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30 Turns

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Jazi, Jaz



Age and experience have settled over Jaziera well, bringing forth a woman who is confident in bearing and purposeful in stride. Tall and curvy, Jazi's no wilting lily and she could hold her own in a fight, with muscles that obviously belong to a dragonrider, well-toned but not bulky. Just look at her biceps; she looks like she could take down a smith! It's no small wonder, when you see the size of her dragon, though. Her black hair is shoulder-length and wavy, usually kept back in a tail or bun that generally is somewhat messy and haphazard. Green eyes are bright and somewhat odd with the rest of her appearance, but they set well in her open, friendly face, framing a nose that's on the strong side of things and settled over proud cheekbones. It's hard to miss this tall, dark-toned woman, who's a solid 5'10" in height and weighs in on the more husky side of things — and if she looks like she might hit you, ducking is advisable! For all that her height and bearing might mark her as imposing, the woman's expression is more often than not warm and friendly, dark green eyes mischievous and not as restrained as her bearing.
Jaziera generally favors darker-toned clothing, in keeping with both her position in life and what works best with her skin tone. Rusts and browns are a favorite, while black or grey make common pieces in her wardrobe. Even if lilac or carnation pink looked good on her, though, she'd probably be loath to wear it — better to blend in than stand out, after all, when if somebody notices you they might drag you back to the office for paperwork!


Jaziera was born the first child of techcrafters Jakiena and Eiran, quickly followed by a veritable herd of children. Growing up in a household of eight children, it was easy for Jazi to do her own thing, not accrue much attention despite the fact that she was first-born and presumably wisest. She spent her childhood taking care of her siblings and partaking in whimsical pursuits like exploring Landing and drawing whatever she could find, never taking a liking to her parents' trade. She developed her wanderlust early, wandering further and further from her home as she hit her early teens. By fifteen, she was regularly seen in Eastern, and by her late teens she was all but a dual resident of both places.

In all of this, she had not counted upon falling in love. Katen was a smith, friendly and loveable as far as Jazi was concerned — she fell for him as quickly as young people fall in love all over Pern. They were slated to be married when their fates changed on the same day; they were both Searched for the clutch currently on the sands. Both accepted, and stood together, forming tight bonds within the group of candidates. By the time the hatching rolled around, Jazi had made lifelong friends from numerous places, and the fact of being left standing simply wasn't too big of an issue with her. Katen became K'ten, rider of bronze Bixseth, and many of her other friends Impressed. The young woman was quite content to go back to her previous life, and when an opportunity to explore came up and they were still immersed in Weyrlinghood, she took it.

As it turned out, an old-fashioned mapmaking mission along the coastline was ill-fated. Along with several other candidates who hadn't Impressed and her younger sister Reziz, Jazi set out on a ship with seasoned sailors and cartographers. Their ship was wrecked in a storm not long after setting sail, having drifted mastless off-course for most of a day. The wreckage was never spotted by sweepriders, and it was over half a turn before they were rescued from the island in the middle of the sea. It could have been much worse, however, and they all knew it. K'ten and Jazi had a joyous reunion — resulting in the birth of Jaiten, their son. The boy was well-loved by mother and father, but when he was around a turn old, Jaziera received another chance to stand. Under urging, the young woman took the chance, trusting the weyr's nannies and K'ten to take care of Jaiten and not wanting to procure a foster family for the boy.

This turn on the sands was fateful for the young woman. The gold dragonet who hatched from an inconspicuous egg found her bond within Jazi, and Jazi found her lifemate within Keonath. The pair seemed perfect for each other, one strengthening the other where they were weak and vice-versa. Weyrlinghood was interesting, learning to stand on ceremony rather than say exactly what she wanted, when she wanted, and Jaziera slowly got used to the notion of just what she'd gotten into. Not particularly delighted about the whole diplomacy thing, the woman nonetheless manned up and learned as much as she could while she was still a Weyrling and didn't have to put it into practice. Every day Keonath grew, mind and body, and every day their bond grew stronger, the urge to ask the gold to paint herself green or blue or brown less and less as she accepted things for how they were. After all, life could always be worse — she had a wonderful weyrmate, a little boy who found mommy's dragon highly amusing, and a dragon who, while huge and shiny and a bit of a pain, completed her life.

Over the following turns, however, things changed for Jazi. The managerial work of the Queens wing wasn't exactly intuitive to the woman, who would often take the work out to her weyr's roof, or the beach, or even have Keonath fly her out to the island she'd spent so much time on to work on it. That made things manageable for her, but over time, their work caused she and K'ten to drift apart. They had agreed to foster Jaiten to a nice couple within the Weyr, and just didn't have much time to spend together. The pair parted ways amicably a few turns after Jaziera took up her place within the Queen's wing, and she spent even more time working, finding new and creative places to fulfill her duties. Along the way, one of her flights resulted in a pregnancy; one she had no inclination to abort, having realized her condition a little bit late. Arendez was born on a foggy morning, a healthy, squalling baby boy that resembled his mother quite thoroughly.

