Dragon Color Blue
Rider Farris
Hatched At Igen Weyr
Current Weyr Ierne WeyrHold

Dragon Description

Drenched in a basecoat of simple cornflower blue, the merry colour does nothing really to disguise the fact that this youngling is but a slip of a dragon. The rounded edges of his wedge shaped head, though elegant in their own way, are the first indication that this one was not built to reflect exact porportions. As if to highlight the raised areas of muzzle, head knobs and neck, a dusting of ruddy violet seems to shine in it's dark way. Almost the way a sunburn might glow upon the skin. Sliding down from the head, his sleek and slender neck flows down in a continuation of the cornflower blue, slowly transitioning into a showing of randomly spangled streaks of cyan and black-blue silt along his shoulders. These touches of cyan sand and black-blue silt wrap up and over the small, well shaped wings, blending into the background and foreground colours in little patterns like distant constellations. Slightly larger than normal haunches are well toned and keep the flow of his body going as the hide shifts back towards the original cornflower blue. One might think that this expanded scale might continue when one considered the thickness of the tail at it's base. Until one realized the abruptness with which the spade had been set, this blue's sunburnt and freckled tail only being around a third of what it's length aught to be.


Picture drawn for me by Kaleeko! Thank you so much for bringing Sarkith to life!

Egg Name

Black Sands like Black Waters Egg

Egg Description

Black sands spill over this egg, everywhere you can see looking as granulated as the dunes. To the tough, this egg is as smooth as the others, but is quite deceiving to the eye. Shimmering silt shines from the surface of the egg, glittering from every angle. Irrigation canals sweep in a perfect spiral from a mountain at the tip to black sanded top of this egg, the black waters never wavering from their black banks. As black as this egg is, you can never loose sight of those glittered, shimmering bits of light on the surface of this egg.


Sarkith is everything you wanted, and more we hope. He's confident, outgoing, determined and brave. Very brave, and very determined. I based this little bit of him off of the half-god Herakles, or as most people know him, Hercules. Herakles was the deity of courage and ingenuity. Well, your Sarkith has this in spades. Your little blue is small, but mighty. Comparable to when Herakles took on his First Labor, killing the Nemean Lion and bringing back his hide. During the course of this task, Herakles found all his weapons ineffective against the lion and bravely he tackled the lion and killed it with his bare hands, then had to skin the beat with its own claws because mortal weapons would not work against the lion. So like Herakles, Sarkith is endowed with a bundle of bravery and a heaping pile of determination and even a large helping of wits to help you through all the tough times, tasks, and enigmas ahead of you.

He loves music, the harder or more interesting the better. If he were in our day and age, he would be a very eclectic dragon when it comes to music. His favorites would include Nightwish and Rammstein, and probably odds and ends like Black Crows, The Bloodhound Gang and Bowling for Soup. But he's not in our day and age, so he listens what whatever music he can get in range of. I have to admit to you though, I got most of the inspiration for your adoring Sarkith when I was listening to Nightwish, they just had the right spark to them for me to create your music loving darling.

However with the artist comes a couple of little flaws. Sarkith gets a little depressed once in a while, but it's not the same kind of depression you or I get. Instead, his depression only lasts a day or two and then, like magic, it's gone. Usually upon hearing some song or poem that's cheerful and happy, or maybe romantic, what ever it is was meant to raise spirits. Also, he'll get those unattainable crushes on a passing green or gold every so often, something about this green or that gold just caught his eyes and he wants her because she's inspired him. Usually these little crushes are on golds, generally not greens. Because greens, you see, are attainable.

One other thing that Sarkith likes to do is nudge you in the directions he wants, he'd prefer to work as a team, not with him or you being dominant. In this way, he kind of defies the submissive/dominant status that most dragons and riders figure out rather early on. So instead of, »Farris! I want food NOW! I'm hungry!« you'll get something more like, »Farris, what should we do next? I have an idea, why don't we grab some food on our way to the Sands to take a look at the new eggs?«


Dragon was created by S'yi of Igen Weyr's SCO in 2007.

Black Sands Like Black Waters Egg, was based upon the Kara Kum Desert in Turkmenistan. The theme of the Clutch was Deserts of the World. However, when I was finished with this egg, I was /thrilled/ at how it looked and the way it struck me as a gold mine of inspiration, so I hope you are thrilled along with me that your Sarkith came out of this egg, even if it wasn't /The/ Egg you hoped for.

Sarkith's name comes from the African name Sarki. I chose it because it means Brave Chief, and I thought that your Sarkith was a brave and wise type. Also for the chief part he has the bravery, patience, and understanding to work well alongside you. Partners for life. Now, I have been pronouncing it Sar-kieth, but you can pronounce it Sar-kith or anything else you might like.

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