Egg Name and Description

Warm GingerBey Egg
Darkly brown, this egg has a speckled surface, crystals glinting from where they have been pressed deep into the shell and it is marred by ravines of darker fissures that cut deep. Steam seems to rise from its surface, coiling up from the pits and fractures before wrapping around the egg in a cloak of white fog that protects it, soothing the less than perfect shell and less than perfect final rounded shape.

Hatching Message

Wobble Message
Warm GingerBey Egg shifts and gives a slight turn, a hint of movement and nothing more.

Crack Message
Warm GingerBey Egg becomes riddled with fine lines as the hatchling within stirs mightily. One side bulges outward moments before the apex surges and drops. The shell is losing its fight to keep what lies within safely contained.

Hatch Message
Warm GingerBey Egg falls into a drift of shades and flakes. The hatchling within tumbles forth in mottled shades of darkness before coming to a rest, belly down in the sands with wings spread widely.


Dragon Name and Description

Guiding Light Blue Indivarth
Hues of midnight cloak this sleek dragon, masking him in darkness to create the air of mystery. While square in form his head is a masterpiece inked in perfection from the flare of his nares to the rise of his eyeridges. Wide set eyes are separated by a splash of gold edged in silver in a starry shape like a light meant to guide him no matter where he goes. Darkness sweeps endlessly over a well curved neck before flowing in a swirl of navy dappled by sprinklings of greens over shoulders and well-muscled back. Lean hips become a sweeping tail still deep in hue from base to spade. Legs both fore and hind were built for agility, sturdy paws cap them with ebon claws so sharp and ready to face danger. Now his wings, oh those wings of his are a moonlight prize. Soft periwinkle paints his sails, while shades of Prussian dance along his spars.

Impression Message

A sense of pressure nearly bowls you over, a pushing sort of sensation that causes one massive headache for you out there on the sands. « Kalliope? Are you there? I am looking for you. » The pressure increases the longer it takes you to answer, as the name comes to you. « Indivarth, that's my name. Please, Kalliope. I am so terribly hungry and need to fed. »

Personality (RP tips)

Your new lifemate is an interesting mix of personality traits. He's steadfast and wily, strong not only in build, but in mind as well. He will back you in all your adventures, no matter how crazy they might be. There will often be times that he will be the one leading you.

As a hatchling, you will both be caught in a tug of war of finding a meeting place, common ground where his dry sense of humor won't drive you to drink, and your impulsive nature won't make him want to sit on you. Overall, he can win, or lose, or be a complete disaster, but yet in the end all will work out just as he planned and he will constantly let you know that one way or another. That bright mark on his head will be one thing that will be an irritation to him, not one that he hates because he feels it ruins his looks, but one that will itch and need constant oiling and scratching until he stops growing. He will let you know all through those early days, weeks, months, and turns that it's meal time and when it's meal time all things must come to a stop until his belly is filled to his liking. Weyrlinghood will be an adventure for you to say the least.

Once he reaches his maturity, you will find that his dry sense of humor eases some, though that could be just that you now understand him better. He will still be your supporting structure, so to speak, your watcher when you are up to no good and the one person who will listen to all your worries and woes. His need to eat will drop off but he will still let you know when it is meal time and just as when he was smaller, you will have to stop everything until he has hunted and fed. You will both surely respect each other to the ends of time, but that doesn't mean you won't butt heads now and again, as you both are strong-willed, but that's what will make life so interesting.

When it comes to mating flights, he will chase but his life doesn't revolve around this green or that. He doesn't have to win each time, but when he does he will strut about like a peacock for days after. One might say he is picky about which lady he will chase and that is why he doesn't chase as often as some do. If you ask him why he doesn't chase all the greens, he will merely tell you that there are other things that are far more important that he needs to take care of.


Prince of Midnight
Rather staid and solid, a dry sense of humor that often will confuse not only you, but his clutch sibs and other dragons around him. The sound is like that crisp crackle as you walk through ice-crusted snow when he's angered and tends to be almost seductive when in better moods. He primarily communicates with the chill of that ice, from the void of space and dark, dark gravity, to the cool light of distant stars, all dusted with the refractive quality of icy-crystal.


Your dragon was written by Kamielle. His personality is a mix of what you asked for and a touch of Snoopy to make things interesting. I found his name while searching for one that sounded strong but also tied into his coloration. Indivar(th) means Blue Lotus. Please know that you are free to play him as you wish, what I wrote is just a starting point, hints to guide you on your way. Enjoy!


Name Indivarth
Dam Gold Quirinth
Sire Brown Carath
Created By Kamielle
Image By Somatic Silence
Impressee Kalliope
Hatched Dec 20th 2015
Place Hatched: Telgar Weyr
Game Hatched: PernWorld MUSH

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