Before you is a man in his low 30's with a below average height and rather slender build with raven black hair which is kept long and flowing down his back. His form isn't chiseled at all, it is more soft and gentle. Musculature is not overly exaggerated but there is a hint of it beneath his pale skin. His face is gentle, with haunted silver blue eyes that peek out from beneath long bangs. No freckles or other marks are visible upon his face except for a thin scar that runs along the left side of his neck stopping just below his chin. Hands, delicate and well-manicured, are feminine-like and soft as if not used to performing tough labour.
On slender body currently is worn a pale blue pair of pants made of the softest of suede as it hugs over every bit of lean legs. Top torso is draped in a white long-sleeved button-down shirt made of a cottony material with the first few buttons often left unfastened, covered by a soft suede jacket of the same material as the pants. Upon feet are worn a pair of black boots, padded to eliminate most sound any footfalls may make as he pads about upon them. Around his neck is worn a silver chain with a pendant of a deep emerald green dragon and a sapphire dragon twined in a loving embrace hanging upon it.


Being the only child of a goldrider whom would not speak of his father, Urihyu grew up without a father figure in his life. Men came and went, but none bothered to stay. His mother had told him that she just hadn't found the right one for her. Metria tried to compensate for lack of solo parenting and busy schedule by showering the boy with presents, usually anything the kid wanted he was given without question. Urihyu had friends, playing happily with the other weyrbrats when his mother was busy and he had to stay with the nannies. Why his mother's gold would sometimes play with him, acting as junglegym for he and his friends every now and then. And so childood went by without a hitch, there was no troublemaker in this boy, much to his mother's delight.

As Uri grew to his teens, he had learned that all he had to do was bat his long eyelashes at his mother and he'd be given his way. He wasn't growing as tall as the other teenaged boys around and was barely keeping up with the teenaged girls as his growth seemed to level off early. This troubled his mother, of course, for her son wasn't turning into the young man she had hoped and showed no interest in search like so many other of his former playmates did. And Urihyu was noticing changes as well, unlike his male companions, he didn't take interest in any of the fine young women at the weyr. He did, however, realize his feelings leaned more towards the young men, his childhood playmates, rather than the ladies. Often his glances towards his fellow young men were met with harsh glares and sometimes even scuffles, which he usually got the worst of, sometimes coming away with a bloody nose or black eye. But he wasn't a fighter, even as he was being picked on or beat up, he would not fight back, he just couldn't. He could have gone to his mother, of course, but he didn't instead opting to keep his feelings to himself. Hiding any bumps and bruises was easy, his mother was busy and he was old enough to stay in his own room away from her, and away from people whenever possible. Turns came and went, search and impressions came and went, and life passed normally for the weyr, no one really noticed the lack of a certain small young man which suited him just fine. After a long and secluded teenagerdom, Uri had soon enough grown into a man, though he remained very small for his age.

Early Adulthood and Search:
Having never apprenticed to a craft or really wanting to learn any skills, young adult Urihyu was a loner, preferring to stay to himself, he decided to start helping Metria with her paperwork more and more, it gave him time with his mother and away from the other people of the weyr. The turns seemed to fly by without much change, he still remained alone when not helping his mother. His life was a lonely one, for sure, with no friends for companionship but he made do, telling himself it was for the better. Of course, his world would be turned around soon after his 25th turnday when one of the younger blues of the weyr had asked, no demanded, that the young man stand for the clutch hardening on the sands. He had never been asked to stand the whole time he had grown up and was very surprised by the demand, how could he say no? So he agreed and his candidacy started. Being a candidate was strange for him, most of the other candidates were younger and he felt out of place. One day, however, that same young blue had brought in another candidate close to Urihyu's age, a handsome and strong, yet dark and broody, young man with a nearly impossible to understand accent named Calen. Calen had picked a cot next to Urihyu in the candidates' barracks mainly because it was one of the few out of the way ones left by the time he had been searched. If Urihyu hadn't noticed certain feelings for the new candidate at first, he would soon notice them. One day as one of Urihyu's former friends, a brownrider, whom had been one of the boys to pick on him is their earlier turns decided to corner Uri one day near the lake. Urihyu's mother's gold Aenoeth had flown that afternoon and the brownrider's dragon, of course, had lost the flight and the man was drunk and Uri happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Adequately cornered by the brownrider, Urihyu had braced himself to be knocked around but the rider had other ideas. In a deep throaty voice, laced with alcohol and flightlust, the man had declared that if he couldn't have the goldrider Metria that he would just have to settle for her girlyboy Urihyu. Uri was terrified, the brownrider being so much larger than him had pinned him against a rock and started ripping at the smaller man's shirt with such feral attention. Luckily for Urihyu there was a saviour upon the beach that day. Calen appeared and pulled the brownrider off of the too frightened to move Urihyu, pushing the older rider away from the small man and standing tall ready to protect his fellow candidate if the need should arise. Thankfully, though, the brownrider started slinking away so there was no need for blows. Urihyu had been saved by Calen, the strong handsome broody man from who knows where. Thankfully there were no more runins with flightlusty attack brownriders the rest of the candidacy and the two decided not to mention it to anyone, and a few days later the humming started - the eggs' hatching was imminent.

