Lime-green hues flare out from underneath her stomach, tapering into shades of laurel that accent her shoulders and haunches in a swirl of color that resembles spun sugar. Myrtle hues taper up her neck and splash across her dainty muzzle, with flecks of richer and darker greens flaring out over her eyeridges and headknobs. She has a rippling of color to every movement she takes on long and lean legs, her gait that of a dancer and the arch of her neck a demand that she be admired. Her wingsails are tinted mint that fades towards a lightness that makes them appear nearly white with translucent hues in the right lighting. A physical trait she will always use to her advantage, especially as she grows and the gentle swoosh of movement, a stretch of wingsails, and an angled glance will draw eyes towards her.

Egg Name and Description

H'kar of Christmas Past Egg

Dusty, faded brown mutes the shell of this egg, pale lines delineating the features of what might be walls or rooms in the distance. A shadowy figure moves, nearly see through as it floats, closer and closer to the old uncle that peers suspiciously out into the gloom. Faint candle light illuminates the frown and fear across his face, the large hooked nose and old man's cap he wears

Hatching Message

H'kar of Christmas Past Egg seems to move - was that a twitch? No, it couldn't be. Wait! There's a flutter of movement again, likely only seen by those staring very close at this egg. The faintest tremor moves its way from the sand towards the top of the egg. And then, as if to prove a point, there's one dramatic wobble of movement as the egg lurches to the side and then re-centers itself.

H'kar of Christmas Past Egg shifts again to the left and then the right, each movement inching a crack from the tip of the egg down towards the base. There's another tentative shiver of movement but even as the crack has appeared it doesn't look like it'll split any further.

H'kar of Christmas Past Egg has another one of those shivers of movement that something lurks within the recesses of the egg but again there is a pause and eyes could easily shift away from this egg. It is one fell swoop of movement that breaks the egg and frees the dainty green creature from within its confectionery confines.

Impression Message

A soft and subtle note of music enters your mind, then continues to rise as delicate notes increase in cadence until a natural pause offers a moment for a trilling, « Maraliel? You shall be Miel. » Her laughter comes in lower tones, notes drawn from a woodwind. « Yes, Miel is far prettier to say. » The joy of meeting draws forth even more radiant and higher arching percussions of sounds around your mind. « I am Pimenth. And you will be mine. »

RP Tips

When young, Pimenth is haughty and demanding, her sense of superiority to others dominates her view of the world around her. She is judgemental of those she feels are inferior and never minces her words. She will always be in the back of your mind, Maraliel, calculating those you encounter and voicing her opinions of them without being asked. Though she is quick to judge others, she is just as quick to have her own feelings hurt and when very young will seek solace and guidance when her sharp words cause discord amongst her clutchmates. Above everything else, Pimenth wants to be loved and admired. She will depend on you to nurture her more sensitive side and ease her hurts as they come.

While the other young dragons may falter in their steps and appear awkward with movements as they grow, Pimenth will have a poise early on that carries well into adulthood. She steps with precision, her movements are graceful and at times can have the cadence of a choreographed dance. In the air, she will often find reason to trail through the clouds and her aerobatics will not be of the dangerous variety, but those that draw breathless delight when witnessed for the sure beauty of her movements. Her main goal is always to have the appearance of poise and grace. This will serve you well in a wing as she will never take unnecessary risks and will follow orders, especially if she believes she can perform them in a manner that shows off her elegance in the sky.

This beauty will be eye-catching to those around her, especially the larger males as her own size will be suitable for their pursuits. If she can mellow her perfectionist attitude and tame her judgement of others, she may host a large contingent of admirers. She will favor the larger males, often falling to flirting with bronzes and an occasional brown. Her attachments to others will be easily swayed as her attention can be captured with the right compliment and those that had once held her focus may dim in comparison to the new. The males who attach themselves to her must be worthy of her nearness. She does not tolerate mediocrity.

It is a good thing that you have no interest in your parent's profession Maraliel because Pimenth will never approve of working with your hands in such a manner. She will encourage you to do things that are more artistic and less physically demanding. The only time you should break a sweat is when you are together and in the air, otherwise Pimenth will hound you relentlessly to find some other pursuit - like dancing - to follow. If you've a voice to sing, Pimenth will pester you incessantly for music for that is her deepest love outside of you. Her worldview may cause her problems but she will always be certain in her choice of you as her rider.


Celesta in Chimes
Pimenth's mind is a tantalizing orchestra of sound that often has the high and rich notes that are both heavenly and hypnotizing enough to dominate a conversation easily. She favors harmony of movement and her voice often matches the cadence of a well-tuned instrument. Her anger will be heard in dramatic snarls of drums and clashes of cymbals where her joy will be airy movements that'll bring to mind the most loveliest of dances.


Pimenth's name is based on the french word for spice (pimenter) as you had mentioned Miel was french for honey. Pimenth is based loosely on your request for a spin on "sugar and spice and everything nice", though most of it was drawn from TchaikovskyÂ’s Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy. Her physical description draws on the ballet itself, with the idea that she will move with the precision and poise of a prima ballerina. Her mind was based upon the music, specifically the instrument known as a celesta. Her perfectionist attitude and arrogance can easily be enhanced or downplayed as you play her. She was a joy to write and I hope you enjoy her. Pimenth was written by Arietta.


Credit for running the Secret Santa dragon exchange goes to Bey and the rest of staff.

Name Spiced Plum Faeries Green Pimenth
Dam Gold Quirinth
Sire Brown Carath
Created By Arietta
Impressee Miel (Maraliel)
Hatched December 20, 2015
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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