Shopkeeper L'ren


L'ren has the fitness level of a rider, shaped by turns and turns of caring for his dragon. However, his complexion is fairly pale, indicating he spends a lot of time indoors. And he always seems to have a faint aroma of musty back rooms and hides. His hair is cropped short, though it is beginning to thin on its own, and the brown is turning to grey. His eyes are an unremarkable brown, often magnified by his thick-lensed glasses.

He looks every bit of his <age> turns, if not older. L'ren wears a simple pants and shirt combo, once blue but now faded to almost grey. The knot on his shoulder bears Ierne Weyrhold's colours, light and emerald green — with added strand of ocean green for his dragon — and would seem to be that of a Journeyman in the Harper craft.


L'ren is the oldest child of Amare, rider of brown Chulath, and L'lon, rider of blue Dioth. He was born Lamren, but changed his name upon impressing green Reonth at Telgar Weyr, where he was born and raised. He has four siblings, all younger. Three sisters: Marelon, a nanny with a husband and numerous children, as well as several foster children. Leona, a journeyman in the tanner craft with a long term mate and two children, as well as a brown dragon - Lakareth, Lomare, a former vintner crafter with one child, an ex-husband, and a green dragon - Hausisth, and one brother: Onamar, a trader, who later became Blue Poroth's N'mar.

L'ren has always been a very private person, keeping to himself rather a lot. He joined the Harper craft as soon as he was able, far preferring the company of hides and books to that of other people. He spent the first few turns at the hall, of course, studying varying subjects. His specialities at that time were archives, history, and law, but he'd studied voice and theatre too.

It was a great surprise to everyone when Lamren, shy young harper apprentice, was searched at the age of 15, brought home to Telgar Weyr. At the hatching, he managed to come away with a few minor scratches, but no dragon. He immediately went back to his craft as though nothing had happened, though he remained at Telgar, and dropped the subjects he saw as frivolous: voice and theature. Which was all well and good, as he hadn't been good at either.

Of course, these blissfully quiet days were numbered. When he was approaching his 17th turn, he was asked to stand again. He accepted, though somewhat reluctantly, deciding privately that he would not try again after this, and instead focus on his work in the record rooms. To everyone's surprise, especially his, he impressed to a friendly water-loving green by the name of Reonth.

Reonth's first flight was a bit unexpected for poor L'ren. It took him completely by surprise, in the most inconvenient of locations: the living caverns. He was in quite a panic, and he barely remembers that night himself. He does remember that he was calmed down by Gh'ler, whose brown Proclaruth later won Reonth's flight, but little else. It was the first time he met Gh'ler, and the last, for a good few months. He bumped into the man again eventually, and it was an awkward meeting to be sure, but they seemed to hit it off after a while, and settled into an awkward friendship. Until Reonth's second flight. L'ren handled this flight better than the last, and didn't seem surprised to find himself waking beside Gh'ler again.

L'ren and Gh'ler remained friends, but, as time passed, they grew closer and closer. L'ren first realised something was up after Reonth's third flight, when he woke beside his candidate crush, the gorgeous nymphomaniac J'iel. He was actually disappointed. Gh'ler seemed to be acting oddly himself, jealous. Their friendship was strained, and neither knew quite what to do.

Flight #4 helped, putting the two together again. The morning after that one, the pair had a good long talk, ending with the decision to become more than friends. This lasted eleven glorious turns. The men had long since decided not to let flights interfere, they each knew where the other's heart lie, after all. Then Gh'ler came to L'ren with news. He'd won a flight over at Benden a few months ago. The greenrider was now pregnant. He'd not had a good relationship with his own father, and wanted to do better by his own child. So, he bid L'ren a tearful farewell, and left.

L'ren came a little unhinged after this, alternating between being a recluse, and trying to play the 'typical greenrider' role - the reason he's so adamant now about not being that greenrider - until he too had a bit of a wake-up call. He'd brought home one of the women who tended to hang around flights, and, it was waking beside her that made him realise, he couldn't keep living like this. He threw himself into his work, while she tried to get closer to him. Eventually, she'd had enough, she told him she was pregnant, it was his, and he could /have/ the sharding child. And, his life got even more complicated…

As he tried to raise Bolia's son Borren, (for he refused to accept the boy was his for a very long time) he kept to himself. Borren and flights were his only human contact outside of his work, transport riding. One flight, he found himself again beside J'iel, and lonely. He asked her not to go, meaning for her to stay just a little longer, but she interpreted it differently. They formed a kind of relationship, driven by lust rather than love, and all was fine. J'iel bore a daughter, Janiel, one who L'ren still doesn't believe is his, nor does he care. He found himself raising both children, more or less.

Meanwhile, L'ren and Reonth had been in the transport wing for a while, although Reonth's love of aquatic landings got the pair into more than a little bit of trouble. Eventually, L'ren decided that it wasn't working out as a transport rider and transferred into the craft wing to resume his craft. He finally made journeyman rank around the time of his 34th turnday, just over twice as old as he had been when he gave up the craft for search. It wasn't easy either, with the demands on his time caused by Reonth, J'iel, and two children under the age of five.

Finally, after turns of Reonth asking why the didn't live near water, L'ren was transferred to Ierne. The then 43 turn old harper found himself a nice cottage by the beach, then promptly shut himself up in it and got to work. Over the next few turns, Reonth began to have a greater influence over her rider. Mostly because L'ren saw how much happier she was near water, and he wanted her to be happy. Slowly he began leaving his cottage more and more, talking to people, even /starting/ a conversation now and then. L'ren has come a long way since his impression, and Reonth could not be happier.

