A calm, amiable, if quiet man in his early thirties, M'ori's brown hair is kept short and immacuately groomed. Using some kind of hairstyling grease, his hair has been made just a bit spikey, flattering his tanned features. His eyes are a very pale shade of grey, almost like snow. He's tall, leanly built and strong. Callouses from dragonriding mixing on his hands with those from working a needle, thread, and other weaving paraphenalia.

M'ori is wearing a midnight blue gather suit, however, the jacket has been elongated into a coat that flows behind him when he walks, and the mordents used in dying the cloth give the electrically bold color a soft shimmer. A copper and sapphire broach, the kind normally worn by the more effeminate male Masters and Holders, is fastened around his neck in lieu of a tie. The wire form of a bronze dragon is welded onto the gemstone. His button up shirt is simple and plain, carefully bleached, starched and pressed so that its immaculate. Black dress boots with copper plates on the tips cover his feet very neatly.


O============================< PernWorld: +info >============================O
Information about M'ori:
M'ori is a bronzerider and Journeyman Weaver at 32. After graduating weyrlinghood at the age of 16 he pursued craft membership in the Weavercraft. He was especially studious and meticulous as an apprentice, treating each assignment with care. As a journeyman, M'ori treated every customer with attention to detail and utmost tact and courtesy. M'ori has two sons and a daughter by different mothers, ages eight (daughter) twelve (son) and fifteen (son), the youngest son apprenticed to the computer craft, the older of the two sons to the woodcraft. A mixture of dragonrider duties, fatherhood, and duties to his craft resulted in him not and fullfilling his ambitions of a weavercraft shop took far longer than he would have liked.

M'ori was Searched for Fort Weyr 16 turns prior. He impressed bronze Uluameth at the age of 14, graduated at 15. While working on his apprenticeship, M'ori plunged into the curricula at the Weavercraft and was a member of Fort Weyr's Simurg wing for a number of years, walking the tables to journeyman at the age of 19. M'ori would have continued working his way up the craft ranks if fatherhood hadn't intervened. As it was, he was slightly disappointed finding out that as a dragonrider he couldn't make Master. But his dragon, Uluameth, offered the opinion that it wasn't rank, but skill that mattered in his craft. And besides, how could a person do enough that they could be both master and father and dragonrider? It made no sense!

M'ori's initial foray into fatherhood happened like this, the youngest queenrider of Telgar Weyr was spending a few days at Fort Weyr visiting family when her queen rose ahead of schedule. Uluameth was one of many bronzes who chased her, and he was fortunate, or unfortunate, when he caught the gold. M'ori quickly fell in love with the woman, though not she him. The queenrider had a reputation both with her leadership and her peers for being demanding, selfish, concieted and manipulative: a direct contrast to M'ori's honest, hardworking nature and down to earth, slightly naive personality. He hated having to deal with her snobby and snarky comments, constant demands for this or that (in the most imperious way possible), and insistance that he was so reasonable that he was daft, so naive that he was gullible, and how could such a plain, unimaginative, uninspired personality have impressed a /bronze/?

When she discovered she was pregnant with his first son, relations between the two became even more strained. Despite their dragons getting along quite well, it was made very clear that M'ori would be leaving her weyr, her presence, and if possible the same planet as she. M'ori had the pity of almost every bronzerider in Telgar, and the frequently spoken words 'better you than me' made him extremely miserable. The eggs were clutched, candidates searched, and while there was no queen in the clutch of 11, there were two bronzes, 1 brown, three blues and five greens. As soon as the weyrlings were safe in the barracks the goldrider kicked M'ori out and sent him back to Fort Weyr and duties to the Weavercraft. He could take turns caring for their son, M'ori's eldest, but the goldrider's bad attitude made her few friends and she would have as little to do with M'ori as she could get. M'ori felt the same, extremely disappointed with the whole experience and exhausted from the queenrider's wrath. She became ill from a common cancer a few turns later, yet while some riders might have suicided between to save themselves and their lifemates the pain, she lingered for another 5 turns before she died. M'ori was at once sorry that she died and relieved that he wouldn't have to deal with her to see his son, a responsible young man, who was far steadier a personality than his mother. M'ori was very relieved that his son bore him no ill will and took as good a care of him as a bronzerider can for his child in the course of craft and weyr duties.

