K'vyx (Kevyx)

=====Dragonhealer School



K'vyx has dark auburn hair, more brown then red except where the light strikes it. It's wavy with just a hint of curl and cut in a loose shaggy do, slightly longer up top then near the bottom. His head is oval with a pointed chin and pug nose covered by a mass of brown freckles. His natural skin tone is pale rose with a hint of olive undertones, which brings out the golden flecks in hazel green eyes. But he frequently has a honey colored tan from sun exposure. His lips are on the thin side which only exacerbates the lop-sided nature of his impish grin. Just under six foot, he's lean but muscular, with a build that suggests a love of outdoors.

He prefers to wear very traditional rugged outdoors wear in bland colors, and seems to take little care in their appearance, beyond relatively clean and lacking any holes. There are often tools of his trade, needles and syringes and such, spilling out of his pockets.


Born into a surprise set of twins, after his mother thought she was past child rearing Kevyx and his brother Cevryn arrived at Igen, to Kathryn and C'vex. Somewhat sickly as children, they didn't really grow out of that until they were approaching their teen years and both of them started to chafe at the protections their mother kept after them because of it. Only as a teenager and later did Kevyx leave to train at the dragonhealer school like his mother had. It was the first major separation from his twin, and as the less dominate twin Kevyx blossomed far from his parents and the heat of the desert.

Kevyx trained happily for years, though with a hint of envy as he watched one brother and then the other impress without him. At 22 it seemed time had run out to impress so he applied himself to his craft. Thus he was shocked to be asked to stand at Telgar Weyr while visiting a sick patient just days before the hatching. In his one and only trip on the sands, Kevyx found his lifemate bronze Xionth. After a short break for weyrlinghood, the pair returned to Ierne and the dragonschool to advance as high as they could go.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Kathryn Mother Deceased Weyrwoman Gold Nylaeth
C'vex Father Deceased Bronzerider Bronze Caith
C'vryn Twin Brother Half Moon Bay Weyr Healer Bronze Emeliuth
R'san Half-brother (m) Telgar Weyr Brownrider Brown Chenolth
N'vex Half-Brother (p) Ierne Weyrhold Brownrider Brown Pagearth
Lya Half-sister (p) Ista Weyr weyrwoman Gold Adlevith
Rezia Neice (N'vex) Half Moon Bay Weyr Brownrider Brown Pralayth
Javelin Nephew (C'vryn) Half Moon Bay Weyr child


The Music of the Night Blue Phantom

Sweeping tidal blues cascade and crash upon the sturdy form of this blue firelizard. The watery hues crash and splash and seem to tug and pull for which hue might manage to dominate. The blues are fairly close and so the hues shift easily from one to another, distinct and yet blending as one looks over his sturdy frame. Tiny talons are wickedly sharp. Easily ensnaring his chosen pretty, flexing muscles ripple clearly beneath that suede soft hide. Broad chest fades into a firm belly disappearing beneath heavily muscled haunches. A distinct band of harper blue is painted around the jutting points of neck and tailridges and creates a broader swath along his backbone. Sturdy thick muscled spares support and overly broad swath of wingsails. The dark membranes are reminiscent of the deepest part of the ocean. Like the encroaching night the blues darken into navy and beyond, fading light stealing any hue from sight.


Smoked Amber Flame Bronze Xionth

Smoke touched, those embers burning high across the hide of this dark bronze dragon. Angularly narrow, his head balanced on a lean neck, soot collecting on his headknobs, then darkening sharply edged neckridges and spilling down his back to shadow bright burnished hide. Broad sloping shoulders that lead back to his barreled chest, the hide there flickered by ambers over the flame bright bronze. While heavily muscled haunches and sleek flanks are flecked in patches of bright bronze that are haphazardly marked, as it follows down to his overlong tail, with light following dark even to his spade. Sturdy lengthy legs, the hide there more soot touched than most, dark markings on his coloring as it reaches up from blackened talons and grasping feet to slip smoothly into the fire highlighted sheen of his body. Supple membrane creates his wings, no dark shading there as polished bronze reflects across his wingsails in a near uniformity of hue from his leading edges to trailing. Wingspars merely highlights on the shade, brighter in reflection to the wingsails that they support.

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