Of course, time passes, things change. L'ren got the notion in his head to start up a book store/library - something he'd actually been considering on and off for quite a few turns - and purchased the most run down abandoned store in Ierne's marketplace, beginning work - with volunteers R'miel and Ysa - even as Reonth began to glow. Things got interesting when he was called into the Weyrlady's office at noon the next day, emerging a short while later, dazed and confused, and with a new knot on his shoulder. Cordelia had resigned, passing the leadership knot on to him, until such time as an election could be held.

Becoming Weyrlord - however temporary - didn't deter L'ren from his shop, instead he stayed up late, woke up early, and ignored Reonth's glowing hide in order to throw himself into both jobs. Which is kind of where it all came apart in the end. Reonth rose, caught by bronze Arinith, and L'ren woke up later beside R'miel, thoroughly aware that he'd needed that - both the 'flight' and the sleep - but concerned about his and R'miel's friendship. But, instead of trying to deal with the situation like a mature adult, L'ren threw himself right back into work, a little more on the Weyrlord side than the 'starting up a shop' side.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Amare Mother Telgar Weyr Rider Brown Chulath
L'lon Father Telgar Weyr Rider Blue Dioth
Marelon Younger Sister Telgar Weyr Nanny
Leona Younger Sister Ista Weyr Wingleader Brown Lakareth
Lomare Younger Sister Ista Weyr Rider Green Hausisth
N'mar Younger Brother Traders Trader Blue Poroth
Borren Son Ierne Weyrhold Harper Journeyman
Elani Daughter Telgar Weyr Rider Green Asihath
Elony Niece Telgar Weyr Crafter Journeyman
Arlon Nephew Telgar Weyr Guard
Marron Nephew Telgar Weyr Crafter Journeyman
Areya Niece Telgar Weyr Hunter
Jarel Nephew Telgar Weyr Candidate
Yeribal Nephew Telgar Weyr Crafter Apprentice
Lailare Niece Telgar Weyr Weyrbrat
Karona Niece Smith Craft Hall Smith Apprentice
Leonell Nephew Ista Weyr Weyrbrat
Taron Nephew Ista Weyr Healer Apprentice
J'bol Foster-Nephew Telgar Weyr Rider Bronze Belnoth
Slenia Foster-Niece Telgar Weyr Nanny
Polamin Foster-Nephew Telgar Weyr Weyrbrat


Brown Hardcover
Deep, solid chestnut brown flows smoothly over the form of a firelizard made, it seems for stamina and strength - like that of a warrior or one trained to fight. And he seems to know this; by the way he holds his well shaped head, crowned as it is in a darker chocolate hue that sweeps back over his head knobs and ridges like finely groomed hair. Even in the way he walks, slow and deliberate, he attempts to portray a sense of power and intimidation - his darkly mottled wings never rustle or twitch unless he's opening them for flight and his long tail remains held out straight behind him. Brown so dark to almost be black mars his hind legs, much like boots, while the curve of his talons shine in a near to burnished copper hue and remain the lasting finishing details on him.
Hardcover is 52 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 83 cm.

Blue Verse
A wonderfully indigo and cobalt hatchling, his long, slim build is nothing but grace. His dusky colored neckridges sleek their way down a svelt and well formed neck. His shoulders are thin and muscular and covered with bold harper and true shades. The shades of a bright starlight night with no clouds and a full moon dance elegantly over narrow wings and svelt flanks, built for dancing through the skies. His paws to his shoulders and hips are filled with curling silverblue clouds and whirling riverwaters. Underlineing amathyst shades of bordeux wine drip along his belly like summertime raindrops.
Verse is 50 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 81 cm.

Green Whisper
The kiss of winter remain upon this lady's hide in the form of glistening ice crystals. The last remnant of a frosty night to be melted away from her ridges by the warm rays of the rising sun. Beneath the glittering icy crystals leaks the palest green hue upon silky hide. Some might speak of a milky pale jade, others whisper of the lightest touches of celadon tho she seems to care little of what has caressed her body. Eyes whirl slowly a contented spring sky blue within a small and petite wedge head that sits upon a long elegant curving neck. Muscles do not bulge upon the lady, no, she is a delicate flower, as fragile, if not as fleeting, as the melting snows. Instead there is a porcelain look about her, a shiny smooth finish that will sit for endless hours upon her chosen perch to be admired, or just oblivious of the world about. Claws are as sharp as the winter wind, hardened scythes that sit upon well preened fingers that carry too frost's touch. Arms and legs are generally slender, fitting tight to the streamlined body and tail drifts out behind. The color upon it deepens to the twining of a climbing rose vines as new growth comes too with the grace of the sun's warmth. The spread of her wings is vast, though the sails seem overly delicate. Like a spiders web leftover from autumns festivities the sails drift delicately upon the currents. The green hue has only broached upon the edges that are closest to her body and for the most part are more like interlocked crystals. They shimmer and sparkle but seem almost transparent or invisible if it weren't for such glittering accents you'd think she floats upon nothing by willpower alone in the vast seemingly empty stretches between wingspars.
Whisper is 44 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 71 cm.


Green Reonth
Two things must ye know about this green dragon. Firstly, she is a dragon! Secondly, she.. she is.. green! Indeed she is, a rich shade of sea green coats her disproportionately large body, vast as oceans in comparison to her slender pale green legs, and her delicate wings that seem almost, but not quite, entirely the same colour as the darkest seaweed to come from the oceans.


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