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Fog curls up around Shaseith's delicate muzzle, wafting over her eyeridges and swirling about verdant headknobs, giving a strangely intriguing pallor to this dainty green. The pale hue wends its way down over her slender neck, teasing over rocky ridges that have the slightest traces of gray and brown to them, as if they were mossy rocks admist a misty forest. Tendrils wrap their way out over her unusually large wingspan, twining with the verdant vines that wrap around her sails, setting off the silvery 'spars. Despite her massive wingspan and strong shoulders, the rest of her form is dainty, her body lean, even down to her well-muscled hindquarters. Her tail tapers off, her body long and lean, ending abruptly in an emerald gem, the only part of her seemingly untouched by the mysterious fog that wraps around her verdant exterior to shroud this noble beast in a cloud of dreamy mist.

Egg Name and Description

A Road Diverged in a Yellow Wood

Hatching Message


Hatchling Name and Description

Distant Dreams Nominous Fog Green

Impression Message


Personality (RP tips)




Name Unknown
Dam Gold Caladith
Sire Brown Airosyth
Created By Unknown
Impressee A'ran
Hatched 2002
Ierne Weyrhold
PernWorld MUSH

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