Some what tall could be one of the first words that come to mind when you see X'en, who stands a modest 6'2" tall. He has a long and lean build, and despite, most of his length is in his legs. He doesn't have the build of a runner however, as working as a rider have built up his muscles in to a rather sturdy build on his arms, and in his legs, adding strength and muscle to them. His tawny-brown hair, is curly, and cut very short, as well as well kept, and looked after. Dark eye brows, and lashes, cover almond shaped eyes, that shine a lovely deep-set light blue color to them, and shows his spirit. Nestled between the blue eyes, is a nose that's a bit on the larger side, and an average mouth beneath that. His hands have been roughened by the work, so no silky smooth hands here, but they are not callused as of yet.
The clothes he wears are well made, and look like they've been well taken care of, and made to be work clothes, as well as somewhat presentable. The clothes consist of a simple white, long sleeved tunic, with sleeves that that cover his top half down to his wrists, and a pair of long brown pants. On his feet he wears a pair of sturdy work boots.
On his shoulder he wears the knot of a wingrider, as well as a string of blue through it. showing that he is a bluerider.


Xeoshen was born into a poor hold in the Crom territories. As he grew up, he fell in with the wrong crowd, becoming a thief, though unlike some, he never hurt anyone physically in his persuits for what he wanted, always going when the people weren't home, or weren't around. His group of theieves moved up into the High reaches area, where they started to try and smuggle things out the Holds, and in one bold move, out of the Weyr.
Their luck ran out, however, when they were caught. However, Xeoshen was released, as they took pity on him. Someone else did as well. A blue dragon, who decided he would make a good candidate for the clutch that was on the sands at the time. The blues rider offered Xeoshen a chance at a fresh start at a new life, and the thief accepted it. This was of course met with some protesting, especially from his fellow candidates, but among those that disliked him, there were some that he became friends with, those that looked past what he had done in the past, and helped him out.
Candidcy was hard, just like for all candidates, but Xeoshen persvered through it, and unlike many of them, he was certain that no dragon would want him as it's rider. When the dragons started humming, he was escorted onto the sands with the rest of them, and watched as the eggs cracked and hatched. One of the last eggs hatched out a silvery blue, who found his lifemate in Xeoshen. Xeoshen, now X'en, and blue Balyeroth were led off the sands, to begin a new start in life.
The pair went through weyrlinghood, without much of a hitch, and he joined the wings of High Reaches. He continued to feel the distrust of the others around him, however. He pushed through it, but he finally made the decision, that if he really wanted a clean start, he would have to go elsewhere, with others that perhaps didn't know of his history, and wouldn't distrust him. He out in for a transfer to Ierne. A fresh start, in a new weyr, seemed like the best option. The transfer was granted, and he was soon moving out of the 'Reaches, and into his new home.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
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Prideful Predator Bronze Simba
Possessed of both length and bulk, this bronze firelizard is an intimidating one … and he knows it. Feline sleekness is coupled with a heavy build, lending him an intimidating air. His muzzle is short with a flatness to it that only serves to tilt his eyes a little. His neckridges are proud and a bit large, tinged darker toward the ends. Overall, he's a lush tawny hue, shot through with just enough gold and green to make him properly bronze. He's just a lighter bronze, overall, with a fuzzy darkening of that color at his neck and shoulders. The color grows paler along his underside, including the insides of his limbs, with only his tail standing out with a stark blot of dark bronze at the tip.


Errant Knight Blue Balyeroth
For all the courtliness of his features, there's an air of wonder about this blue; it might simply be in the set of his wide eyes, the eyes of a dreamer that never fully sets foot in the real world. Or it might be the dreamlike hue of his hide: a pure silver-blue, kissed with the pallor of the moons, runs from the tip of his muzzle to the tips of his tail. That pale hide is stretched taut over a bony frame that perpetually seems too long of limb to be graceful or poised, but there's always a sense of gallantry about him in the way he carries himself. That purity is broken in places, where the silver's been scuffed off to reveal a darker blue underneath or at his joints, where russet-tinged tarnish seems to have worked into the gaps. His stiff-legged gait is contrasted pointedly by the rustle and flutter of thin, too-long wings; wings that make up a rather jaunty cloak for a comical — and blissfully unaware — fellow such as this.

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