Egg Name and Description

Tumultuous Topiary Egg


Counterfeit verdancy sweeps wildly across the curved shell of this overlarge egg, no rhythm and even less rhyme to the scrawling ivies, intermingled stems and pointed leaves of glossy emerald green. Only the sketchy, half-seen lines of a rust-flecked, viridian trellis deep in the entanglement of vines offers any guide to the faux foliage - training the greens to the shell's rounded shape. Neglect, however, has taken a hand in the matter, ivies eschewing the shape of the trellis for the lack of tending, trimming and attention, instead sprawling in frenzied smatters upon the egg's smooth surface.

Hatching Message

Tumultuous Topiary Egg shakes, leaves quivering in a strong breeze. As the pace picks up, the level of tremors becomes intense, creating a myriad of cracks to shoot across the surface of the shell. Soon, cracks become crags, causing rivers of embryonic sap to flow out onto the sands. In the next instant the egg is blown asunder, showing it's treasure: Crowned Lady Green Hatchling, confused with the shock of birth, verdant shards raining down around her.

Hatchling Name and Description

Crowned Lady Green Hatchling
Wrought of royalty and gilded with elegance in a crowning of sunlight, an aureate web inlaying the gentle crest of her petite head, she glistens with pure verdancy that shines from within, illumination in the dusky depths of the forest. Dignity drapes a pearl shawl over her lissome, leaf-stained neckridges, flickering indecisively as the dainty expanses of wingsails become light fractured through thick underbrush, flecks of burnt sienna singing every foliaceous edge in ornate pattern. Dappled jungle shadows play across her smoothly-tapered muzzle, swarming upwards to hood gently whirling, innocent eyes, possessed of a genuine presence, a nature that echoes of sweet softness and whispers ethereal tales of a tender giving soul.

Public Impression Message

Crowned Lady Green Hatchling takes a determined step forward, nosing at the midsection of first one Candidate; then the one - the one - standing just to the side. The dainty tip of the Crowned Lady's tail slips forward, encircling the Candidate's ankle. She lifts her verdant head, bugling to silence the crowd and announce: Re'a, is her chosen.

Impression Name Message

A delicate whisper tickles across your mind; and for a moment, it seems as if it was only imagination. But then, it comes again, and this time there is no mistaking that gentle voice. Melodious and light; it somehow captures every shred of your attention, letting nothing escape. « Re'a… » A bubble of rich laughter enfolds you lovingly, and you know that you have found a twin to your soul, « We have found one another, my Re'a… I, am your Ailaeth. »

Personality (RP tips)

Ailaeth; your Ailaeth, she is a Princess, a lady in every sense of the word. At any age she will be youthful and free spirited, but even in play she indiscriminately carries herself with a lady-like elegance. It isn't a conscious effort, but rather ingrained in her very being, steeped from the delicate flower that she is. Delicate in nature but not in kind; her appearance seems fragile, however, she is not.

Many a mishap will darken her path, but she will never retreat. Ever the optimist, even to a fault. Some would call her naive,and while she may appear so, you know the truth - that it is more her wish to keep a blind eye on any sort of darkness, to believe that every intention is a good one. What you don't see, won't hurt you.

As any sheltered young Lady would be, she is easily beguiled by males, and sweet words gain a blush to the depths of her soul:

« Love, did you hear that? He said I was beautiful. *Sigh* Forsaleth is so gallant, do you not agree? »


You'll have to make sure she isn't always taken in, otherwise she might get hurt over and over again. Her pain is your pain, though she would just die if she thought she actually put you through any sort of harm, no matter how small.

Ailaeth /loves/ to smell good. Can you guess what activity will take up most of your time as a weyrling?

« I need a bath. »

"But you just had one yesterday."

« Yes, yes, I know, but I flew hard today and I smell /bad/. Pleeeeease? »

How could you ignore a voice as sweet as that? As she grows, she will come to discover ways to perfume herself, taking on her mother's love of wildflowers, and giving it a twist. Ailaeth doesn't eat them, no, she rolls in them; like a kitten in catnip. She'll probably nudge your mind gently if you fly over a particularly aromatic field of flowers «Beloved—do you see what I see? » She won't even have to complete the sentence, you'll already know just what she wants; you are her, and she is you and together, you are one.

