Sex Male
Flits Mare
Dragon Nyth
Craft Harper
Rank Sr. Apprentice
Addtl. Duties
Age 28
Birthplace Harper Hall
Significant Other(s) Talime


G'tor stands and imposing 6'2", his sandy brown mop of hair covering little more than his scalp and not falling below his ears. His blue eyes seem to stare out beneath it, pools of water beneath a brown mountain sky. His face is weathered, making him look much older than his 27 years and a couple of scars criss-cross his visage, showing the marks of his less-than-gentle history. His body is hard like corded wood and covered with similar scars. His right arm hangs at an odd angle, a testament to a break in his youth that healed not quite right. Over his rugged frame he wears simple trousers and a loose white shirt, both hemmed in harper blue above a pair of harper blue wherhide boots. His shoulderknot clearly distinguishes him as a Weyrsinger.


G'tor was born and raised in the Harper Hall. When he was only a Sr. Apprentice he was searched for a hatching at Telgar Weyr. He was surprised enough to be searched and even more surprised to impress his lifemate, the oversized brown Nyth. During his weyrlinghood his right arm was broken while trying to break up a fight and several encounters with wherrys and felines left their marks as well, even with Nyth's help. Over time, the boy grew up. He was only 16 or 17 when Nyth inexplicably caught a gold. Though Nyth failed to catch the gold the second time around, G'tor still found himself lacking in time to practice the music he truly loved.%r%rThen *she* walked into his life. Talime was something special. Just a greenrider perhaps, her dragon just an average sized green, but the woman fascinated him. She was a former guard and one of those rare riders that, though she loved her dragon, resented being searched. Being snatched from her home without warning or desire. These two odd-ducks found a life with eachother that they


Name Relation Location Position
Talime Weyrmate Ierne Weyrhold rider of Fighting with Logic Green Warith / guard


Motion of the Ocean Blue Mare
Projections of Reality Blue Cura
Regal Genius Blue Nocturnus


Clay Amidst the Fire Brown Nyth

Pre-PW lineage:

Romanath (G) - Dokith (Z)
          Uhlinath (G) - Ganoth (Z)
                     Nyth (W)
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