capable when it came to reading and writing, the girl daydreamed through much of her classes and though she developed quite a vocabulary, she rarely used it or let on that she might be able to do more than she bothered with, until, that is, the teaching Harpers approached her with the idea to apprentice. Primarily, it was her literacy skills that they thought recommended her, but as the turns passed, her focus soon changed, and it was a speciality in voice and music that she developed, after a rather shaky start that saw her lack of confidence nearly destroy her chances entirely. At 19, then a senior apprentice, her first proper posting saw her return to Telgar.

She accepted Search more for the experience of Standing than any true belief that she would Impress, and so she was more stunned than overjoyed when green Laurieth found her and claimed her as hers to do with as she pleased. Laurieth was and is, to most extents, nothing like her rider. Unbalanced and often ill-tempered, the green made her life a living hell for much of her weyrlinghood, though Ebeny always tried to cover up the fact that Laurieth took her moods out on her and attempted to pretend that everything was fine.

Ebeny weyrmated a brownrider from her class the morning after she graduated. Through her early turns with Laurieth, and her desire to continue with her craft and strengthen her vocal skills, his love and support were what was kept her from falling apart. However, as she neared the end of her twenties, earned her Journeyman status, and found a steadiness with Laurieth that she had not before, she also found more than she expected with her best friend, also a brownrider. A promise to give him a child for he and his weyrmate to raise ultimately ended up with a bought of depression and the breakdown of both weyrmatings, and sooner than might have seemed appropriate, she found herself living with and weyrmated to her best friend - and now, less than two turns later -, a mother to the child she gave up, as well as newborn twin girls. Though it's a difficult balance to maintain, the family try their best to carry out their duties to Weyr, dragons, crafts and children without letting one dominate the others, as many conflicts as they may face to do so. In recent months, illness in her weyrmate's family has brought Ebeny to Ierne, to lend her support where she can.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
E'dre Weyrmate Ierne Weyrhold Brownrider/Jman Weaver Wroyth
Elayne Daughter Ierne Weyrhold Child N/A
Eden Daugher Ierne Weyrhold Child N/A
Eryn Daughter Ierne Weyrhold Child N/A


Stoking the Fires Green Oriel
A little waif of a green gives off an impression of a glorious wild thing, free and unattainable. She is at once both dainty and powerful with a curiously delicate strength, similar to a gazelle or fawn. Her head is a little narrow, echoed by the shoulder and hip bones so that she seems elongated even for her tiny size. Even her wings are long and narrow with unusually short sails for their width. A cloaking of mint green coats her from tip to tail, overlain by a lacework of metallic emerald cut in the shape of flames. As she moves, they ripple and she seems ablaze.

Fire and Ice Blue Askavi
A dark navy blue runs across this firelizard from the tip of his muzzle all the way along his spine to the tip of his tail. His melts into a more coppery color the farther down along his body and ends in claws and talons that look positively red, almost the color of molten metal. His head has a round appearance that is almost pear shaped. His neck is thin and his body is distinctly rolly polly. In contrast to his body his wings are long and graceful and capable of bearing even the most chubby of lizards aloft. His tail is short and stubby.


Warring Soul Green Laurieth
Long and well-proportioned, this green might seem sturdy were it not for the angles that make up her frame. Faded carbon sweeps through the chrome green of her hide, leaving deeper strokes of garnet in its wake similar to creases and ripples brushed over her form. Her sharp muzzle leads to narrow, hooded eyes that lend her an air of perpetual displeasure, her neckridges neat and clean cut. Slim wingspars match joints so plain to see as to seem almost unprotected, the same smoky haze that smothers her wingsails drifting over the underside of her limbs. Only her large paws and the very tip of her tail permit any trace of light to touch her, glossy opal splashed haphazardly over both.

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