Along with smelling delightful, she rather prefers to look just as good, too. In the early weeks, feeding her will take precise care - if you make a mess of her, or if she makes a mess of herself, there shall be no sleep until it is righted. Expect her to follow after you, when cleaning the weyrling couch, to make sure every last bit of funk is gotten, and lending a helping talon with any oversight, or with any job too big for one person - she is your partner in everything, even this. When it comes time to learn to hunt, it will take crafty cajoling to get her out there and bludgeoning beasts herself - after the first glorified massacre, though, she will warm to the idea, though always treating it with a delicate nature, and picking at her meals to save herself from becoming a bloody mess.

Your Ailaeth seems to know how to get her way - not with a wheedling tone, or a brash manner as most have the knack of doing. A simple widening of her gently whirling orbs; making you feel as if you've refused her the world; may make you capitulate. Or, how about her ability to ask something, in such a way, that saying 'No' would make you seem callous and cruel?

« Resa, my darling, my day has been so difficult, what with drills, feeding, and the whole of it; may we go sun in Southern, so that I may feel better? »

On her worst days, she is manipulative—in that ever gentle manner. On most, she simply reasons: You are her lifemate. You can feel her every thought and emotion, from pain to pleasure. Would you not want her to have pleasure, so that you might have it, as well?

Oh, and speaking of pleasure… While she is a lady, even ladies enjoy their excitements. Especially when nature forces the issue. Here, you and she will be caught up in emotional chaos as instinct wars against instinct. One instinct calls for her to be the flawless Princess, Lady of Perfection. The other will want her to toss off her bonds of perfection and give into the hunger that seeks to devour her. It will be a very tough time for both of you, more so then for most, because that mating instinct is so against her inherit nature.

« Oh… Love… Oh, I do not like this at all. Make it stop, please? »

This will be her only true weak time, and it is when she will need you the most. You, caught up in her emotions, and most likely going through your /own/ private war, will be looked to for help, reassurance, consolation, and control.

« This shall go away soon, will it not? »

Ailaeth will be far more flirtatious when not proddy, rather than when she actually is - though all is done with a genuine air of innocence. You may find that when the mating instinct does wash over her, she avoids the male species all together; but not in a cold manner of brushing them off. Where her mother simply growls and snaps to keep the suitors away, your delicate lifemate will demur politely, never letting on her discomfort to the opposite sex.

« I cannot swim with you today, Hotcroth… I… I must help my lifemate with cleaning the weyr. Yes, that's it. »

When she cannot hold it in anymore - she will explode into the skies, agile wings carrying her far and fast and making it easy for her to play that 'hard to get' game of the flight. Once she is caught, however, all shackles fall, and she gives into the pleasure so wholly, that you cannot help but be swept completely away by it. Don't be surprised if you can't remember up from down, left from right - when all is said and done, just trust your beloved lifemate to know what instinct to follow.

You might find a strange male on your ledge now and again as she brings home the "nice boy" to meet you. Her eagerness for the new love is astounding, and genuine, and the intensity is such, that you may find yourself looking at the dragon's lifemate in a like manner, or, loving the one you're with with a stronger devtion. Whichever way; when Ailaeth is in love, you are undoubtedly in love as well.

If that beloved dragon of hers—be he any color, she does not discriminate - is true, he may never leave; but as with most males confronted with such docile sweetness, trueness isn't in their blood. When they leave, she will attempt to brush off the bruise and go on - for a time. She cannot keep much from you; it is akin to betrayal in her mind, and she would never be a traitor to you, her love. The flood of emotions will come with time, and gentle words, and the healing will begin. Your love is the salve to soothe her heart, and she will run to you with every trouble, and you know that you can do the same with her.

However; she loves you above all else, and will do anything in her power to make you happy. Sometimes she'll even dabble in a little innocent subterfuge. If she senses you have feelings for someone, she'll be apt to make sure you are where he is often, or might speak with his lifemate and plot; though always mild and gentle, never doing anything truly underhanded.

Above all else, she is a Lady. Always remember that, and always cherish that because there are so very few real ladies left in the world. She is your Lady, your Lady Love, soft as a feather, gentle as a dove.


Ailaeth's voice, just like her nature, is sweet and beautiful. Never reaching the extremes - neither screeching nor monotone - it is a constant mixture of chiming bells, and gently whistling flutes. When the mood to compose strikes you, you may find her humming along with you, in your mind, helping you to place notes where you need them, or singing in accompaniment to aid you further.

