R'iahn does not look at all like a neat and well-pressed man. His 6'6 of lean muscle has become slightly concave and skeletal, and, never a big man in the first place, it's obvious that he hasn't been eating much. His face is slightly sunken, cheekbones prominent and there are massive dark circles beneath dead-seeming bright blue eyes. His nose, with cheeks sunken around it, seems much more prominent than it really is, though it's by no means a small feature, long and aristocratic. A once well-kept goatee is now a mass of several-day-old fuzz over cheeks, chin, and around his mouth indiscriminately. It's not particularly a good look for him. Bushy black eyebrows rise over already-prominent ridges above his eyes that stand out even more as late, accenting a quizzical wrinkle between brows. While once his hair was well-groomed and clipped within an inch of his skull at most points in times, it's now grown out just a bit and isn't in the least bit groomed, and generally quite unwashed. His features, so severe, are made even worse by the advent of several scars; hair doesn't grow on an inch-long scrape along his chin, a slightly longer but older by far darts along the upper right side of his forehead, while three or four smaller ones dart along the area right in front of his left ear.
There is nothing congruous about R'iohn's wardrobe. It is as apt to be the same thing he wore for a few days three weeks ago and hasn't had washed yet as a well-pressed suit, and it's equally as probably that he'll wear one or the other inappropriately. He tends to favor blues, but sometimes it's hard to tell that they're blue after a while, underneath all of the accumulated grime that comes with dragonriding. There are a few constants about him, however: one, a simple leather cord necklace strung with shells of varying sizes, clearly made by a child, and the other, a plain copper band on the right-hand ring-finger, in the style of typical marriage bands, never mind that riders don't marry.


R'iahn was born Ibriahn, son of brownrider Iv'ritan of Fort and then-Journeyman Harper Sabiahna who was stationed at Fort at the time. Sabiahna ad Iv'ritan's relationship was, upon the birth of their first son, Savras, merely cordial — she fostered the boy out, but they both kept a relationship with him. But as the next few turns wore on, Sabiahna became pregnant again, and at some point during the pregnancy, she and Iv'ritan were Weyrmated. Ibriahn was born a healthy lad, and grew up in the usual bizarre foster mother-mother-foster father-father setup that most Weyr children endure. He never minded, and has even today a cordial relationship with both sets of parents, closer to neither and considering all of them to be his parents. He is equally close to his siblings, older brother and younger sisters Ivahna and Risabhian.

At eleven turns old, he was apprenticed to Harper Hall at his mother's behest — and, not really having any objections to it, he decided to go with it. He was a decent student, and took all of the general studies, studying hard until such time as he could become a Journeyman. He did so at a relatively early age, nearly nineteen turns old, having majored in the area of teaching. Alas, soon after, a rift grew between he and his mentors; and quickly it grew, until he threw down his knot in a fit of rage and stormed out. He might have gone back, realizing that wasting eight turns of one's life isn't the most intelligent of ideas, had a caravan of traders not taken him in. The traders were needing of a teacher of any sort, and didn't care that he didn't have the knot. He taught the band's children for the next few turns, doing a relatively decent job of it, while keeping out of the way of passing Harpers, most especially his mother.

Still, the arrangement was only temporary, and while they were stopped in Telgar Weyr one summer, it dissolved. There was no ill will between he and his companions; he was simply Searched by one of the dragons there, and he had taught one of the older girls of the caravan enough that she could step in for him. So, gladly, he took the position of Candidate. During Candidacy, he never really mentioned his harper training, though he excelled in all of the classes Candidates are required to take. It was generally assumed that he was the heir of some cothold or other and had had training, and he never said a word one way or the other — out of shame or continued irritation, one. He made a pair of friends in Candidacy who would stick with him through life, though he didn't really make too many enemies of the lot of them. His two comrades went on to Impress at his side.

