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.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: Shopkeeper Help .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:

     +hi <message> - Adds an additional greeting response.

     +bi <message> - Adds an additional farewell response.

     +po <message> - Adds an additional pose response.

In all cases, use NAME in place of the name of the character Shopkeeper is responding to.

                        Coded by L'ren; November 2009                        

':':':':':':':':':':':':':':': Shopkeeper Help ':':':':':':':':':':':':':':':


@Listen Shopkeeper=*
@Ahear Shopkeeper=@switch/first %0=* has arrived.,{pose [edit(u(hi),NAME,%N)]},* has left.,{pose [edit(u(bi),NAME,%N)]},<OOC>*,,*,{pose [edit(u(po),NAME,%N)]}

&HI Shopkeeper=[u(hi[rand([u(hin)])])]
&HIN Shopkeeper=3
&HI0 Shopkeeper=tips his head at NAME.
&HI1 Shopkeeper=glances up from his book as NAME enters.
&HI2 Shopkeeper=leans on the counter, and eyes NAME with interest. A customer!
&CMD-HI Shopkeeper=$+hi *:&hi[v(hin)] me=%0;&hin me=[add(v(hin),1)];@pemit %#=Greeting "%0" added.

&BI Shopkeeper=[u(bi[rand([u(bin)])])]
&BIN Shopkeeper=3
&BI0 Shopkeeper=tips his head as NAME leaves.
&BI1 Shopkeeper=glances up from his book as NAME exits.
&BI2 Shopkeeper=slumps back against the counter as NAME leaves. Time for a break.
&CMD-BI Shopkeeper=$+bi *:&bi[v(bin)] me=%0;&bin me=[add(v(bin),1)];@pemit %#=Farewell "%0" added.

&PO Shopkeeper=[u(po[rand([u(pon)])])]
&PON Shopkeeper=3
&PO0 Shopkeeper=slips out from behind the counter, and moves over to a shelf, pointing out a book that he thinks NAME might be interested in.
&PO1 Shopkeeper=moves to the back room for a moment, returning with an armload of books, which he then proceeds to place on shelves.
&PO2 Shopkeeper=glances towards the back corner, and then suggests to NAME, "You look thirsty. We've got klah and juice back there, help yourself."
&CMD-PO Shopkeeper=$+po *:&po[v(pon)] me=%0;&pon me=[add(v(pon),1)];@pemit %#=Pose "%0" added.

&CMD-SH Shopkeeper=$+sh:@pemit %#=%r[center(%b[name(me)] Help%b,77,.:)]%r%r[space(5)]+hi <message> - Adds an additional greeting response.%r%r[space(5)]+bi <message> - Adds an additional farewell response.%r%r[space(5)]+po <message> - Adds an additional pose response.%r%rIn all cases, use NAME in place of the name of the character [name(me)] is responding to.%r%r[center(Coded by L'ren; November 2009,77)]%r%r[center(%b[name(me)] Help%b,77,':)]%r
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