Cunning Covetous Patina Green Luscinth

Egg Name and Description

Bubbling Orange Egg
This egg is a vibrant orange, a solid shade covering its shell from top to floor. A pebbled surface with what appears to be cream colored bubbles all drifting in a lazy spiral towards the apex give the egg an appearance of slowly spinning up towards the sky. The egg's upward curving sides holding an almost cylindrical shape, causing the textured shell to create an almost dizzying spiral of flecks all meeting at the peak.

Hatching Message

Impression Message

All around you a great looming weight seems to be gathering, a feeling of urgency, an immeasurable pressure that seems palpable. The air seems hotter, while at the same time the sands appear to fall away and grow vastly removed from everything you could sense. But you are not alone, _she_ is there with you, taking up residence in your life, in your mind and brimming with joy to be there. Still, that potential gathers until you wonder if that moment will ever come or if it'll slip away, and then, « It's you! It was only, ever you! » *Dragonith* tells you one moment and then asks the next, « K'avu, are you hungry too? »

Personality (RP tips)

Optimism Luscinth has in abundance. Outwardly, she doesn't dwell in the past for perhaps more reasons than having a typically short dragonic memory. Live for today and keep the options open for tomorrowThe quickness of her mind is often reflected in the sharpness of her wit; though Luscinth is more likely to make a jest at her own expense, or that of her closest companions, than strangers, and thus assure that those most frequently on the receiving end are the least likely to take offense when she doesn't mean to give it.

You'll discover early on her problem-solving skills, for, if a clutchmate has an itch and his lifemate can't get there in time, never fear! She's figured out the knack of springing him from his straps so the spot can be properly scratched.

You'll also soon find out she's obsessed with shiny things and very good at procuring and hiding the 'treasures' she finds. She's also equally good at keeping the secret from her friends, though if _you_ ask, she's inclined to tell. This may leave others uncertain as to her intentions, but you'll know that even her more questionable acts are only because she's trying to stay sharp and look out for you. When push comes to shove, it's you she always places first, well above even above her own comfort.

As she grows it will become clear that Luscinth is skilled at seeing things from the perspective of others, that she has a great tolerance of different viewpoints and has developed an ability to lead and inspire. Despite this, she prefers to let you be the one to actually take charge, yet she's quite capable of managing when you are occupied with other matters. She's not, however, inclined to turn this ability into a direction that leads to self-sacrifice. For while her aim when flaming is uncanny and she'll grow into an amazing maneuverability in the air, she can't be everywhere at once. So in rope drills, if she is stuck with the choice of whether she or a Wingmate gets grazed by the painted rope, it's her own hide she'll preserve. After the drill, she'll tell herself she did it for you and hope that is enough to keep her guilt at bay, but her self-esteem may suffer over having not been able to save them both.

Though highly loyal to first her clutchsibs and then, eventually, her wingmates, she'll prefer a really high, isolated weyr. But if she has a best friend besides you, she'll be glad to share it with them from time to time.

In flights and out, she is as able to flirt and have fun as any girl, as long as it's all causal - for despite her strengths, words may very well fail her should she become especially attached to any besides you. Actively pursuing an attachment is not something she tends to focus on since she isn't adept at anything deeper. Something will have to push her into chasing her desires, else she'll just do innumerable kind acts for the one she favors and defend him to others, all the while leaving him in the dark.


The voice she presents to the world at large is one laced more often than not with golden sunshine and diamond brightness; just, not so much so that others might think her incapable of deeper thought and darker shadows. When she speaks in the capacity of a leader, in the course of her duties or to those she knows well, those latter elements are more often reflected in her tone.


This egg is inspired by the cocktail Hi-Fi, which is a carbonated Screwdriver. ( ) // NAME: Haley has used several aliases, one of which is Mistress Nightingale. Luscinth comes directly from the Latin name for nightingale, luscinia. // DRAGON: Inspired by Haley Starshine, a human rogue and one of the major characters in Rich Burlew's web comic, The Order of the Stick. Although portrayed as a seemingly simple stick-figure drawing, she's a complex character whom I think is more than capable of delivering to you plenty of options for the quirks you desire. For a specific reference to her and her history: or, to read from the beginning:


Name Luscinth
Dam Gold Lhiannonth
Sire Bronze Jaireth
Created By EGG: Meilyn // DRAGON: Lanisa
Impressee K'avu (Kaveshun)
Hatched Date Hatched
Place Hatched Igen Weyr
Game Hatched PernMUSH

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