Impression and Weyrlinghood:
As candidates were ushered into the hot sands, Urihyu found himself sticking close to Calen, feeling just that much safer nearby his protector. He watched, wide-eyed, as eggs cracked and hatchlings stumbled about the hatching grounds making a mess of things. About midway through the hatching, two eggs settled side by side cracked to reveal a very handsome blue dragonet and a very small and very egg-sticky green dragonet. The two wandered about, seeking their perfect lifemates out of the gathered white-robes. Urihyu felt his heart stop as he noticed the blue stagger close to he and Calen, only just remembering to breathe when Calen declared that the blue's name was Feiaoth and that Calen would hereforth be known as Ca'en. Urihyu was so surprised and pleased to see that his friend had impressed that he didn't notice the green dragonet heading straight toward him. It soon became clear, however, that she was there as pangs of love and hunger crept into his mind. « I am your beautiful Kojakuth and you are my Ur'yu, now and forever. May we please eat now? » That voice, he decided, was the most perfect sound he'd ever heard as he and Ca'en were rushed away to start feeding their newborn lifepartners. Weyrlinghood was a busy time, especially for Ur'yu and Kojakuth as the pair bonded and set to learning how to be a dragonpair. Kojakuth and Ur'yu actually rather enjoyed their time as weyrlings, even though they often got teased for being the smallest of the group. By now Ur'yu had learned to ignore other people's remarks of his size, and his green didn't seem to let it rile her up too terribly, and besides Ca'en and Feiaoth were there the whole time with them. The two dragonpairs had grown increasingly close as weyrlinghood dredged on day after day. Training was rigorous and labour-intense, something Ur'yu never did have a knack for. He hated doing the manual labur stuff and traded chores with other 'lings if he could manage. What manual labour he had to perform he did purely because it was for Kojakuth and nothing more, and it would be easier as soon as they graduated, right? Flight training was amazing for Ur'yu and kojakuth as the green absolutely loved flying and was always experimenting with tricks, pumping adrenaline through both herself and her lifemate. And then there was *between* training, which was rather different as it required intense concentration, but the pair stuck to it and finally got it down right. Learning to *between* meant graduation was growing within reach and Ur'yu and ca'en would finally be able to release their feelings for eachother, planning to weyrmate as soon as it was allowable. Graduation, finally, and there was great celebration for the weyrlings, now riders with all their new freedoms. The day after graduation, Ur'yu and Ca'en moved in together, spending pretty much the whole day enjoying one another's company.

