Gender Female
Age 24 Turns
Aliases Farry
Dragon Sarkith
Position Harper for Hire
Place of Birth Eastern Weyr
Current Location Ierne Weyrhold
Craft Journeyman Harper
Known Relatives Frieda (Mother), Broan (Father), B'rm (Older Brother) Grace (Daughter), Farisam (Son) Freya (Daughter)
Significant Other N'kor of EasternWeyr
Fire Lizards Blue Bruiser


Farris has lived nearly her entire life in Eastern Weyr, save when she spent a few turns at the Harper's Hall working her way up towards her journeyman status. As the second born in a huge family of seven, she was quite the busy girl in helping to raise her younger siblings, and keep her older brother out of trouble. Growing up, it was obvious that she would be a rebel child, always defying the rules, and looking to push people, and ways of thinking past their boundaries. One of which, was the way we listen to music.

During her time in the Harper Hall, Farris experimented with many different forms of music, and attempting to master the guitar as best she can. While studying through the old records, and listening to some of the stored media files in the computers which has been preserved over time, she fell in love with the ancient classics, and has strived her best to create, and come up with a new sound. The Master Harper Alisar, and Moyrel embraced her new style, despite having mixed reviews from the public, and the rest of Harper Hall. Some craved more, while other's shunned. It seemed that some were not ready for such a dramatic change of 'noise', which should be music, and song writing.

When Farris was summoned to candidacy in the hot sands of Igen, and impressed to the wild blue Sarkith, her life changed once more, and she found herself within a new realm of maturity. Much to Igen's disappointment, Farris didn't stick around long after Weyrlinghood. Almost immediately, she demanded a transfer back to her home in Eastern, so that she could go back to the way of life she was comfortable, and familiar with. Though, it was fairly obvious to most, that it was her relationship with G'rism, which drove her back.

Unfortunately, that didn't work out well for her either. Soon as she arrived home, G'rism ended their relationship without much notice, or warning. Her beloved who recently impressed to the bronze Troyseth, was becoming more, and more moodier, and changed quite a bit as the man she once knew. Frustrated, and angered, Farris soon built a large fan base around Pern as her music shifted from just pure noise, to acidic /hate/ as she wailed lyrics about broken hearts, frustration, and moving forward. Where most Harpers tend to bring in the good cheer about dragons, and Gathers, she took music to a new level, and was soon named the most 'prolific' Harper of her time, by Moyrel herself.

Sliding herself into the Flame wing, which happened to be the same wing in which G'rism was apart of, Farris dug deep, and busied herself in a world of Search and Rescue. She made it quite clear that she, and Sarkith were going to outshine the Bronze rider and his life mate, and be the best of the best. It was also during this time, that Farris soon struck up a surprising relationship with one of the Smiths, Baelen, who became nothing short of a best friend in her life, when she really needed one. The two were only lovers for a short period of time, due to G'rism suddenly having a change of heart, and begging Farris to come back to him, putting the Harper in an awkward position. After some soul searching, and a long talk with Baelen, who actually was more than happy to allow her to follow her heart, she went back to G'rism, and the two have since started a family.

Once G'rism won leadership of Igen through a spectacular flight, it was with a great deal of thinking, that Farris and Sarkith decided to head back to the hot sands, to take up a life once more there. Sarkith was overjoyed to be amongst his clutch mates, and provoked Farris to join the Oasis wing, Search and Rescue once more. It wasn't long afterwards, that Sianne decided to shake up the structure of the wings, and promoted the blue rider to Wing Leader, as well as Weyrling Master for the upcoming clutches. Excited, and even more determined, Farris is now leading the dream life, one of leadership, music, and love.


A few turns passed, and G'rism soon lost his leadership to another, and became quickly withdrawn within himself. After which, caused dissention between himself, and Farris, and thus, she packed up her belonings and transferred to Ierne, where now she currently resides, focusing more on her Craft, and rearranging the priorities in her life.



Her eyes are a crystal blue, which sparkle radiantly with her typical upbeat personality. Her skin has been kissed by the sun often enough to leave a fairly brown tone upon it, and a few daring freckles scattered about her nose, and cheeks. She has strong features, which some may consider to be beautiful, as it is obvious she takes care of herself quite often.

Her attire tends to consist of long blue tunics with gold trim, and a pair of solid brown pants, as well as shined up black boots. Along her shoulder proudly displays her rankings as a Blue rider, a Wingleader, and a journeyman Harper. When out relaxing, and out of uniform, Farris can be seen in a blue bikini, typically with a sarong wrapped about her hips when she is enjoying the sand, and sun of the beach, or lake, and looking to unwind beneath the hot sun.

OOC: Visual reference is Kristen Bell from Heroes. I figured she looks close to this. I like the jewelry. Farris also has bad burn scars along her shoulders, and mid back. She also has a smaller scar against the top of her forehead, over her left eye near the hairline from a rock climbing accident.

Music Inspiration

Kelly Clarkson - Sober
The Veronicas - This Is How It Feels
Rock Angels - So Good
Pat Benetar - All Fired Up
Diana Anaid - The Last Thing
Danity Kane - Damaged
Trust Company - Stronger
Kerli - Walking on Air
Lifehouse - Broken

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