Though she took a month-long maternity leave, eventually Jazi had to go back to work — she found a wet nurse for Arendez during the day, and went on with her duties, resuming her occasional escape-flight. On one such attempt at freedom, they were on the same island that Jaziera had spent so much time at turns back, and a storm blew in over the small island. Rather than brave it, the pair took cover in a small cave near the water. Unfortunately, unstable rock was knocked loose by some force, and Keonath was severely injured. Jazi, too, found herself injured, and as soon as the storm passed they were taken *between* to Ierne, where the best Dragonhealers were, on Jazi's orders. The healers there were just fine, for herself — but Keonath /would/ have the best.


Name Age Sex Relation Location Position Dragon
Jakiena +19T Female Mother Landing Master Computercrafter N/A
Eiran +23T Male Father Landing Jman Techcrafter N/A
Jaiten -22.9T Male Son Eastern Weyr Weyrbrat N/A
Arendez -29.5T Male Son Ierne Weyrhold Infant N/A
Eiva -1T Female Sister Xanadu Weyr Greenrider Osynth
Jainneil -1T Female Sister Landing Nanny N/A
Najiea -3T Female Sister Harper Hall Jman Harper N/A
Reziz -6T Female Sister Fort Weyr Brownrider/Jman. Healer Endellioth
A'niek -8T Male Brother Ista Weyr Greenrider/App. Smith Chalianth
Ijria -9T Female Sister Landing App. Beastcrafter N/A
Eikinai -11T Male Brother Wandering Trader N/A


- Jaziera surfs — pretty well, actually. The habit started in her first Candidacy, when one of her closest friends showed her how to, and it became a way to blow off steam and get time to think. Since then, whenever she needs time away to think, she'll grab her board and head to the closest beach.
- She used to have three firelizards. Nobody is real clear on what happened to them, but the closest guess is that they were trying to join her at some point and the mental image was off, causing them to be lost *between*.
- As a last stand to independence and irresponsibility, Jaziera got thoroughly drunk on the night of her graduation. She doesn't remember it, but she painted obscene pictures under the living cavern tables — and was thankfully never caught for these crimes. If, indeed, anybody has noticed them.
- Jazi loves Keonath beyond just about anything, but she doesn't think of herself as up to the standards of a proper Junior Weyrwoman. She always did her work, but — she might not admit it aloud, but she'd more than happy to be at Ierne, if the circumstances of their arrival had been different.
- The easiest way to Jaziera's heart? Through her stomach. Though it has nothing to do with her build — she's just always been that way, even after half a turn of living on a deserted island — Jazi does love her food! Unfortunately, the best thing she can cook up is some skewered, fire-roasted beastie that probably doesn't taste too good anyways.



Little Ragdoll Gold Keonath
Wrapped around her small, light frame is a base of buttercream which sets forth a smooth velvety texture and background onto which a darker burnished gold is streakily, almost hastily brushed unevenly. Here and there are other minor imperfections: a light streak of pale white-gold just beneath her right eye, a blotch of saffron on her chest, and a darker spattering of yellowy topaz that spills down her rump and onto her blunt ended tail. Despite all these flaws of coloration, a light layer of honey-copper glaze is set on top of it all almost as a finishing touch to her coloration. Compared with other golds she is smaller and yet rangier, almost as if she were perpetually stuck in an awkward phase of adolescence. However, she is by no means weak, possessing powerful muscles in her haunches, at her shoulders, and in her chest. Pale gold, in its most pure and undiluted form, colors the thin membranes of her wing sails through which small veins of ichor can be seen when the light shines through them. The coppery glaze that coats her body is most evident in the thin bones which assist in the spreading of those wings, standing out only because of the close proximity of pure gold.

Keonath's Clutches



Female Guard Canine Keah
Having lived a long, active life, Keah approaches the end of hers with dignity. The old canine, greyed up to her temples may she be, still moves with a sort of careful grace, paws gently placed and bearing measured. Intelligence is plain in bright brown eyes, friendliness in the slow, affable wag of a long, gone slightly stringy tail. Her life has been long and adventurous alongside her master, and it shows in the occasional well-tended scar or bald patch of hair, scattered haphazardly across a brown-black coat. She is a large canine, and at roughly thirteen turns is quite aged for her large size, but she doesn't seem to notice too much — just keeps on going, faithful to her master.


Male Draft Runner Flitter
5 Turns, 4 months, and 26 days old, Iron Greyflake Draft Gelding, marked with Partial Coronet feet, Star & Snip face, and Mixed horn(hooves).
Size: Above Average
Strength: Far Above Average for All Runners
Stamina: Record Breaking
Dexterity: Slightly Above Average for All Runners
Temperament: Record Breaking
Intelligence: Slightly Below Average
Speed: Weak
Conformation: Above average for All Runners (Show horses included)
Personality: gender-confused



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- R'owan and Thea for the general layout - I(She?) used both of yours as code references.

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