Flights and Tragedy:
Ur'yu and Ca'en lived happily together, tending to duties and spending every extra moment with eachother, they were quite the happy couple. Soon their happiness would be tested as Kojakuth began to glow for the first time, proddiness was imminent and both riders knew it. All they could do was deal with Ur'yu and Kojakuth's intense mood changes until the time came that she rose. And rise she did one late night while most of the weyr was asleep, rousing local dragons from sleep. Kojakuth used every trick she had learned to lead the males on a long and tiresome flight. Blues and browns flew after, trying to match the gemstone dragon's intensive tests, knwing only one could win. It was much to their riders' relief when it was over and Feiaoth and Kojakuth were the only ones left in the sky twined together, for Feiaoth knew the green's tricks and matched her intensity to a victory. After that first initial flight the others were rather predictable, usually Feiaoth won and the pair of riders and dragons would disappear for a day or so. Unfortunately, though, there finally came a time when Kojakuth rose and was not caught by her usual blue victor. That came one fateful morning when Kojakuth rose in the midst of a terrible storm pursued by the usual string of blue, brown and bronze suitors. Amongst those suitors was of course blue Feiaoth and a muddy large sized brown whom Ca'en and Ur'yu knew was Theth, whose rider was the brownrider who had attacked Ur'yu when he was a candidate. Theth was surprisingly intense during Kojakuth's flight matching her every move or at least very closely matching her every move as the mating flight went on. That morning's storm was especially dangerous for flying dragons with sheets of rain nearly blinding them as they chased after the young green. As the green tired and catching was drawing close, both Feiaoth and Theth had approached the green from opposite sides, the males neary colliding with eachother as brown Theth disappeared *between* to avoid the collision. Kojakuth was caught by a bronze who had just happened to grab her as she was distracted by the blue and brown's accident. A silence fell over the ruckus of mating flight as time continued with no sight of the brown ever re-emerging, his rider letting out a pained sound as the loss hit him. Mating flight was lost in the kareening of dragons, one of their kind lost forever. Young blue Feiaoth was at least alive, though he had strained his wing trying to stop himself from colliding with the brown. As Ca'en left to tend to his blue who had landed in the bowl's lake with a loud hard splash, no one noticed B'eo, Theth's rider, slip off after him, pale in the face with distant eyes filled with pain and tears. Mere moments later, the weyr was once again filled with the kareening of dragons as Feiaoth's mindtouch faded as well, by the time healers had gotten to the lake to tend the blue, he was gone and his rider's limp body was discovered in the middle of the lake, he had drowned. And Belineo, Theth's lifemate disappeared from the weyr without a word to anyone. Two losses to the weyr, all because, Ur'yu thought, of him and Kojakuth. Rumours quckly started circulating, some saying that Feiaoth had been too hurt by the fall and had gone *between* rather than dying in the weyr's lake while other whispered rumours said that a distraught and maddened Belineo had drowned Ca'en blaming Feiaoth's actions for his dragon's loss before leaving the weyr to commit suicide alone. Neither rumour had been confirmed but it was known that Belineo's body was never found.

Leaving Telgar Weyr:
Having blamed himself for the loss of two dragons and riders, Ur'yu quickly fell into a deep depression and was soon shirking duties and being seen less and less around the weyr. He remained mostly in he and Ca'en's weyr, mourning the loss of his one and only true love. He was soon put on leave until such a time as he could get his head back together. But it was clear that something was changed in the man, he was now dark and broody, and even with Kojakuth's urging he refused to return to normal wing life. It was decided then, that he would be sent on leave to Ierne Weyrhold until such a time as he was ready to return to normal weyrlife. And thus, with teary eyes and plenty of hugs and presents, Metria bid her only son farewell as she sent him off to Ierne though she made him promise to at least keep in touch with her. It was as he was preparing to leave his homeweyr when a mishap withan apparent renegade left the greenrider with a near-death experience and a nasty cut to his neck to remind him of it. The incident brought to the attention of healers at the pleading of Kojakuth to Aenoeth that something was wrong and her rider's mind was 'going black'. The healers managed to get to him in time though he was laid up in Telgar's infrmary while his neck was treated and only allowed finally to leave to ierne when it was sure he would not suffer any permanent damage due to the slit, luckily though the cut wasn't deep enough to kill the greenrider and he was released to Ierne Weyrhold with orders to 'take it easy'. And so finally, Ur'yu was off to Ierne and away from the tragic weyr that haunted him. He spent a couple of turns at Ierne Weyrhold being a mailrider and visiting all the different weyrs with letters and packages for delivery, making a few friends in the process.

