Green Reonth

Egg Name and Description

Innocence of Opalescence Egg
Purest creamy white coats this egg in a smooth sheen, catching the light and softly reflecting it back. Though the first glance shows a white egg, there are glimmers and shadows of all the colours of the rainbow, like the reflection off of an oil slick.

Hatching Message

Innocence of Opalescence Egg has a crack in it already, though it seems in no hurry. There's a slow rocking motion to the egg, bobbing and weaving gently, like a boat at sea on a calm day. A storm brews, and the egg is tossed to the ground, crashing and shattering into a million million fragments.

Hatchling Name and Description

Tangled Seaweed Green Hatchling
Two things must ye know about this green dragon. Firstly, she is a dragon! Secondly, she.. she is.. green! Indeed she is, a rich shade of sea green coats her disproportionately large body, vast as oceans in comparison to her slender pale green legs, and her delicate wings that seem almost, but not quite, entirely the same colour as the darkest seaweed to come from the oceans.

Impression Message

The cacophony of the hatching grounds is suddenly drowned in the roar of an ocean, and everything takes on a vaguely blue and blurry appearance, as if seen from deep underwater. For a time you have difficulty breathing, but just when it seems you're about to pass out, you hear a voice, bubbling up from the depths. « L'ren! L'ren! It's so dry here, why is it so dry? I'm so thirsty! » It gushes, filling every corner of your mind, and suddenly the pressure on your lungs eases, and the hatching sands return, leaving you on your back, with a sore ribcage, and a young green sitting in front of you. « And hungry, I'm hungry too. » your Reonth tells you… Reonth! Your Reonth! « Yes, my L'ren. Your Reonth is hungry! »

Personality (RP tips)

Reonth is as changeable as the oceans, blissfully calm one moment, harsh and unforgiving the next. Her driving desire, the one thing that never wavers, is her love for you, L'ren, though she loves water almost as much. Anything is better when at sea! She has difficulty understanding why you might prefer to remain on land, and will do everything in her power to convince you to join her in the water. « Oh, must you read that dusty old book? Don't you want to swim with me? »

Proddiness will be a whirlwind of emotion, a tropical cyclone. The build up to the flight is the worst, she'll be sullen and sulky, desperate to fly, but resentful of the departure from her beloved ocean. There'll be a definite humidity waving out from her mind, and it may affect L'ren in ways he doesn't expect. The day of the flight, she will be her normal self again, resting pleasantly the eye of the storm. It may seem like her first flight is a false alarm, but the full mating fury will be unleashed not 24 hours after the 'calm' begins… She'll usually pick a different suitor every flight, her tastes as fluid and predictably unpredictable as the tides.


Reonth's mind voice has a salty tang to it which only gets stronger when she's upset or angry. Her mood is plain to feel from her mind: calmness is a gently rippling pond, playfulness is an ocean with small waves, happiness is a wide open sea, and anger is a violently churning maelstrom with a biting wind. Her words, when she uses them, have a lilting quality to them, as varied as the waves on the ocean.


Reonth is based on the ocean, and many aspects of it have been incorporated into her being. This page was thrown together pretty quickly, everything bar the desc written on the spot, so some things are a little vague, but the information is there.


Name Reonth
Created By L'ren
Impressee L'ren
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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