Brought to Life Green Azarith
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Egg Name and Description


Boundary of Contradiction Egg

Darkness has fallen in all of its ebony velvet splendor, draping itself languidly around this egg like the lush evening wrap of some well-to-do lady. Folds of night are layered thick, somehow fierce in the way it absorbs all hints of light. Just when despair seems to loom, a crackle of lightning breaks the darkness, a cool but bright blue that streaks out from the center and sends jagged tendrils reaching for the far edges of the ovoid. In the center of this rough circle of electric ice is a pale blur with a few dark smudges and hints of that bright azure. When the angle is just so, those with imagination may be able to pick out a pale face dominated by eyes that match the swirls of lightning, but then again perhaps it really is just bits of color breaking the monotony of darkness. Regardless of how the misty blurs are interpreted, black's raw chill and blue's piercing beauty are joined by a tender vulnerability in the midst of that central image.

Hatching Message

One of the darker eggs, Boundary of Contradition Egg gives the slightest little shiver, as if the tendrils of icy blue on the shell had actually made the occupant cold. Then there is a moment of rest, as if the creature within where considering, before one or two violent lunges send the egg into motion.

Boundary of Contradiction Egg gives a few more violent wobbles, before a large crack appears along the axis of the egg, as if it were a seam about to bust open. Faint noises can be heard from inside as there is an obvious struggle to push away the confining shell.

The occupant of Boundary of Contradiction Egg is left free with one final, violent push, a large portion of the egg - nearly half - gives ways and falls to the sand as a clump of small shards. The green hatchling within is left on it's back, wriggling to the side so it can roll onto its stomach and then rise onto wobbly limbs.

Hatchling Name and Description

Brought to Life Green Hatchling
Burnished, distressed jade clings to a drawn-out muzzle, cracks of lighter color peeking through the dark to highlight pale whirling eyes and the gentle curve of her cheekbones. Dusky pine-tinted tones flow down her slender, strappy neck, the sunless hue broken by cheery lines of emerald that dance along the rise of sharp ridges. Pale spring green lightens as it gravitates along the underside of her neck to pool along her svelt chest and down below to her smooth belly. Massive wings are supported by sinuous muscle and spindly spars, expansive sails breaking the darkness with swathes of moss with a faint latticework of gray. Her lean torso flows to the peaks of narrow, dark hips and snakes down to the forked tip of her shadowy whipcord tail. Dapples of sunlight race down her sides to pool into clearings of green-yellow that dribble down otherwise dark and antiqued stringy limbs. Angular but powerful, her paws are tipped with claws of deep myrtle.

Impression Message

A faint whisper touches your mind and then receeds so quickly that it would make one wonder if it was merely an illusion caused by the sands being too hot or not enough sleep. A moment of pause, and it seems the touch won't come back. Billowing, gray smoke rolls into your mind, undertones of silver and blue highlighting the unmistakable, however faint, word that flows in with the soot: « Aerelyn » says a ghostly voice. There are no words for a moment that seems to last an eternity. A faint melody accompanies a stronger but still wispy voice, « I am Azarith, and only you can save me. »

Personality (RP tips)

Azarill is soft-spoken, but not necessarily shy - she just hesitates before expressing her ideas, and though she always expresses them, she does so in a polite and quiet manner, even with heated topics. Unless, of course, it's to do with you, as she's quite sure you're simply the best there is to offer, and with your wide range of interests, she's sure you're fit for anything, and especially fit for being the only lifemate she'd ever choose. This, however, lends her to be somewhat obsessive, and her obsessive ways spill into everyday life. She just can't bring herself to mimic your broad band of interests, and can only keep her attention on a few things for any length of time, before she moves on to something else, the last accomplishment mostly uninteresting to her anymore. And just wait until you start to consider a mate, she'll find a million reasons why no one is simply good enough for you.

Physically, she's very slight.. Rather, she's thin to the point of looking frail, especially as a young dragon. Despite how much she eats, she's only grow into herself minimally, and will always retain that lean form. However, this will allow her more grace than most larger dragons, and even when she's angry or doing something violent, like hunting, she'll always have a sort of admirable preciseness to her movements.


Resonating Light
A waif-like touch, all ghostly translucence and full of minor melodies, rises up as a wounded bird to haunt the mind. The feel is hesitant, yet longing and wistful at the same time as if the mind within were lost within darkness. Of colors it is cold and pale: ice blue, smoke gray, and velvety clinging silver. A chill dampness accompanies the thoughts and leaves one with the shivers.


Your dragon is inspired by the song 'Bring me to Life' by Evanescence, the lyrics of which can be found here:
Her name comes from the Biblical character Lazarus, who was 'reawaken' physically.


(On Pernworld)
Niah and Blue Celiketh (Ista Weyr)

L'lind and Bronze Ashhishth (NPC)
Lissa and Bronze Ilokuth (NPC)
G'leron and Brown Risseth (NPC)
C'sta and Green Comakuth (NPC)
Zac and Green Brokunth (NPC)
K'rath and Green Moraketh (NPC)
G'van and Green Niakoth (NPC)


Name Azarith
Dam Gold Vikuth
Sire Bronze Lukuth
Created By (unknown)
Impressee Aerelyn
Hatched (Off-game Transfer)
Ierne Weyrhold
PernWorld MUSH

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