Pleasant moods find the light tone smattered with the pastel shades of a field of blossoms; airy, but always with a richness in her laughter. She is articulate, preferring to use proper enunciation, and the full word, rather than the contraction. You may even find yourself corrected, old grammar lessons plucked from your mind, and presented to you once more.

« Beloved, it sounds ever so much better if you say: I do not wish to join you. Rather than, I don't wanna go. »

On the rare occasions when her anger is piqued, her voice will take on a chill that even the High Reaches' contingent would shiver at. She never yells, nor screams - but the cold disapproval and the haughty manner in which she treats the being bearing brunt of her anger - never you - is enough to break even the most stubborn of minds. Thankfully; her anger is a rare thing.


Your lady is as delicate in appearance as she is in manner; petite, dainty, and regal. Traits she inherited from her mother.

However, just like her matron, there stirs a resilient strength behind that docile facade. Muscles - hidden beneath the slightest bit of baby pudge in her early years - show when she is full grown. Not the bulging mass that plagues her larger siblings, but a well defined, corded musculature that writhes and ripples as she moves. She is built to be quick, a boon to any green who's strength must rest within their speed, rather than endurance - and let us not mention what an aid that is in mating flights. Quick she is - able to duck and dash in the blink of an eye. Fast reflexes complement her velocity, making her reaction time; once she's mastered her trick; something to be much envied.

Ailaeth is a beautiful green lady; her poise and inherit regality magnifying her perfections, and aiding to blind against the imperfections - such as a preponderance to develop unsightly dry patches along the curve of her back, meaning that you will often be stuck paying extra-careful attention to preventing just that.

« Love; I feel dry… »

"But I just…"

« Oil, before I crack! »

Though she was blessed with much of her mother's physical beauties - wiry strength, quick reactions - she regretfully does not carry out the tradition for razor sharp talons. Hers are rather blunt; and though a beautiful ebon, they must be honed in her young age, until she learns the knack of it herself. Prepare to get to know a file in ways you thought you never would - and thought for the future; pick a strong stone when looking for a weyr. She's catty about her scratching posts.


You're beloved's hide will remind one of a warm summer breeze drifting lazily across a vast field of wildflowers, drawing the aroma up into the sky where it tumbles freely, mingling with the lingering scent of the erstwhile rains.


Name Inspiration:
Ailaeth's name is derived from the constellation-myth she is based from; a mixture of 'Ariadne', and 'Borealis'. We wanted to give her a delicately feminine name. Something that reflected her ladyship, and the foundation of who she is. And so; 'Ailaeth' was born. You may pronounce this however you wish, but we thought the best way might be: Ail-AITH.

Theme Inspiration:
Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown, was chosen for your Ailaeth, because of Ariadne - the lady of the myth, the wearer of the crown. Ariadne was all that a lady could be; giving of her herself, elegant, beautiful, loving. But, that open heart and generous nature proved to be the knife in her back, as the legend goes. She trusted too much, and was hurt. Ailaeth shares that same trusting nature; and it will be your duty to help teach her who to trust.

Here is what has also been said of the Constellation, and the mind it will fashion:

According to Ptolemy it is like Venus and Mercury. It is said to give artistic ability, love of flowers, lassitude and disillusionment, but to bring its natives to a position of command. By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Daleth and the 4th Tarot Trump "The Emperor". (Robson).

Corona the Crown's lustrous ring, which twinkles with varying luminosity; for the circle is dominated by a single star, which with passing splendor sparkles in the mid forehead and enhances with its blazing flame the bright lights of the constellation. They shine as the memorial of deserted Ariadne. Gentle will be the skills here from bestowed. For here shines a maiden's gifts. The child of the Crown will cultivate a garden budding with bright flowers and slopes Grey with olive (trees) or green with grass. He will plant pale violets, purple hyacinths, lilies, poppies which vie with bright Tyrian dyes, and the rose which blooms with the redness of blood, and will stipple meadows with designs of natural color. Or he will entwine different flowers and arrange them in garlands; he will wreathe the constellation under which he was born, and like Aciadne's crown will be the crowns he fashions; and stems he will squeeze together, and distil mixtures (make perfume) therefrom, and will flavor Arabian with Syrian scents and produce unguents which give off a mingled fragrance, that the charm of the perfume be enhanced by the blending. His heart is set upon elegance, fashion, and the art of adornment, upon gracious living and the pleasure of the hour.(Manilus, book 5 of Astronomica 1st century AD).