Eastern Weyr:
After Ur'yu finally met his father, J'em, for the first time, Ur'yu found himself spending a lot of his free time at Eastern Weyr. He spent his visits there getting to know his father and the nice folk of the weyr. After Kojakuth decided to rise for a mating flight at Eastern Weyr and was caught by S'dan's brown Cyrilth, Ur'yu decided he was ready to move on and put in for a transfer from Ierne Weyrhold to Eastern Weyr. The greenrider was finally ready to move on and he joined S'dan's Flame Wing, where he currently works as mainly the wing's courier. Ur'yu and Kojakuth seem to spend most of their time either with S'dan and Cyrilth or swimming and ejoying Eastern's glorious beaches.


Name Relation Position Age
Metria Mother Jr. Weyrwoman to Gold Aenoeth(TGW) 25 turns older than Ury
Aeris Aunt(Metra's Twin) Retired Weyrwoman to Gold Aelith(XAW) 25 turns older than Ury
J'em Father Weyrleader to Bronze Fenrith(EAW) 35 turns older than Ury
Deremy 'Snake Eyes' Evil Uncle(J'em's Twin) Black Rock Renegade Leader Deceased(Killed by J'em)
Jeriah Half-Sister Rider to Gold Teloriith(ISW)
J'yn Half-Brother Rider to Bronze Orionth(IEW) 7 turns younger than Ury
L'yn Half-Brother Bluerider 7 turns younger than Ury
S'dan Weyrmate Rider to Brown Cyrilth/Flame Wingleader 25 turns older than Ury


~~Brown Pietersite~~
There's just something not right at all about this brown firelizard. His nose is too long, for starters. So is his body, when compared to his rather stumpy legs … and that's not getting into his tail being kind of short. His wings are also on the stubby side, though they're perfectly functional. His coloration is also on the odd side, with a light mahogany color touching his nose, bleeding into a carob brown that spills to cover his back and wings like a cloak. That cloak is strapped in place with a bit of mahogany that runs from chin to shoulders. Ruddy brown manifests again just behind, only to fade out over his hindlegs, which are touched with that darker color once more.
Pietersite is banded in the colors of his owner's home.
Pietersite is 2 Turns, 7 months, and 13 days old and is 54 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 86 cm.

Egg name:
Insect Infestation Egg

Egg Description:
Terracotta has been packed into the shape of an egg and then let to dry and then be forgotten. The newest inhabitants are shuddersome blots of ravenous white, scattered haphazardly upon the lumpy-seeming surface. Host to the horde, the hole-riddled egg needs a hero.

Hatchling Name:
Unconventionally Ungainly Brown Hatchling

Gold Reconciliation

Bronze Consequence

~~Green Chrysoprase~~
Lithe of body and small of frame, this lady green presents a larger than personality. Brilliant eyes whirl in delighted hues, slightly large within the dainty curves of her eyeridges and delicate taper of her muzzle. Gold dusts her neck ridges and sparkles upon the broad frosted peppermint green of her wingsails, stretching from spar to spindly spar. The mint darkens upon her body, a brewing mix of life and merriment flowing from muzzle to tailtip. Her arms and legs have a startling appearance. It is as if she has grabbed talons full of metallic green ribbon and they stream from that point out. The ribbon wraps a few times about each limb and then blows randomly upon her sides and flanks and even a bit into her tai. It's as if she's dancing alive, twirling and whirling the ribbon wrapping and playing along her body as animated as she. Voice calls as sweetly as her movement, angelic and light, putting a smile on even the moodiest face.
Chrysoprase is banded in the colors of his owner's home.
Chrysoprase is 0 Turns, 0 months, and 10 days old and is 8 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 13 cm.

Egg name:
Ribbons Egg

Egg Description:
The shiny flare of festive ribbons roils about this smaller egg in cheerful spirit. There are ribbons of all colors. A thick silver one that is half twined by a narrow blue one, only to be dashed over by a bright sparkly strip of green and red. To look at the egg to long is likely to make ones head hurt with the strain up on the eyes.

Hatchling Name:
Festive Dancer Green Hatchling

Gold Alchemia

Bronze Starburst


Emeralds and Rainbows Green Kojakuth

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