A little taller than average, Kalliope stands at 5'8" and has a slim figure with few curves to soften the lanky nature of her frame. The long lines of her body do little to recommend her, and so it falls to her dark blue eyes to draw attention, most assuredly blue in some lights, yet seemingly green in others. Her hair serves as another saving grace (when it's properly tamed), dark curls falling around her high cheekbones and angular jawline to scrape her shoulder blades.

Her wardrobe seems comprised of nothing but trousers and tunics, a pair of heavy boots ever-present on her feet. What femininity there is to her outfits comes in the form of a variety of necklaces, worn two or three at a time, and wrist-tight bracelets.


Kalliope began her life as the daughter of 'somebody', being someone that she has never learned the name or origins of, only that they either didn't want her, or couldn't care for her. Either way, she was completely ignorant of this until she reached her teens, and so lived her life oblivious to the fact that she was not her adoptive holder parents' child. Feeling, as young people often do, that she owed her parents nothing, she was apt to push boundaries and test the limits of their patience, and this primarily took the form of her running with a crowd of boys, not the nice, pleasant girls of the nearby cotholds.

Kalliope learned to fight and scrap and a basic proficiency with a narrow range of weapons pilfered by the group, when, to her parents' minds, she should have been sewing and cooking and looking after her younger siblings. They sought a match for her; she had no interest. They decided that this was due to her associating with 'those boys' and attempted to curb her more outlandish behaviour, only to discover, to their shock and embarrassment, that she had made a match of her own… with one of their near neighbour's daughters. The ensuing argument inadvertently revealed that she was truly not their responsibility at all, anger driving her father to demand why she sought to repay their kindness in so poor a fashion.

Mere days passed before, still reeling from this revelation, she foolishly decided to strike out on her own. She even tried to get her 'girlfriend' to go with her, only to find that her bravery (or stupidity) was not matched in the girl she had idolised. Adding heartbreak to the list, she ran, and it was only down to dumb luck that she was Searched by a Telgar rider before she could run up debts or get herself into more trouble.

Telgar brought her blue Indivarth - and the girl she thought she'd left behind - while a lack of family honour to uphold brought her slowly corrupting morals. If once worried that her real parents could be murderers and pirates, she has no such concerns now: having moved to Ierne, she'll work for the highest bidder and damn the consequences.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon


Small But Scrappy Bronze Whistler
He’s small, as bronze firelizards go, but he’s nonetheless eyecatching. His hide is less bronze and more of a brass; he skews closer to gold than, perhaps, he ought, but there are enough traces of true bronze tucked away in the creases of his limbs and the shadows of his belly to prove that, yes, he is a male firelizard. His head is a bit oversized and his muzzle oddly beakish; his features are, overall, both inquisitive and friendly, quirky and kind. His neckridges are also a bit too large, though they rapidly taper down to normal sizes by the time they reach his shoulders. His build is lean and scrappy, with wings that are entirely too small and a tail that’s entirely too long.


Guiding Light Blue Indivarth
Hues of midnight cloak this sleek dragon, masking him in darkness to create the air of mystery. While square in form his head is a masterpiece inked in perfection from the flare of his nares to the rise of his eyeridges. Wide set eyes are separated by a splash of gold edged in silver in a starry shape like a light meant to guide him no matter where he goes. Darkness sweeps endlessly over a well curved neck before flowing in a swirl of navy dappled by sprinklings of greens over shoulders and well-muscled back. Lean hips become a sweeping tail still deep in hue from base to spade. Legs both fore and hind were built for agility, sturdy paws cap them with ebon claws so sharp and ready to face danger. Now his wings, oh those wings of his are a moonlight prize. Soft periwinkle paints his sails, while shades of Prussian dance along his spars.

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