Uluameth never again caught a gold, likely due to his bad experiences at Telgar, however, a pretty, cheerful, and intelligent young woman and greenrider from the computer craft named Coselia soon became his weyrmate. The two found a small house at Ierne Weyrhold with a wallow big enough for a bronze and a green together, enough rooms for their 3 children to grow into, and a nice view of the ocean beyond. At the age of 24, Coselia was expecting their second son, and a daughter a few turns after. When their second son was born, while making his baby clothes, M'ori had an idea. He wanted to open a shop, a weavercraft shop, as after he and Uluameth had left Telgar he had continued study in his craft, and their neighbors were constantly coming to his home with commissions. Originally M'ori had wanted a high end boutique, however, Uluameth had always been a reasonable bronze, and pointed out that while a boutique held more prestige, and could charge more marks for its wares than an ordinary clothing store, that not everybody had the marks to spend on fancy dresses. Coselia agreed, and helped M'ori redraw his plans in favor of a less formal, more relaxed shopping atmosphere.

M'ori was almost finished with preparations for his shop when the Weavercraft began to see budget problems. Nothing if not loyal, M'ori put his idea for a shop aside temporarily to help alieviate some of the demand on the weavers at the hall. He doubled as a delivery rider at first, but after the stress of both hall duties, family duties, Uluameth's care and deliveries began to wear him down, Coselia offered to do deliveries for the weavercraft in her weyrmate's stead. The level of stress on M'ori decreased with his weyrmate's help, and when the crisis at the hall was over, Mori went back to his plans for a shop at Ierne Weyrhold.

A family man, a father, and a hardworking rider, he is a common and friendly face at Ierne Weyrhold.

+++Players notes
Its very hard for M'ori to be a tough guy when it comes to prices, and if you don't pay he's always willing to take items in trade for his goods. He is also most likely to take pity on candidates or the young who don't have enough money for an item, giving them deals he might not an adult.

M'ori's benevolence is directly offsent by Uluameth's ambitiousness and willingness to scheme on behalf of his rider and rider's loved ones. He is M'ori's drive as it were, forcing his rider to look beyond Ierne, his family and his shop.

As far as fathers go M'ori is possessive, as his son Odisyn comments frequently in RP. M'ori held back his son's departure from Ierne Weyrhold for the computercraft an entire turn longer than Odisyn would have wanted, leaving Odisyn to study at home and help around the shop. While this turn of extra study served his son well, Odisyn still considers his father 'too clingy' as parents go.

Both Vynillian and Cosnyra attend Amathyst pines camp at Fort Weyr every summer, however, Cosnyra was too shy to stay overnight, and goes to day camp instead. Ever independant, Vyni would rather go to overnight camp.

Uluameth has been somewhat inhibited around queen flights, due to M'ori's prior experience at Telgar Weyr. But that doesn't stop Uluameth's ambitions of power in his rider's name, and Ulu chases the queens even if he knows he cannot win.

In my fanfic series, gatekeepers an alternate version of M'ori is a latecomer and late bloomer to the ranks of Niihama Weyr's riders. He is a member of Turtle Flight, the three wings that serve as transport for Niihama Weyr, and was born in the old time, coming forwards as a very young child and impressing in the new pass soon after. When he comes to Niihama and is asked to choose a title for his bronze, he chooses Renegade Nightmare Bronze in response to Uluameth's ambitious nature and darkly patterned hide. His first assignment offworld is to act as lookout and transport rider for the Code Geass world's Black Knights while Lelouche makes an attempt to rescue his sister Nunnaly. However the Black Knights, amused at his title, change the spelling of Uluameth's title from Nightmare to Knightmare, as in the giant robotic suits of armor made famous in the Code Geass canon. Ergo in the Gatekeepers fanfic sagas Uluameth's title goes from Nightmare to Knightmare.


