A young woman, her straight dark blond hair falls past her shoulders but is often tied up or back in a variety of styles. Hazel eyes are often contemplative, when she isn't sporting a wry and mischievous grin on her lips. Average in height, she's a little on the stocky side but toned and fit from her profession both as a rider and as a performer.

Her usual clothes are simple and sturdy enough to be considered practical for everyday use. When she is performing or in one of her moods, she'll dress in more exotic outfits or costumes. Sometimes she wears leather woven jewelry, usually a simple short necklace and a bracelet but beyond that there is nothing of immediate note. On her shoulder, she wears a Wingrider knot in Ierne Weyrhold colors.


Born in a large family just outside of Lemos Hold, Maraliel's early life was uneventful. She had plenty of siblings who teased her (and she relentlessly teased back) and squabbled with on a regular basis. Despite this, she remains closest to one of her brothers, perhaps because of their like-mindedness or that the age between them is not as severe as the rest of the brood.

Both her parents are Crafters, namely in woodworking. Maraliel? Has zero interest in it, even when proving she had the talent for it. It remains a constant wedge between her and her father, but the girl is stubborn and determined to forge her own path… wherever that might lead her. Strong willed, impulsive and not at all lady-like, Maraliel dabbled in this and that in a futile attempt to find something that suited her but to no avail.

That is, until a Telgar Searchrider came to Lemos Hold one faithful day and who knew, but the blue found Maraliel to his liking and off she went to be a Candidate! A new place to explore, new people… Maraliel has her days full and when not doing chores she's often up to something. Often not always good!

The days came and went, with Maraliel growing bored of the routine chores. Luckily for her (and everybody), the eggs soon Hatched and it was a green dragon that found her on the sands, claiming her name to be Pimenth. Maraliel, now Miel, was overjoyed! So much so that even her brother's Impression to bronze brought a grin to her features though the two would repeatedly clash throughout Weyrlinghood.

And weyrlinghood was another matter! Pimenth proved to be spirited, almost more than Miel herself. They were either an excellent pair in training or a pain in everyone's backside. There were more days of clashing than peace in the earlier months but as they neared the end of Weyrlinghood, both green and young woman appeared to mellow. Oh… how deceiving a game they played!

Once made full riders, Miel and Pimenth joined Telgar's Wings but did not stay in Telgar Weyr for long. Just long enough to stir up trouble now and again, break a few hearts and garner herself a reputation. She was very carefree in her affections, be it with other men or women, but she could never be tamed for long and moved on swiftly.

So it came to no surprise when Miel transferred out in pursuit of something more to do. She finally felt she had the drive and power to do so and both she and Pimenth ended up in Fort Weyr for a short stint. Just long enough for her to seek a late Apprenticeship with Harper Hall. Her talents in voice seemed acceptable but, mostly at Pimenth's encouragement, she showed aptitude for dance as well. Finding performing to her tastes, Miel spent but barely two Turns in Fort before moving on again.

Rumor has it that her behavior continued to be reckless, so much so that she was at risk of reprimand from both Hall and Weyr. Before that could pass though, Miel was gone. Whatever the reason, she and Pimenth are now settled in Ierne Weyrhold and have remained there since, enjoying their new home.

Miel continues to perform, both publicly and in acceptable ways and also in some… not so favorable ways. Occasionally she picks up an odd job or two to help support herself but otherwise can be found in and around Ierne.


Name Relation Location Position
M'xo Brother Telgar Weyr Rider to bronze Ikovsth


IC/OOC Date On/Off Camera Chasers Winner
N/A (February 16th, 2016) Off Camera Syrpieth, Sooth, Qhynnveslacth, Indivarth, Pralayth, Kalsuoth Indivarth


Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer Brown Blitzen

The ruddy snout of this deer sweet boy makes him easy to identify from other browns, even on fog filled days. When you manage to look past the bright beacon of his nose, the rest of his hide looks much like tufts of russet fur as it flows down his back, wings, tail and his outer limbs. He's certainly a unique looking fellow, with generous headknobs that seem to sprout and branch away from his sleek head like tiny antlers. Longer and wider than normal wings appear to flutter as if there is a breeze, even when there is no wind. His throat, belly and inner limbs are a soft milky shade of creamy caramel frosting. All in all, he looks ready to lead the way!


Spiced Plum Faeries Green Pimenth

Lime-green hues flare out from underneath her stomach, tapering into shades of laurel that accent her shoulders and haunches in a swirl of color that resembles spun sugar. Myrtle hues taper up her neck and splash across her dainty muzzle, with flecks of richer and darker greens flaring out over her eyeridges and headknobs. She has a rippling of color to every movement she takes on long and lean legs, her gait that of a dancer and the arch of her neck a demand that she be admired. Her wingsails are tinted mint that fades towards a lightness that makes them appear nearly white with translucent hues in the right lighting. A physical trait she will always use to her advantage, especially as she grows and the gentle swoosh of movement, a stretch of wingsails, and an angled glance will draw eyes towards her.

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