Greenrider Susia


Pale red hair falls lightly to just past her shoulders, the orange tints giving it an odd hue. The wavy mass is usually restrained into a thick braid, a bright ribbon tied around the end. Startling green eyes sit underneath long dark lashes, hints of blue mixing in occasionally. Thin pink lips, rosy cheeks, and a sunburnt nose finish her face as small ears peek out from under her restrained hair. She is average height and build, her figure having filled out through motherhood, curves gracing her body.
Simple leathers of bright green clad her body, the jacket trimmed in a darker, near forest green. The collar folds over, revealing the plain blouse that is underneath. Pants fall from her waist, gathering over the bridge of her heavy black boots, yet not quite reaching the ground. A simple ring is on one of her fingers, a green stone in the middle of two peach ones.


Susia is the daughter of a pair of Nerat Seacrafters, Katja and Mikiel. Her older brother Joej follwed in the path of his parents, joing the Seacraft and 'fasting a fellow Neratian. Aunt of a young baby girl, Susia spent much time babysitting and traveling the nearby countryside, looking for needed foodstuffs, as she was the oldest unfasted child. A decision of her younger twin brothers and the oldest of her sisters led her to make a choice, a choice to head to the south and new crafts. Saving their spare marks, the quartet managed to buy passage on a ship south. Coming to Monaco Bay, their paths seperated, her siblings headed towards Landing, and Susia to the Weyr. There she decided to study the stars, the points of light that had guided her throughout her life.
Whisked away on Search to Xanadu Weyr, she made a lot of new friends during candidacy, only to watch them walk away with dragons and leave her standing. Returning to Eastern, she's applying herself to her studies with more diligence then ever. It was an even bigger surprise, then, when N'andi asked her to stand for the clutch on the sands at Eastern. With a bit of reluctance she agreed, and was thrilled when her youngest sister was asked to stand as well. They both impressed: Sydni to a blue, and Susia to her precious green Torikath. She managed to make it though weyrlinghood with relatively few problems, and even survived Torikath's first mating flight. Tapped by Tempest wing, she spent a great deal of time on the weather satellite, taking readings.
However, this routine was disrupted as she discovered she was pregnant by J'vry, giving birth to twin girls named Jevsia and Candia. Not long after they were born, she discovered she was once again pregnant, this time by C'andi. Her daughters gained a baby brother, Andis, and the trio was fostered as the wings were shuffled and she became WingSecond of Deluge wing, under D'ce.
After serving multiple years first as the Wingleader of the Deluge wing, and then as the Weyrsecond of Eastern Weyr, she has chosen to retired to Ierne Weyrhold (by way of Rubicon River, Eastern Weyr once more, and Igen Weyr) along with her weyrmate F'bian, and spend her time doting on her grandchildren as they arrive.


Name Relation Position
Katja Mother Holder
Mikiel Father Holder
Jaimin Half Brother Holder
Joej Brother Holder
Syndi Sister Holder
Shula Sister Holder
Mantha Sister Holder
Jaycee Brother Holder
Jedrick Brother Holder
Sydni Sister Rider to Blue Azioneth
F'bian Weyrmate Rider to Blue Oscuranachth
Jei Daughter Rider to Green Yxelth
Candia Daughter Rider to Brown Cinrath
A'di (Andis) Son Rider to Blue Dalasith
Jenia Granddaughter (Jei) Weyrbrat
Serena Granddaughter (Jei) Weyrbrat
Jeri Granddaughter (Jei) Weyrbrat
Evyn Grandson (Jei) Weyrbrat
Rylie Granddaughter (Jei) Weyrbrat
Morev Grandson (Jei) Weyrbrat
Zandia Granddaughter (Candia) Weyrbrat


Bronze Ore, Green Verdant, Green Jool, and Blue Diamond


Green Torikath
While she can't quite achieve the full spectrum of colors given the basic rules of dragondom, this pudgy lady has made an attempt to satisfy the 'impossible combinations' with many shades of green to make up for a body that is mostly unimpressive. Short, blunt muzzle bears dottings of grassy green that slopes around jaw, the peppering reminiscent of a five o'clock shadow. It melts into a slow wash of sea green, hints of sapphire completing the watery shadings that flows over her head and down to shoulders. Her compact torso bears — rather surprisingly, given the fact that there's a lot of hide to cover — what could pass as a single shade. Bearing only slight gradations, emerald flame flickers across her back and consumes a round belly all the way back to her haunches and to the elbows of her forearms, rather like a unique coat. Fragile too-large wings can be found to bear lime-veins through the malachite meanderings. Fore and hind paws are all peridot, tipped with onyx crescent-moon talons. Plump haunches are a dark shade of olive, which tapers off into a swath of jade that consumes a thick tail. There's something capricious and unpredictable in her movements. Perhaps that accounts for the whimsical charm.

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