Dangerously close to six feet tall and with a solidly athletic build from a lifetime spent as a rider, this older rider — somewhere around 46 turns — carries herself with a rare kind of confidence. Good genetics can be blamed for her youthful appearance; a good-natured personality can be attributed to the rest, including her tendency to smile and laugh on a whim. Platinum-blond hair — kept short, in a boyish, pixie-style cut — is startlingly bright against the tan of her skin but complemented heartily by the deep blue of her crow's-feet touched eyes. She has a strong jaw and chin, with well-defined cheekbones and a relatively thin nose that complements the entirety of her handsome mien; all in all, she's striking in her own right without being a traditional beauty.

Clothing is typically a point of practicality for her and today is no exception. When not fully clad in her leathers, helm, and goggles, she's oft-spotted in tank tops and trousers on warmer days or else longer-sleeved shirts and trousers on cooler ones. Nothing she wears is particularly fancy during her day-to-day, save that such outfits inexorably show that she can cut an imposing figure indeed between her musculature and the odd scar here and there.

The knot at her shoulder indicates that she's a greenrider stationed at Ierne Weyr.


Simplicity is all Lyuba's ever wanted … but it's the one thing she's destined never to have.

Born the only child to a pair of Holders at Ogren Hold, she was raised in the relatively idyllic conditions one would expect. At the age of ten, she was tapped by one of the local Healers to go to the Hall, given her propensity for helping others — particularly of children, who she often wound up standing up for against bullies and then patching them up after.

At the Hall, she proved to be no different, although some perceived her as being a bit bullish and hard-headed in things. Getting into fights wasn't terribly uncommon for her, though it was always on the behalf of another that she found herself coming to blows. While never one to be called hot-tempered, she wasn't the type to abide cruelty or stupidity and that was generally her unmaking.

Regardless, she managed to survive at the Hall until her fourteenth turn, when she was grudgingly made into an Apprentice in full. It was impressed upon her that she'd be much further along if she'd curb her tendencies and it was in the midst of such reflection that she was approached by a weathered bluerider and his beast from High Reaches Weyr. The old blue saw something in her that he liked and she was asked to stand … which she accepted, without hesitation.

Her time as a candidate was brief but intense, with a few close brushes with losing her knot as a result of getting into scuffles. But, it all paid off: on hatching day, she found herself nose-to-nose with Echoes of Adoration Green Allochkath and things were never the same since.

With the green's soothing influence, she was able to turn her tendencies into something far more constructive; she quickly took up the craft again and quickly ascended to Senior Journeyman rank by the time she was twenty. Despite knowing that was as far as she could go, she was satisfied; she could help others and be of /some/ use, which made both her and her lifemate quite pleased.

Turns later and her life was inextricably entwined with that of a once-friend … or, more specifically, that woman's daughter. Though she'd long gotten over the fact that Katenka had taken her sweetheart, Arkady, away from her, the realization that the woman's daughter was brutally ill was something she simply couldn't abide. The realization of /why/ the girl was so sick was a thing that was covered up significantly by both the mother and the resident master … and it was the master who took her knot after she declined to remain silent on the matter. It was a sacrifice that sat bitterly on her tongue, but was unavoidable for the sake of the innocent.

Until the girl was able to recover, Lu took her as far under her wing as she could … and when she turned twelve, she whisked her off to the Hall that had taken her knot not so many turns before. It would be safer, after all. When she was posted to Ista, Lyuba followed by leaving the Weyr of her Impression far behind. And when the girl was finally set free to wander with her mentor, the greenrider remains to help guide when she can.

It was with the realization that one of her clutchmates was brutally injured — his dragon having shattered both wings in a horrible accident and himself in not much better condition — that Lyuba now finds herself transferring to Ierne to be closer to him … and to wait and see. She remains in contact with her ward, but is, for now, forced to tend to another that needs mending.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Esfir Mother Ogren Hold Deceased N/A
Lyov Father Ogren Hold Deceased N/A
Galina Ward (unrelated) Traveling Senior Apprentice Healer N/A



Echoes of Adoration Green Allochkath

Sugar-crusted and thoroughly iced honeydew sweeps itself in bold, heartfelt strokes across the lean body of this especially delicate-seeming, if compactly proportioned, green. In brighter lights, she might even appear to be nearly white, so pale is the color that's so lovingly spread across her — yet, when light does hit, it positively sets her to shimmering like so much sunlight on snow. Sage freckles are splattered across her cheeks and muzzle in girlish fashion, the only deviation in the hue of her smooth, too-pale hide. Her mien is a frail-seeming one, inquisitive and keen-eyed — a creature meant to probe and prod and poke that muzzle into things that perhaps might not need poking into. Her wings are sheer things, sheets of ice with the faintest reflections of green cast upon them and held up by spars that are naught more than a shimmering reflection of her hide. Her too-long talons are disturbingly dexterous and tipped with claws that are nearly translucent things of ivory, snow-pale and gleaming. That reflection of snowy pallor is renewed in soft drifts along her sides and especially along her tail, with green being naught but a memory by the time her tailtips are reached.

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