Errant Knight Blue Balyeroth

For all the courtliness of his features, there's an air of wonder about this blue; it might simply be in the set of his wide eyes, the eyes of a dreamer that never fully sets foot in the real world. Or it might be the dreamlike hue of his hide: a pure silver-blue, kissed with the pallor of the moons, runs from the tip of his muzzle to the tips of his tail. That pale hide is stretched taut over a bony frame that perpetually seems too long of limb to be graceful or poised, but there's always a sense of gallantry about him in the way he carries himself. That purity is broken in places, where the silver's been scuffed off to reveal a darker blue underneath or at his joints, where russet-tinged tarnish seems to have worked into the gaps. His stiff-legged gait is contrasted pointedly by the rustle and flutter of thin, too-long wings; wings that make up a rather jaunty cloak for a comical — and blissfully unaware — fellow such as this.

Egg Name and Description

The Second Biggest Ever Egg
The majority of this comically oversized egg is a deep unassuming and unchanging blue, though it begins to lighten, whiten around the edges of a patch of green towards the egg's bottom. The patch is oddly shaped, with a rounded bottom, a hook-like protrusion at the top, and two circular appendages to either side; island shaped, it also has a streak of brownish formation across the middle and left outreach. The green parts are patterned like speckles, little forests of it here and there, while the brown has light and dark ridges to suggest a different texture. The ultimate effect is map-like - but if so, what secret might it lead to?

Hatching Message

The Second Biggest Ever Egg splits asunder, and the hatchling within is left looking rather impossibly taken-aback over it all. A bit of shell, much darker blue than the headknobs it cloaks, hangs askew off the top of his head like an ill-fitting pot helmet, donned for questing. The blue hatchling wearing it doesn't look as if he'll be wandering far, though, with a daydream already taking his eyes far away from the locale in which he finds himself.

Hatchling Name and Description

Errant Knight Blue Hatchling
There's courtliness in the long lines of this blue's face, clearly inherited from his dam; it's just too bad the rest of him has yet to catch up to that first dignified impression. His gleamingly pale hide of silvered blue is stretched too thin over a stringy, sway-backed form, here and there scuffed darker in a way that only accentuates the scrawniness of hip and shoulder. And look! There at the joints, he even looks rusted, orange-brown stains touching the points of his elbows and toes. It's a wonder he doesn't creak when he walks, his movements stiff like his suit doesn't have quite enough give to it. Wide dreamer's eyes are his best feature, closely followed by the thin wings flapping gallantly behind him: jauntily unaware of the comical figure he makes.

Impression Message

Public Impression Message
Errant Knight Blue Hatchling reaches the end of his courtly steps, tiring by the ever-slowing placement of broad paws. Though chivalrous, his yearning glances to the ladies on the Sands seem wistful rather than with any intention, and it seems to surprise the blue himself when he finds himself in front of one of the male convicts. Surprise fades to jovial camaraderie, and he's butting his head into the boy's chest in the next heartbeat: though with his luck, he'll likely knock his new lifemate over!

Private Impression Message
Oh, but for far-off trumpeting and the warmth of a perfect sunny day; oh, but for the gallant stomp of runner-hooves on cobblestones. A living daydream overtakes the Sands, viridian grasses and blue birds'-egg skies superimposed over Sands, dragons, and ledges. « Isn't it beautiful? » comes a dreamy, masculine voice. Suddenly, dreams fade to the present, and you're aware of his name as if it were your own. « I'm Balyeroth, » he extends with courtly tones, if not actions; « And, not to press the point overmuch, but… do you know where I could find the feast? »

Personality (RP tips)

Your Balyeroth, he's the hero of this story — or at least he wants to be. Desperately. Not in that trying-too-hard braggart sort of way, for there's nothing arrogant or unkind in Balyeroth at all. No, he's just—a hero, a quiet sort who dreams and tries to do his very best. What else can you really ask of him?

Oh, sure, there will always be some who don't get him, and Balyeroth won't get — well, most people, honestly. A literalist, he takes everything at face value and doesn't read into others' motives very well: he's just too good-hearted to believe the worst of his friends and family. It's not that he doesn't know that evil's out there, because from the very beginning, Balyeroth will be convinced it is. He just doesn't believe it could possibly exist in his little world. If he wants to fight it, he knows he's going to have to go hunt it down elsewhere.