The Legend: This constellation is generally associated with Ariadne, the daughter of King Minos of Crete. His wife had borne a hideous monster, half-man and half-bull, and Minos had it shut up in a labyrinth designed by the famous architect Daedalus. The maze was so complex and confusing that Daedalus "was himself scarcely able to find his way back to the entrance" (Metamorphoses VIII 166-167).

Periodically, the Minotaur needed to be fed, and a number of Athenians would be put into the labyrinth for it to eat. This happened twice; on the third feeding, the hero Theseus was one of those chosen as a sacrifice. Ariadne fell in love with him, and offered to help if he would take her away with him when he escaped. He agreed, and she gave him a thread to unwind behind him to mark his passage. He killed the Minotaur, followed the thread out of the labyrinth, and sailed from Crete with Ariadne:

Immediately he set sail for Dia, carrying with him the daughter of Minos; but on the shore of that island he cruelly abandoned his companion. Ariadne, left all alone, was sadly lamenting her fate, when Bacchus put his arms around her, and brought her his aid. He took the crown from her forehead, and set it as a constellation in the sky, to bring her eternal glory. Up through the thin air it soared and, as it flew, its jewels were changed into shining fires. They settled in position, still keeping the appearance of a crown, midway between the kneeling Hercules and Ophiucus, who grasps the snake.(Metamorphoses VIII 174-182).


Egg Inspiration:
The theme of the eggs was 'crafts', and though gardening is hardly ever thought of as that, it is, indeed, a form of art. There is joy found in nurturing life, especially life that bears fruit. Your chosen egg touches more on the creative side of gardening, the difficult process of creating a growing, living topiary. Some are simple, basic shapes—others, fantastic displays of animals, people, events… Ever seen 'Edward Scissorhands'? ;)

To learn more about the history and art of making topiaries, visit:

Desc Inspiration:
When we wrote her description, we worked first and foremost with what you said you preferred. In your application, you told us this:

…the green that stays hidden deep in the forest where the sunlight rarely travels, yet, when it does, shines brightly with flecks of brown and yellow.

We took your preference, mixed it with Ailaeth's inherit regality, and your lifemate's body was formed. The 'aureate web' is her crown - Ariadne's crown, the Northern Crown that is the constellation - and a symbol that she has a little of that royalty that is most often found in a gold, rather than green. She is petite, quick, agile, and wiry in strength. Ailaeth is beautiful in any sense of the word, and we hope she fits your true dream's image.

Dragonsong Inspiration:
The dragonsong, your dragonsong, fit so perfectly one might question, even if only for an instant, if it was written specifically for your dragon. Alas, it was written by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant quite a few years ago, so the chance is slim to none. I vote none. It follows the story of Corona Borealis very closely in the start, and then flows into dragon love and devotion. I will explain as follows.

The first bit:

So throw it down Cleveland rain
The Queen of Love has flown again
To seek her daughter
Who must lie beside the thief
Whose golden tongue she will believe

In the story of Corona Borealis, Ariadne falls in love with a trapped man who gets her to let him free and take him to safety, only to abandon her once they are away.

The Queen of Love is your dragon's dam, who flies again to seek her daughter who lies beside the thief, the thief of Ailaeth's heart, who lies to her, and being the optimistic person she is, she believes him.

Shall we dance and never stop
Take my hand and stop the clock
From turning over

This stanza marks the moment of impression. Time will stand still, never to move another inch in the scope of importance. With you, she has all she will ever need, and time means nothing.

Show me your eyes, O light of the sun
Touch me with fire - my mind is undone
All life inspire - my freedom has come
I drift through desire - my wonderful one

She talks about you… « O light of the sun. My wonderful one. »

When you do what you do
I can never, never, never let you go
When you feel the way you feel
You can never, never, never let it show
Show me your eyes…..


Re'a is an instarider, and a recreation of an old alt on a long closed game.

StarStones MOO
Telgar Weyr
Name Ailaeth
Dam Gold Ceayrth
Sire Bronze Gaderith
Egg Description, Clutch Message and Egg Pic: S'rien
Dragon Description, Hatch Message, and Inspiration: Toria and Fiana
Dragon Song: Toria
Impressee Resa
Hatched April 30, 2000

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