Egg Name and Description

Resonating Contentment Egg

The storm and silver of a mackerel sky greet you warmly as you arrive upon the domain of this semi-sphere. These shades fuzz the surface, a susurration of silky promise a relief to weary thoughts as to pet the tabby-stripes of this egg. From apex to curved base, around its curved lengths bands of grey, charcoal, sorrel and cream navigate in succession. These are vague colors, faded colors, old and familiar colors — just the hint of which shadow and brush the shell, wriggle along the leathery surface with sleepy delight. Whiskers of ivory tickle the pinnacle as half-caught glimpses of white, those thin lines as faint as the contented rumbling-purr of a very large, very happy, very tired familiar friend, recalled from the depths of the mind's eye.

Hatching Message

Resonating Contentment egg rocks sedately against the sand, with movements so gentle that imminent hatching seems unlikely at best. Thus it is a bit of a surprise when between one minute and the next, the gently swaying egg turns from a silent sphere into a pile of shards with a wet green shape in their midst. She thoughtfully surveys her new surroundings, then warbles a bright-tempered, comical greeting of delight to be out at last.

Hatchling Name and Description

Free Flowin' Fun Green Hatchling

With long, slender limbs and delicate, curving wingspars, this petite green is a credit to the finer bone structures to be found in her varied lineage. Her body is an almost uniform hue of bright, delicate spring, a color suited to the soft, coarse texture of her nubbly, velvety hide. Neckridges of paler, more golden green decorate her short but sinewy neck like a ruff, while the same hue is repeated in translucent filigree on thin, rippling wingsails. Huge eyes that favor pale tones lend her a little of her dam's likeness, bulging like jewels from the broad, wide-mouthed shape of her head. She moves with a certain relaxed hesitation, a peculiar charm in her unintentional grace.

Impression Message

It's like a jolt when you meet those whirling eyes, shooting through you and leaving a playful tingling behind. « Suraiya! » Your own name sing-songs in your head; you can feel another presence - hers - twining inescapably with your own consciousness, and her gleeful laughter at finding you sparks red and giddy. « It's me, it's Ozriadasoth! I'm here now and oooh, we're going to have *so* much fun together! Just you wait! »

Personality (RP tips)

From the get-go, Ozriadasoth will prove herself to be a dragon whose sense of humor knows no bounds. Whether it's playing little pranks on her friends (including you, half the time!) or trying to entertain her wingmates (often when she should be practicing drills) with jokes of her own composition, Ozriadasoth's happy nature is pervasive in almost all situations. She'll consider it her duty to cheer people up when they're feeling low, and while her witticisms may be on the corny side they're always well intended. And despite her cheerful attitude there'll still be those glum moments when you can return the favor, because even Ozriadasoth gets down sometimes, particularly if she feels left out from the group or under appreciated, which are two slumps she's prone to fall into.

Ozriadasoth may find weyrlinghood particularly difficult in its rigidity. She will chafe with all the rules and regulations, and it will be your job to help her find times when it's okay to have a little fun, as well as keep an eye out that she doesn't go pulling pranks on the Weyrlingmaster. Ozriadasoth will often be of the opinion that the stricter a person is, the more he should be helped to loosen up, and you'll have to make sure she doesn't aggravate her more solemn clutchmates or, even worse, a member of the Weyrlingmaster's team. And while her sometimes over-the-top humor may help you relax and laugh when you most need it, it will also prompt the need for a little extra responsibility on your part, to keep it in check, particularly when she proves to share her sire's stubborn streak.

Ozriadasoth won't lose her exuberance with age, though you may find it easier to rein her in when necessary. By the time you both graduate she will have learned when to listen to you, and have a greater sense of when her little pranks are inappropriate. This isn't to say she won't still try and crack jokes during drills, but she may be less likely to hide her own riding straps when it is urgent that you get somewhere quickly. However, the independence gained by graduation will present its own problems: you may find that Ozriadasoth will take it into her head to go and find her own entertainment, if you're busy or unwilling, and sometimes you may find yourself interrupted by a sheepish, « …Suraiya? » When she has bumbled herself into another sticky situation.

Proddiness will present a complete change in your sweet Ozriadasoth. Though her symptoms will tend to only show up shortly before the flight - a day in advance at most - they will be remarkable enough that they'll be hard to miss. She'll become snappish and irritable, spending her time sulking in your weyr or a corner of the bowl. Often she'll complain to you in sullen tones of how she is under-appreciated and excluded by her fellow dragons. « Everyone's just being horrible, Suraiya. Zsofyth and Freyath just went off alone; I'm just *sure* they're talking about me. And Sruth is paying just too much attention to Dasmareth. It isn't *fair*. » And when that thankfully brief period of dissatisfaction is over, she will take to the skies with a vengeance, relying on aerial stunts and tight turns to tire her chasers - and herself - out quickly. After the flight she'll be back to her usual sweet-tempered self, and while she may exhibit some lingering fondness for her catcher, the partiality will eventually fade by way of her short memory. Only in unusual circumstances, like if the dragon who catches her is already a dear friend, might the attachment remain over a longer period of time.

For all her bumbling and misplaced humor, Ozriadasoth always means well, and has everyone's best interests at heart. Her friends mean the world to her; and you're even more than the world - you're her heart. And while some may point out that she's not the brightest glow in the basket, you'll always be able to rely on her for kindness and a smile.


Ozriadasoth's voice has an excitable, staccato quality to it. Vocally she favors bright bursts of sound as opposed to soothing croons, particularly if she's pulled something off which she finds amusing. Mentally she's be quick and equally bright, with hints of shocking red laughter behind all but her most somber remarks. She may also discover she enjoys inventing playful but random sound effects, that will pepper her communications, both mental and audible.


Fozzie Bear, from Jim Henson's The Muppets. http://muppets.go.com/main.html

Name Inspiration: Ozriadasoth (A combination of "Oz", from Frank Oz, the voice of Fozzie Bear; "Osoro", the Italian word for "bear"; and "piada", the Portugese word for "joke".)

Desc Inspiration: Kermit the Frog, a long time friend of everyone's favorite wocka wocka bear.


Name Ozriadasoth
Dam Teonath
Sire Sruth
Created By Josilina S'reit Linnea
Impressee Suraiya
Hatched 08-27-2005
High Reaches Weyr

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