And believe you me, Balyeroth /does/ want to fight evil. Blame it on too many stories as a youth, because he certainly adores them. If your reading is subpar, X'en, now would be a good time to bone up on it, and maybe butter up those harpers to borrow their books. Balyeroth loves adventures and romances and stories of all sorts — providing you know how to end them right. The bad guy is vanquished, the good guy gets the girl, because what other way /is/ there?

While in his first months, he might be content to listen to these stories, Balyeroth won't settle for just listening forever. As he grows, he'll become more certain that somewhere out there is a damsel in distress, and he has to go save her. It'll start with his clutchsiblings, of course, particularly the girls—human and dragon alike. He'll encourage you to do the same, even if it means going out of your way, putting yourself in danger — anything for a lady! Not that he's not quite willing to help the boys, too, even though he's an awkward sort, make no mistake, and not prone to the rough-housing and such of many young males. With no sense of humor or his own absurdity, Balyeroth might find himself playing straight man — or fall guy — for Teivoth. And he'll never learn.

Age won't temper Balyeroth much; in fact, it might just make him more determined, more fanciful. He's a dreamer, and with the world at his feet once he graduates, he can finally put all those dreams to use. Expect to find yourself hauled all around Pern, questing for wrongs to right and ladies to woo. Expect to find yourself in over your head more than once, as Balyeroth misreads everything, filtering it through his quixotic worldview into something black and white, Good and Evil.

Though a bumbler, clumsy and prone to mistaking situations for something else entirely, he's nevertheless the sort of dragon who would give you his last meal if you needed it, and he'd be happy about it: there's no limit to how far he would go for you, for his siblings, his Weyr, or really, for anyone he meets. Love just seems to spill out of him, and while some might poke fun at his idealism, it's hard not to be won over by his genuine goodwill toward the world.

Of course, he might love everybody, but there's always that special someone, and for a dragon who aims for the moon in everything, Balyeroth doesn't disappoint in picking out his one true love, either. He could have Liniath, or Kynith, or Jeibeth or any green out there, maybe. If he wanted. But he doesn't. The one Balyeroth wants is the one he's got probably no shot with at all: Iskiveth. Isn't she so beautiful, and gold, and fierce, and lovely, and and and. X'en, expect to copy down laborious love poems to his queen, to regale her with song, to have Balyeroth in your head all the time, waxing eloquent on the joys of flying alongside Iskiveth. If she's cruel to him, no matter: Balyeroth knows patience pays off, and he's willing to woo her as long as it takes.

That doesn't mean he doesn't have his own urges, of course, but while the glowingest green of the moment might catch his eye for a bit, and earn her own courting until she rises… afterward, win or lose, Balyeroth will lose interest. He'll be polite, of course, perhaps even doting for a bit if he wins; but in the end, his heart belongs to another, and he'll do his best to detach himself from said green so he can go back to mooning over his One True Love. Even if he'll never get to fly her.

Because, after all, it's not the results that count. It doesn't matter what you look like, or how well you succeed, because honor is in the effort, adventure lies in trying, and love isn't something you feel, it's something that you /do/. Those are the principles that guide Balyeroth in every moment. He's your knight, X'en, a steadfast champion and supporter for you whenever you need him. Let the rest of them laugh; let them put you down for where you come from and what he looks like. Balyeroth knows what's really important, and that's you, and the bond you share with each other.


Balyeroth's mindscape might as well be an idyllic scene from Camelot, all dreamy blue skies and beautiful, rolling green fields with far-off stone turrets. His voice is slightly nasal, and higher-pitched than a hero's ordinarily would be, though he thinks it rather musical. He's given to speaking with mannerisms that many might think are quite courtly, measured and deliberate… and that — if he's lucky — you might find endearing, particularly when he tilts at windmills as he so loves to do.


Dragon Inspiration: What better match for a well-meaning convict than a knight in shining armor to rescue him from his prison? Balyeroth is just such a dragon. We started with the sport of jousting and the medieval knights who competed in it, but somewhere along the way, he became less the perfect champion and more Don Quixote: clumsy, bookish, but undeniably well-meaning and with a knack for winning over those around him—even if he never quite understands how.

Egg Inspiration: It's not Twilight, I swear! The BSC National Championship trophy, won this year by my alma mater, the University of Alabama. ROLL TIDE!


Name Balyeroth
Dam Gold Iovniath
Sire Bronze Cadejoth
Created By Tiriana and Z'yi
Impressee X'en (Xeoshen)
Hatched March 20, 2010
High Reaches Weyr

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