Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green/Blue
Current Home Ierne Weyrhold
Place of Birth Outside Greensfield Hold
Occupation Dragonrider / Jman Harper
Dragon Green Ailaeth


Petite. It's a good word to describe Re'a. She stands about 5'3" or so in her bare feet, though it's hard to say if she's finished growing or not. Dark blonde locks has been sheared to the nape of the neck, leaving a riot of honey blond curls behind, the front just barely able to be tucked behind small ears. The color lightens during summer months when she spends time outside. Her face is slightly rounded, with classic bones and a mildly large nose. Soft flawless skin that is tanned where uncovered. Her features further sport a full mouth often holding an impish smile, and enormous mismatched eyes, the left blue while the right is green. Her body is otherwise slim, with just the right muscles and curves to make her undoubtedly female.

Jade green and kingfisher blue marble wherhide in a fashion only a skilled weaver could engineer, fitted to the greenrider like a second skin; her curves on display for all to see. Knee high black boots are glossy in their shine, and cuffed with warm white fur, matching that which can be seen at her collar in defiance against the cold of ::between::. A plain white shirt can be seen when the jacket lies open, and a functional black belt encircles a slender waist, the silver buckle finely crafted into a music note. Gloves and cap are tucked into the belt when not worn, all dyed to match the rest of her outfit.


Re'a, once Resa, was from a small cothold near Greenfields Hold. Her family are grain farmers. She has two older brothers, one of whom which has taken over the family farm, while the other joined the BeastCraft. As for Resa, after a Harper took shelter with their family during a bad storm, it would be to the Harper Hall that she would eventually go.

It was during a festival at Telgar in which she and another Sr. Apprentice was working on their project together for their Journeywomen rank, that Resa would be approached by a good friend who'd been Searched and Impressed two turns before. It was his bronze's clutch on the sands, and he'd decided that Resa should stand. Life would change for her, switching crafthall life for candidate life in the weyr, her lessons put on hold. When the day came that the eggs would hatch, life would change once again when a lovely green hatchling would stumble up to her and lay claim to her: « We have found one another, my Re'a… I, am your Ailaeth. »

Weyrlinghood would pass quick enough, and after that, Re'a would take up a position as Assistant Weyrling Master at Telgar Weyr. She managed to find time to walk the tables and earn her Journeywoman knot with the Harper. Several turns later, she'd actually take up the position as WLM for a while until she accepted a position beneath the weyr Harper to help teach. Recently, a break-up with her weyrmate would send the pair south to Ierne Weyr for a change of scenery.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Revyn Father Greensfield Hold Farmer -
Sannah Mother Greensfield Hold Farmer -
Vehan Brother Greensfield Hold Farmer -
Sheyn Brother Southern Hold Beast Craft Sr. Jman -
Marion Adopted Daughter Harper Crafthall Harper Jr. Jman -
S'ndri Weyrmate Ierne Weyrhold Wingrider Blue Cenvath



Crowned Lady Green Ailaeth

Wrought of royalty and gilded with elegance in a crowning of sunlight, an aureate web inlaying the gentle crest of her petite head, she glistens with pure verdancy that shines from within, illumination in the dusky depths of the forest. Dignity drapes a pearl shawl over her lissome, leaf-stained neckridges, flickering indecisively as the dainty expanses of wingsails become light fractured through thick underbrush, flecks of burnt sienna singing every foliaceous edge in ornate pattern. Dappled jungle shadows play across her smoothly-tapered muzzle, swarming upwards to hood gently whirling, innocent eyes, possessed of a genuine presence, a nature that echoes of sweet softness and whispers ethereal tales of a tender giving soul.


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