Fair skinned, reddish-blonde, and tall are the first things seen on this young woman. Another quick feature to spot is the fact that a woman she is. Her tall frame is slender, not too overly slim, and well endowed; her curves matching almost proportionally even at a young age. Her oval face is smooth-skinned and unblemished, with not one freckle marking it. A small round childish nose contrasts with the girl's icy almond-shaped eyes and full lips. Strawberry blonde locks have just passed her shoulders, cut into layers with the shortest strands cupping around her chin.

Suraiya's long legs are covered with rough hide trousers, lined with a bit of burdenbeast fur for the colder days of High Reaches Weyr, and left to its natural tawny coloring. Her leathers look worn in, several stains finding their way onto them. Her upper half is decorated with a brighter blue skin-tight shirt under a trouser-matching jacket of tan leather. Her ensemble is finished off with mid-calf black boots and a shoulder knot that signifies her as a rider at Ierne Weyrhold to her green lifemate.


Suraiya was born and raised in Ista Weyr. She is an identical twin, her sister being Sarisia. Suri's father is bronzerider S'rei to Dhirath, once known as Sulurei, and her mother is a Baker, Rasia. She grew up being passed from nannies, and known to be a menace with her twin among all the weyrbrats. They used the fact that it was hard to tell them apart to their advantage, and to this day there physical appearances are too different. Suraiya is feminine in a bubbly way, always trying to be cheerful and getting on people's good sides (though being mischievous from time to time is not uncommon). She has a large sweet-tooth and takes after her mother, baking her own tarts and other pastries; many cookies being one of her best recipes. When they approached their 14th turn, Sari and Suri packed up and took off to go look around Pern for something new.
Although Suri is more attached to her beloved Weyr, she followed her sister to Xanadu Weyr where they were both Searched for one of their clutches. When the hatching came and went, the girls were unable to be pinned down and left back to the Northern continent, first to see a large Gather at Fort Hold and then to High Reaches Weyr to spend their first snow-winter there. After much complaining, the twins found themselves returning to Ista; Suri was cold, about a turn and a half older, and looking for a good beach and pie. But searchriders from High Reaches came and took the twins back to the Weyr where Suraiya eventually found herself partnered up with the little Ozriadasoth. Eventually she settled into the Weyr, baking in the kitchens and taking on odd-end jobs in the lower caverns or transporting with her sister. Her love of children brought many trials, but the biggest was the pregnancy and birth of her triplets. Yet, when Sari had to leave, there was only one thing she could do, and go with her, packing her bags, her bowls, her recipes, and her babies to move down to the warm Ierne climate.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Rasia Mother Ista Weyr Baker
S'rei Father Ista Weyr Bronzerider Dhirath
R'aul Older Brother Ista Weyr Bluerider Erisith
Sairyn Daughter Ierne Weyrhold Toddler
Raiyan Son Ierne Weyrhold Toddler
Lairen Son Ierne Weyrhold Toddler


Bronze Ra

Almost too light to be true, this portly bronze is a bright tone that seems more golden orange then bronze. Nor do the soft, plump curves of his limbs and torso help with the confusion. His head is soft and more rounded then normal, with a placid doe-like look to his eyes. It's carried on a heavy-set neck where specks of darker copper bronze bob and float down to the almost feminine seeming body. His paws are tipped by talons of true gold. The copper pulp appears sporadically over the torso and darkens the tail till it ends as an almost true bronze spade cupped around his seated haunches. His wings are a vision of frothy golden bronze foaming over his body with every beat.

Brown Khons

Darkly brown, the hide of this firelizard tends toward a near inky brown black, leaving him rather shaded and shadowed. He is a rather slender fellow, with a body type that borders on overtly narrow and extremely pointed, even down to the very fine boning that supports his shape. Even a very narrow expanse of dark brown wings, seeming much to slender and frail to support anything in flight, even his very light weight and giving the impression of a mere glider in flight.


Green Ozriadasoth

With long, slender limbs and delicate, curving wingspars, this petite green is a credit to the finer bone structures to be found in her varied lineage. Her body is an almost uniform hue of bright, delicate spring, a color suited to the soft, coarse texture of her nubbly, velvety hide. Neckridges of paler, more golden green decorate her short but sinewy neck like a ruff, while the same hue is repeated in translucent filigree on thin, rippling wingsails. Huge eyes that favor pale tones lend her a little of her dam's likeness, bulging like jewels from the broad, wide-mouthed shape of her head. She moves with a certain relaxed hesitation, a peculiar charm in her unintentional grace.

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