Even after nearly twenty Turns, this green dragon has remained at the delicate end of the spectrum. It's not that she looks like an untested adolescent, for all that her size might imply that she hasn't fully grown yet; adolescent greens still look unfinished, but this lady is clearly complete and perfected — she's just small. From her fine-boned frame to the sharp points of her 'sails, she is possessed of a spare elegance: a narrow nose flowing to a wide forehead with large and expressive eyes; a long, arching neck; strong but slender shoulders; dainty feet, placed wherever she steps with precision and care; a lengthy, relatively thin, above-all twitchy tail that serves as a spoiler for her mood.

Her hide seduces sunlight into its embrace, only to shatter its heart into a million pieces: a deep teal-green, somewhat darker on her underbelly and somewhat greener about her joints, no matter how recently she's been oiled her hide always looks rough — but it's the roughness of crystal and stone, not that of a chapped hide. With full sun pouring down on her, she positively glitters — and is nearly blinding just before she rises.

Picea Pungens Egg

If the clutchdam is fussing a little bit more about this egg, it's not due to its appearance so much as just its size - this egg is small. Other than that, it's got nothing wrong with it at all: the fact that it appears to be ridged and pointy-surfaced is just a trick of the light. Most of it is greyish-green (but not in a sickly way, thankyouverymuch), with a waxy texture despite those pointy-looking shadows. The base and tip are dappled with scaly yellow-brown patches, giving it a foresty feel and a nice balanced look.

Private Impression Message

She doesn't mean it, you know, being so startling and loud. That's the second thing you become aware of: that, before the fact that there's a green dragon at your feet, but after the fact that there has been an explosion of brightness, fireworks and energy encompassing your entire mind. It's only then that her physical presence begins to register … sort of, but for the most part, it's that brightness. That noise. That palpable excitement, and did you know that excitement feels like cool silk against your face? « V-e-r-t-h-e-r-a-c-k is too long, I'm not going to be able to remember that, » she insists, eager all over, you could drown in that eagerness, maybe you are, « so it's V'hera, and I'm sorry, I seem to have really surprised you. I think you think I'm not your dragon. Which is silly, I'm your Briadolyth, and you need me. » And so you do. You need her … as much as she needs food right now.


Many dragons keep a physical space in their headspaces, but Briadolyth isn't one of them. The inside of her mind is made largely of colors and sensations, less concrete items and ideas. And oh, those sensations. She is a sensual dragon, if not always in the innuendo-laden sense of twenty-something Healers' minds — she loves to feel things. She loves the physical feel of things. So everything she says, everything she feels, is couched with less sight and smell and color as it is a sense of touch. Her words are silken, or soft, or fuzzy, or fluffy, or … it's something that will be hard for other riders to understand, most certainly. They're used to mindscapes. To soundtracks. To … well, not to the idea that someone's concerned words are wrapped up in a knit quilt.

But of course YOU'RE fine with it, V'hera. Of course you get it. Who could be better for a dragon who shares thoughts with physical sensations than someone whose work is focused around touch? The mindvoice that is dim-lit but filled utterly with tactility suits her rider who spends much of his Healing time with his eyes shut. She'll pick up your various lotions, gels and oils, begin assigning emotions to them, punctuating her words with them. She may suggest that a certain feeling is like pulling an arm, or like adjusting a stance. The more you touch around her, the more she expands her internal repertoire … which just leads to more and more persuading to touch things so that she can feel them in turn.


In many ways Briadolyth is a textbook green, so much that it might seem as if she looked up every green dragon stereotype and decided to be made up of all of them. This description works until the point that it is observed that the stereotypical green is supposed to be catty. Briadolyth is not. She doesn't have a catty bone in her body (and even the way she sits when she lounges isn't very catlike, though she does sometimes spread her paws and show her talons during stretches in a sort of felinistic way). Everything about her is sociably sweet, good-natured, solid. She's reliable. She's always there for you and anyone else who asks her to be there for them … as long as her memory holds.

As a weyrling, Briadolyth's primary focus was on you. Where other dragons were learning to be dragons, she was hatched pretty confident in how to be a dragon but knew full well that her chosen didn't really know how to be a rider. And so she was far more concerned about his training than her own. This actually meant that the failings tended to be on her part, and while of course you were excellent at PT from day one, Briadolyth fell down on her wing stretches. Had rough landings. Ate more than her fair share of food. Knocked over oil vats. Some remedial training in how to be a dragon was, in fact, needed. But bonding with your clutchmates, that was easy - Briadolyth made sure everyone got along. She's good at that. She wants to make connections, after all.

Rarely is a dragon as dedicated and devoted to her rider as Briadolyth is. This fierce need to be constantly close probably came from that initial moment of Impression, facing your — everyone's — doubt about the tiny dragon choosing the huge man who had no rider's destiny. That's where you're wrong, of course: being a rider is just part of that destiny, and the sort of Healer whose job takes him all across Pern needs a built in lift, right? Briadolyth, in fact, makes an ideal partner for your career. She's also very good at playing the part of a secretary's role that involves passing along messages, a rapidfire thinker at other dragons. Plus, she'll hold thoughts and numbers in her mind for you as long as her brain can hold them. Briadolyth is not a dragon easily distracted. She's not that kind of flighty in the stereotypical way: her flightiness is all mood and fancy, but her focus is vacuum tight. You'd be a good Threadfighting pair, back in the day, except for how Briadolyth only wants to enhance your dream and that means you've just got to stay a Healer.


Briadolyth, an insta-dragon, is a work in progress by Inri. She hatched at NPC High Reaches Weyr at some point!

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