Jaesriuth and Sanldoth Impressed the two friends at different points in the same day; a queen from Ierne had laid her clutch a day or so before a Telgari resident had laid hers, and they had ended up hatching on the same day, separated by a few hours. Zalana and her green found each other in the same clutch as Sanldoth and O'rly, while Ibriahn had to wait for the wee hours of the morning for Jaesriuth to find him. They were a ragtag bunch of Weyrlings, with Sanldoth and Zaivanth providing a more sane, stable side to Jaesriuth's hair-brained and stubborn schemes. The blue was constantly in trouble, and Sanldoth kept back from her fair share of insanity only be the exceptional cunning and charm of Zaivanth. Over Weyrlinghood, R'iahn and Zalana grew closer, until the natural move seemed to be for them to move into the same weyr after they graduated. That they did, as the trio scattered to the world of Dragonriders.

R'iahn and Jaesriuth quickly took in with the Search and Rescue wing, while Zaivanth at first was tapped to the resident Policing wing. Sanldoth and O'rly went in still another direction, to the Management wing (which didn't in the least bit surprise R'iahn), but the trio remained close friends, often spending evenings in one weyr or the other as friends do. O'rly's situation with her family concerned Riah, as she was both he and Zalana's close friend, but the subject didn't come up much — and time passed. Jaesriuth managed to advance quickly, within a turn made Wingsecond of the wing after he made a remarkable rescue of a stranded group of traders in a snowstorm in the barrier mountains. Zaivanth shortly transferred over to the S&R wing, citing differences of personality with the others, and quickly the green and blue became an unstoppable force. As Wingsecond, Jaesriuth lead the wing into many different, but brilliant rescues, aided by the cunning of his partner in crime. The Wingleader generally let him take on the more hopeless cases; not only was he more apt to come out of them with the wing intact, he was much younger, and his bones didn't ache all of the time!

R'iahn was content in this position; S&R was exciting, and you were never doing the same thing two days in a row. It suited his tastes, which had gained a decidedly wanderlust-happy tint since his days with the Traders, just fine. Still, in time, he had to make nice with his family — and when he hit twenty eight, he figured it was time to do so. He had just found out that Zalana was pregnant, and intended to keep the child, and what good grandparent doesn't want to know the fate of their children…and grandchildren? So the son returned home, and the reunion was anything that can be expected after nearly ten turns. Lots of tears, lots of catching up, and a little bit of guilt-tripping and fighting. But within a sevenday's leave that he had they had it all worked out, and he returned home a happy man. Now that they knew where he was, his mother and father and foster mother and father as well as siblings could visit him. Zalana was the princess of the family, the woman who was nearly as sharp-tongued and fiery as her dragon — she and Risabhian got along especially well, the two becoming nigh inseparable in their frequent visits.

Alzanbri was born on one cold winter morning, and his father proudly escorted his family as well as Zalana's to the Weyr to show off the boy, who made a pretty baby, quiet and calm with thick and dark hair like his own even just born. Sanldoth and O'rly were also in attendance, with the woman proudly made honorary-auntie. Life settled down quickly after that, though it did get a lot busier for R'iahn, who was shortly offered the position of Wingleader when the older 'leader decided to retire to Honshu. He took it, though reluctant to take time from his weyrmate and baby; she pushed him to it, citing that Jaesriuth would pine for forever if he didn't. So he decided to let himself be given the knot, and quickly settled into the position he'd half been taking care of for turns. Jaesriuth was more than happy with this, and quickly the wing set to advancing itself; learning new skills and new ways of saving people who might not have previously had a chance. The blue reveled in his newfound position, and rejoiced when his partner in crime returned as Zalana weaned Alzanbri and instead of fostering, used most of the extra income R'iahn was earning to hire a nanny. It worked, though!

