Egg Name and Description

Black Knight White Witch Egg
This egg is a luminous blend of red, violet and shimmering pale blue energy. Its cacophanous surface is a jumble of these colors, but beneath the shimmer one can see images. Chess pieces scattered over a red and black board, paper cranes in delicate shades of pink, white and the colors of Pern's dragons, green, blue, brown, red for bronze and yellow or metallic gold. Shapes like massive suits of armor engaging in high speed battle, blasts of shimmering energy and across the top of the egg a violet shape, almost like a bird in flight.

Hatching Message

Black Knight White Witch egg trembles on the Fortian hatching sands. Fearfull and bold in one breath, talons cut through the bird shaped insignia on the front. The glittering surface of the egg splits gracefully, parting like the petals of a crysanthamum flower opening in the spring. A darkly bronze form falls free bugling for attention as he breaks loose of the shell that previously kept him imprsoned. After a few moments uncertain hesitation, he turns to the blurry blobs of white and growls low in his throat. A low bark from his muzzle commands the blurry figures to attention. Needing no prompting from sire and dam he sets off in search of the piece missing from the chess set of his heart.

Hatchling Name and Description

Renegade Nightmare Bronze Uluameth
Lithe and clever, this bronze is bathed in darkness and starlight. His wings unfurl like a Lord Holder's best cape, long, graceful and bathed in rusted twilight that fading to velvety starlight. The sails move as he walks, trailing behind him like war ravaged ferrous banners, and at the right angle a faint molten copper fleur de lis flash briefly like a meteor's twist through the night sky. Decaying phantasms whirl over his lean chest and and coil around his back, the ethereal remnants of a dying star. The glistening molten copper of a broken chess king creates his regal neckridges and headknobs. His limbs have the delicate confirmation of a Lord Holder's personal runner, incandescent midnight tearing over his stomach and hips, leaving solar shockwaves in their wake. Dextrous talons glow with the luminescence of a crown ruby, delicate and cautious in where they place their weight. His long, lean flanks glitter with the shield standard of a Hold long lost to war and unrest. The shimmering crimson of the sun rising over a battlefield stained with blood. Molten copper lightning lends a feral glow to the moonlight that bathes his back, the faintest hints of pink, crimson, glowing gold and burning copper. The flame of burning royal colors culminates in a tail shaped like the spear of a powerful Hold Guardsman. The final mark that distinguishes his regal form from others of his color is a glittering amathyst mark, barely visible beneath the corrupted copper of his face and muzzle, resembling a soaring avian in shape.

Impression Message

Renegade Nightmare Bronze Hatchling begins to tire as he trudges back and forth over the hatching grounds. Sharditsharditshardit! He knows his other half is here somewhere. But where? He raises his princely head and bugles angstily, calling to the chosen one knows is somewhere. A step, and then another, towards the far side of the grounds close to a knot of girls. A green cuts in front of him, aiming for the group. He follows in her purposefull advance, for when the squealing girls dive out of the way of her stumbling progress the very lad he is searching for comes in view, staring out at the activity on the sands in quiet observation. The darkly patterned prince among bronzes plunges towards his chosen human, warning a brown headed in the same direction away from /his/ missing piece. Almost bowling the quiet lad over in his excitement, the bronze thrusts wings, neck and tail in a possessive stance, his hiss at neighboring hatchlings and candidates proclaiming his choice for all to hear.

The click of a chess piece, a black king, rings through your mind as everything goes silent. The click of a chess clock announces itself. And as a sensation of belonging, of total love and trust, of completion fills you up. As the scene comes into blurry focus, a pair of paper cranes, one in Fortian gold and brown, another in deep blood red shades turn to face each other. Your happiest and warmest memories play out, your mother's voice raised in song, the stories told by your father and older brothers, the smells of your favorite foods, and even the glow of your first love are reflected for you in colored church glass. The colors give the memories a glow, which intensifies and spreads from your cheeks to the tips of your fingers and toes in rosey bliss. «I am Uluameth M'ori, I will be your knight, your shield, your sword. But first…» And suddenly you are /very/ hungry. «… can we have something to eat?»

Personality (RP tips)

From his childhood onwards Uluameth has had his sights on power and greatness. His loyalty to his rider, like all dragons, is unswerving. However, this loyalty to his rider is also the drive behind his scheming and ambitious nature. Much like the Lord Holder Torric who's drive settled the south, Uluameth will do anything to consolidate power in your name M'ori. He will kiss up to people and dragons he intensely dislikes, speak passionately and decisively to attract younger or more naive dragons and riders as «followers» and attempt to wow weyrfolk, holders and crafters alike with his stylish movements in the air and his natural good looks.

His steps will have more perk, his wings more snap when out in public places such as Gathers or Hold functions. «I am a bronze, and you are my rider. We must act our station when in view of the public.» Expect him to want to be the first to the gather grounds and the last to pass out when the sun goes down. He will expect you to dance with the women, speak with fellow merchants, and show pride in your place as his rider in front of high ranking crafters and holders. The leadership of wherever he may happen to live, Weyr or Hold, will have his arrogant loyalty as long as they don't attempt to harm you. «Reonth is the greatest green on the island! After all, she is the dragon of the Weyrlord! Show your respect when you pass!»

