R Ki


Long light brown hair sprouts from the top of this man's head, it trails out until it just ends past his shoulders. His bangs have been allowed to grow and hang just to the side of his cheeks. They seem to have a tendancy to slip into his bright sky-blue eyes. A soft brown tan is evident on the young man's face, clearly the man spends a lot of time outside. And upon further examintion of this man one can clearly see that this man works out, a lot, he is very muscular despite his stature and age. His hands are worn and are fairly rough, as is the rest of his form, clearly the man is very used to hard work.

A simple white shirt can be seen over his chest, it's usually slightly dirty from work or excersizing. It is cut at the sleeves, showing off his arms. Light blue pants can be seen around the man's hips, hugging his legs in a loose manner until they meet wherry hide boots. A simple rider's knot can be seen looped around his shoulder, intertwined with it is a single brown cord for the color of his lifemate.


R'ki was a handyman before he was a dragonrider. He had lived his whole life at Ista as a handyman, generally repairing fences and that sort of thing. He was a hard worker, always pushing himself to the limits, he never really enjoyed being idle and could always be found fixing something or doing something with his time. He was the sort of person who rarely took days off, and when he did, he'd still be tinkering with something or other. One day the young man was searched for the sands, and that's when he found Seiketh of all things. The young dragon was almost like R'ki in every single way possible, except for the fact that the brown was even worse than his rider, and Seiketh actually liked getting out to explore. Seiketh pushed his rider hard. Seiketh and R'ki could almost always be found on the training grounds exercising until they passed out. Finally, the pair graduated at the top of their class with high expectations for them. With so much determination and hard-work factor, something would become of them eventually, just what is a matter of time.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Kimmi Mother Ista Kitchen aid None
Raisim Father Ista Journeyman Smith None
Kaiem Brother Fort Journeyman Harper None




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