Zalana became pregnant once more when Alzanbri was a little over the three turn mark, shooting poor R'iahn's blood pressure up a few notches as he struggled with the dragon who liked to injure himself every other sevenday. One of his Wingseconds, a good man who'd Impressed just after he had, was acting as Wingleader more and more often while Jaesriuth battled injuries that he thoroughly deserved. But he was happy — at first, he hadn't known what to do at all with his firstborn, but he had grown into the father position almost naturally. Wingleader was tough, but he and Jae hacked away at it, and only took a sevenday off when his first daughter was born several months later. Jaesriuth was injured again, anyways! Alzanbri was a loud lad where his younger sister was been silent, never hesitating in the least to inform the entire Weyr when he was displeased. Zalana took her time off for maternity leave with reluctance with the serene girl, and was more than happy when one of the Weyr's wet nurses offered to watch the girl during the day after a month or two. She went back into the Wing with zeal, and quickly the dynamic duo were at it again.

Unfortunately, six or seven months later, things dissolved all too suddenly. Jaesriuth took half of the wing into a storm after a ship that was sinking, intending to save the crew before they all drowned. Zaivanth seconded that wing, with several of the larger browns and bronzes chosen for their size and stability, while he and Zaivanth would dart down and grab the sailors. It didn't turn out that way. Several crewmen in, Zaivanth was struck by a massive downdraft, and both wings snapped. She crashed into the mast of the ship and suffered internal injuries, though one of the bronzes managed to *between* with her to Ierne, where the Dragonhealers could tend to her. In his attempts to get to her and to get purchase quickly after, Jaesriuth broke a few spar-bones and a foreleg, and had to be carried in as well, kicking and screaming as it was. The rest of the wing stayed as long as they could, but only managed to save a portion of the crew before they were forced back to Telgar by rising winds that threatened even the larger dragons.

Zaivanth's injuries proved irreparable, and she and Zalana went *between* soon after. R'iahn seemed to take it well for all of a day, but once he finished getting his transfer to Ierne taken care of — going back to Telgar wasn't an option, and the aforementioned Wingsecond would do an admirable job — he lost his grip quite quickly. Sanldoth and O'rly transferred from Telgar to be with her longtime friend, and were absolutely instrumental in bringing the man (and his sensitive dragon) out of their funk. After spending several months quite drunk, and frequently in all of the situations one can expect of a man such as R'iahn in his position (drunken declarations of the intent of things such as *betweening* forever, becoming a woman, a farmer, and not the least notably, a murderer, even if the guy who spilled his glass of rum would fully have deserved it!), he finally pulled himself up by his bootstraps. Well, that is to say, Sanldoth and Jaesriuth with help from O'rly pulled him up by his bootstraps. While his children had been staying with a sibling, he finally brought them back home, and set to finding a career at a WeyrHold.

This was not as easy a task as he had, at first, expected it to be. Jaesriuth nearly bit off his head in one swift bite when he suggested becoming a transport rider or freight rider, insisting quickly that he would never, ever do anything of the sort. Quickly enough, though, another vocation opened up for him — the man realized that becoming a dragonhealer was, actually, an option. As he owed his life to the healers at Ierne, and his dragon's to the dragonhealers, it seemed a logical step in his life. Still, school didn't pay for itself, and with no option jumping out to him, and Jaesriuth shooting down most mundane ideas, the man turned to hunting. Wild felines aren't the easiest thing in the world to hunt, but their pelts sure do bring a pretty price! It took the better part of a month to learn /how/ to tan them properly, but eventually he did, after many smaller animals were used for tests. As Jaesriuth finally healed, the two would start their newest adventure. He had a good bit saved, still, from his days at Telgar, but supplements were always good when you had small children who you refused to foster out. Why refuse fostering? Not the smartest thing to do, but when Risabhian volunteered to move down to Ierne to help where Zalana left off, he couldn't resist the temptation to continue with his Weyrmate's intentions of not fostering.

Things have settled down relatively for R'iahn and Jaesriuth; his beach-hut isn't luxurious and he doesn't live like a prince or even as well as he did at Telgar, but life goes on. Money might be tight, but at least Jaesriuth is content with the excitement of hunting combined with the thrill of being able to freelance his old duty of protecting those who needed it. And he has his best friend, and his children. So, really, things aren't that bad for R'iahn!