Full name: Amorilyn Virgilian

Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Amorilla Mother Fort Hold Harper None
Danyl Father Fort Hold Holder none
Virgil Older Brother Harper Hall Harper none
Adinay Older Brother Starcraft Hall Starcrafter none
Sapphani Older sister Printercraft Hall Printer none
June Older Sister Honshu Weyrhold Watchrider/Steward Brown Suzaleth
Coselia Weyrmate Ierne Weyrhold Computercrafter Green Jennaleth
Odisyn (Odi) Eldest Son (PC alt) Fort Weyr Computercraft Apprentice none
Vynilian (Vyni) Middle child Amathyst Pines Camp/Ierne Weyrhold Weyrhold Brat none
Cosnyra (Cosy) Youngest daughter Amathyst Pines Camp (daycamp program)/Ierne Weyrhold Weyrhold brat none


Ow! My Eye! blue Oculus(#8241$)
Dark blue cloaks this scrawny young firelizard, as if the depths of the Pernese sea have risen to claim him for their own. Flashes of white are visible as thin veins throughout, a criss-crossing pattern along his neck and haunches that almost look like thin streams of sand constantly running down his body. Another oddity of his appearance - his left eye is a little misshapen, as though it isn't really his.

Terror of the skies blue Hiri(#1343h)
Blue is his color, and it is a rich shade of blue at that. A deep, dark, royal blue with hints of navy blue where his arms, legs, and wings join his body. The body of this lil' fella is whipcord lean, though he is young, one might sense that this fella will be fast in flight, whether flying for fun or for the business of food or the enticing sight and sound of the green inheat. His wings when open reveal sails of midnight silk and navy talons tip his paws.

Players notes: Hiri has a chewing fixation, until K'win made a chewtoy for him Hiri's favorite focus for his bad habit was the keys on M'ori's cash register. Oculus is foul tempered, and not particularly helpful with carrying messages. However, he's an excellent watch lizard with very keen eyes and ears. Oculus' favorite perch is the head of the male mannequin in M'ori's shop and his hairtrigger temper make him a good watchdog for the store.


Lithe and clever, this bronze is bathed in darkness and starlight. His wings unfurl like a Lord Holder's best cape, long, graceful and bathed in rusted twilight that fading to velvety starlight. The sails move as he walks, trailing behind him like war ravaged ferrous banners, and at the right angle a faint molten copper fleur de lis flash briefly like a meteor's twist through the night sky. Decaying phantasms whirl over his lean chest and and coil around his back, the ethereal remnants of a dying star. The glistening molten copper of a broken chess king creates his regal neckridges and headknobs. His limbs have the delicate confirmation of a Lord Holder's personal runner, incandescent midnight tearing over his stomach and hips, leaving solar shockwaves in their wake. Dextrous talons glow with the luminescence of a crown ruby, delicate and cautious in where they place their weight. His long, lean flanks glitter with the shield standard of a Hold long lost to war and unrest. The shimmering crimson of the sun rising over a battlefield stained with blood. Molten copper lightning lends a feral glow to the moonlight that bathes his back, the faintest hints of pink, crimson, glowing gold and burning copper. The flame of burning royal colors culminates in a tail shaped like the spear of a powerful Hold Guardsman. The final mark that distinguishes his regal form from others of his color is a glittering amathyst mark, barely visible beneath the corrupted copper of his face and muzzle, resembling a soaring avian in shape.
Uluameth is 20 Turns, 2 months, and 14 days, with a length of 37.41 meters, and a wingspan of 62.35 meters.

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