However, the key to keeping his desire for power in check is to remind him of what /you/ want. «You're happy with just the one shop M'ori? Oh alright, if it makes you happy I'll settle for just the one… but getting that blue's rider to give you the lease for the site in Landing would have been such a cinch!» Despite having all the pride, ambition and boarderline greed of the Lord Holders of old, the one control you can use to bring his rampent ambitions in check is to remind him what will make /you/ happy, rather than what he /thinks/ will make you happy.

Uluameth's ambition can become malevolence in the presence of insincerity, and humans or dragons who anger him can expect little in the way of mercy or consideration. He will be polite, even 'nice' to those he dislikes for a little while, especially if they have something he wants. That extra wherry, that promotion he wants for you, that extra shipment of clothing or that good deal on supplies for the shop, even down to siring eggs with a queen he dislikes intensely, in his eyes they are all to be used up and spat out. When he has what he wants, they will be of no further interest to him.

Likewise troublemakers like Renegades annoy him no end, his disdain for them is plain. He will never use their names, and refer to them by «The scraggly female renegade.» or «The young male renegade.» In his eyes «They are the strong, and they torture, rob and damage the weak. They must be captured and punished for what they've done!»

However, Ulu is not all fire and brimstone. He is very affectionate to the few humans and dragons he considers his «precious ones» these include children, the elderly and those whom you love. He would take a wound for them, even die for them and if pitted against them in any sort of arguement or conflict his defenses and conviction will crumble. «If that is what Odisyn wants M'ori, let him go. His happiness is paramount to us both.» or «I can't do it M'ori! I can't say no to Jennaleth, I'm sorry. I guess we aren't going to that Gather after all.» Love and those he loves are his reason for being, for existing, for fighting and the very root of his scheming nature. Therefore the people and dragons he loves are his source of strength.

Because of this, he becomes a completely different dragon when mating is involved. However, not for him are the frivolous greens, or the self centered «Worship me» queens. Green or Gold what he desires is an equal, a comrade worth protecting and serving who equals him in power and strength of purpose. He falls for the stubborn, the loyal, protective and loving. He wishes a queen to his chess king, a princess who will match steps to his Renegade prince. Lord of all he surveys, he will be a loving partner should he ever sire a clutch of eggs, doting on the mother and bringing her the fattest of herd animals from the corrals. «Milady, you should keep up your strength. You /do/ have all these little ones to care for.» Nor will he allow you to simply return home to Ierne after he catches either. He will insist that you spend time with the rider of the queen he's caught, that you assist and take an interest in candidates for /his/ babies. «See that young Harper from Xanadu M'ori? Quickly! Quickly! Search him and bring him here for me! Only the best will do for my sons and daughters!»

All in all, Uluameth will become the ying to your yang. His ambitious nature will get you into trouble, but will also expand your horizons beyond the immediate horizon. His faith and conviction is unswerving. His sense of right and wrong, of compassion and of justice, will move you both across the skies of Pern. Step to step, knight and King, heart in heart, he will follow you passionately for a lifetime. «As long as I have you, and I have the sky, we will be invincible!»


Uluameth's mindvoice is a combination of three things, a chess game and stained glass or paper 'origami' style images. These come from several commonly used symbols in the hit anime Code Geass. Lelouche's talisman in Code Geass is a black chess king, and the black chess pieces in Uluameth's mindvoice will always symbolize himself and those "precious" to him. Outsiders or people he doesn't know very well will appear as the white chess pieces. Very often the ticking of a chess clock will be mixed with his images. The clock's ticking underscores his thoughts or that he is currently thinking out his next move. The use of colored glass comes from Lelouche's monologue in CG:R2 talking about a conversation he's had with his sister and best friend about what 'physical form' happiness would take. Suzaku thought that happiness would look like colored glass, and that one only had to look a little harder at what was reflected in it and one would see happiness reflected back at him. This colored glass is used by Uluameth to disguise memories, the color of the shimmering surface setting a mood for the image. The final image used is that of the origami crane, a favorite toy of Lelouche's blind sister Nunnaly. Uluameth uses the paper crane for two purposes, when symbolizing a child the crane will be smaller and be in the colors of that child's home hold or hall, for example if the child lives in the Harper hall it will be Harper blue, with the harper hall's insignia on it somewhere, if the child is a holder the crane will be in that hold's color's and the same of a weyr child. The crane also symbolizes a dragon, and if meant to do so it will be about palm sized in length and in the color of that dragon's hide. For example a crane depicting gold Mellonath would be honey gold, wheras a crane depicting gold Kilaueth would be a more firey color.


Uluameth was inspired by the main character in Code Geass, Lelouche Lamperouge, alias Zero. Lelouche is extremely intelligent but not that athletic. Likewise Uluameth won't earn any prizes for strength or speed. But as far as intelligence goes he's top rate. Uluameth also inherited Lelouche's fetish for Chess, even his mind voice is a chess game! Uluameth's name comes from the Latin word for the American Elm, Ulmus Americana. Besides rhyming with Lelouche's school nickname "Lulu" the city where M'ori's player went to high school, New Haven Connecticut, is also known as the "Elm City." Lelouche was picked as Uluameth's inspiration because Lelouche's ambition and willingness to scheme on behalf of his loved ones was needed to balence M'ori's generous and kind hearted nature.


Name bronze Uluameth
Dam Gold Avalonth (NPC)
Sire Bronze Lanceloth (NPC)
Created By M'ori
Impressee M'ori
Hatched off camera
FOW Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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