Name Relation Age Location Position
Iv'ritan (Ivosritan) Father +23 Fort Weyr Brownrider (Istelth)
Sabiahna Mother +20 Harper Hall Master Harper/Teacher
Olyn Foster-Father +34 Fort Weyr Assistant Steward
Tisanya Foster-Mother +28 Fort Weyr Baker
Savras Brother +3 Harper Hall Journeyman Harper/Musician
Ivahna Sister -2 Fort Weyr Brownrider (Onkaelth)
Risabhian Sister -5 Harper Hall Nanny
Ul'ben Foster-brother +1 Ierne Weyrhold Bluerider (Ghealth)
T'za Foster-brother +0 Ierne Weyrhold Bronzerider (Elsith)
Zalana Weyrmate -1 *Between* Deceased
Alzanbri Son -28 Ierne Weyrhold Brat
Briahla Daughter -32 Ierne Weyrhold Brat

My apologies for the following diatribe. I had too much time on my hands.

Mother: Tanvia
Father: Ikonset
Vosetian (+28, M, Mate: Ozalci, Children: Visheti (F, +4), Sev'li (M, +1), Osezca (M, -2))

Mother: Abhesti
Father: Sebanor
B'neor (+23, M, Mate: None, Children: None)
Sebhinor (+18, M, Mate: None, Children: Nyrhenn (M, +3))
Asenbai (+16, F, Mate: Kaneikor, Children: Baikanti (+1, F), Kaseil (-2, F), Seneik (-4, M))
Estani (+14, F, Mate: Ciralton, Children: Ta'ocri (-5, M), Eocilia (-8, F), Criestal (-8, F))
Bahesi //(+10, F, Mate: None, Children: None)

Olyn and Tisanya
Lynsa (F, +8)
Osatya (F, +7)
Sa'lyn (M, +2)
Ul'ben (M, +1)
T'za (M, +0)
Zeosan (M, -3)
Kalanio (F, +3)
Alsia (F, -9)
Sicalia (F, -9)

Mate: Belari
Avlari (F, -18)
Laevri (F, -19)
Belras (M, -23)

Mate: J'leiran
Leirhan (M, -18)

Mate: Y'noran
Norhian (M, -23)
Yezairan (F, -24)
Risorhana (F, -25)
Sabhiran (M, -27)



Destiny's Design Blue Jaesriuth
In stark contrast to his in-your-face personality, Jaesriuth's coloring is anything but. An inky midnight seems to engulf him almost entirely, leaving only faint variations and minor changes; like the fact that his neck and tail ridges are brilliantly blue, tinged only faintly with misty, twilit silver. Or the fact that his wingsails are as dark as his hide for the most part, like a starless night sky, lit up around the hand-part of his wing with faintest silver, almost like clouds. Otherwise, his midnight body has only the scintillating speckle of palest blue that drifts over just about the entire bulk of his body. The specks measure no bigger than a freckle on a human, but their cumulative effect is almost that of stars dancing over a clear night sky; clear but for the slight overcast of short, broad wings. The flecks drift in patterns interspersed with areas of nigh-darkness, not seeming to have any sort of congruity or continual patterning — but for one area. Along his right shoulder, the speckles flash silver, and gleam in a faintly angular pattern, something like a stylized "A". He is a handsomely-built fellow, small and lean, but the small isn't just a 'he's kind of short'. No, Jaesriuth is quite tiny for a blue, among the very smallest, surely! He is outstripped by more than one green as far as length, at least. He is slightly bulkier than the females generally are, with more muscle and less length (length is, really, the main thing he lacks) in tail and neck. His wings are short and broad, allowing for excellent agility in the skies, but not much staying power — physically, at least. The blue carries himself with absolute pride, though, a swagger in even the dragon's cursed hop-skip stride, tailtip constantly flicking a cheerful tune, expression absolutely one of smugness.
Jaesriuth has reached a length of 24.04 meters, and a wingspan of 40.07 meters in adulthood, quite a tiny blue indeed.

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