Mistress of the Sun Green Valliereth

Shining Towers of Light In the Darkness Egg


Devoid of light, the backdrop that envelopes this medium-sized egg is saturated by obsidian midnight — the nocturnal shadows swallowing any light that gleams across the smooth expanse of dragonshell. And 'gainst the raven gloom there does stand a trio of shining white towers, each brick limned in dusky-gray; the same hue seen in the arching entry and two windows upon each tower. Crowned by red roofs, a staff of white, and a flag of red can be seen. A sudden contrast is seen across the upper top of the egg in a streak of harper-blue like a banner upon which is emblazoned curious crests in gold — three of them to match the towers.

Hatching Message

Shining Towers of Light In the Darkness Egg shivers ever so gently; barely a ripple upon the sands before there's a loud crack, and flakes of ebony-black begin to peel away from the shell. Another crack or two can be heard, and at last the egg splits cleanly into, leaving a bemused hatchling blinking amidst the shards of her egg — her coming out into the world witnessed before all gathered in the stands, ready to be seen, though she wants it not.

Mistress of the Sun Green Hatchling

Glistening wet — a gleam that is quickly drying from her hide in the heat of the Hatching Sands, her lithe and dainty form speaks of petiteness for she is quite small for a green, and should likely not grow large indeed. Her dainty little head is crowned with tiny headknobs that are brushed with flaxen-gold; which rests atop a long swan-like neck before flowing down to a petite and tiny body. Her wingsails, nearly transparent sage and mint, are long and lean. About her neck, skins of gold twist and twine, a necklace of aureate hue upon which a golden pendant set with emeralds and aquamarine jewels seems to hang. The lighter hues upon one hind leg seem to darken slightly before her ankle— and then lighten to near white about her hind foot itself; giving perhaps an illusion that one leg is shorter than the other.

Impression Message

It is there — do you feel it? That little tickle at the edge of your senses? Ah! There it is again! The heat of the Hatching Sands seems to waver, and you step forward impatiently. There's a sense like you're chasing something — following along behind a blur of motion. So temptingly near, yet it lies just out of reach. At last, what seems like an eternity, chance has brought fortune and love into your sight, as the shuffling of Candidates about you all but forces the small green to your side. « Oh A'fiel! » her eyes meet yours, and her gentle sweet voice brushes your thoughts. « I'm sorry you had to chase me, but I am here now. My name is Valliereth. » There's a pause before her sweet innocent voice can be heard again. « Can I have something to eat now? »

Personality (RP tips)

"I will tell you. I can die easily enough, but I cannot give you up, and I would rather lose my life than lose the lovely hopes you have given me. Therefore go on loving me. If you cease to do so, I know quite well that life will hold nothing for me."
—Louise de La Vallière

Gentle, timid and unassuming, Valliereth is most unlike many of her green sisters — where as many are indiscreet, she is discreet. Where many seem to flaunt themselves, she keeps to the shadows, visible, but not openly wanton in her ways. One might well say that Valliereth is pure of spirit; innocent and with the modesty and beauty of a blooming violet — shyly budding out into the light of the day, rather than blooming majestically in glory and pride.

Rather she is self-effacing; for she has little to no ambition for herself, merely to give her heart entirely to the one she truly loves. And that, A'fiel, is you. You are her heart, her mind and her soul. Valliereth does not lust for power, for her place in the pecking order of draconic society — she merely loves. She is an unselfish dragon, innocent perhaps in the ways of the world, but with you by her side, she needs you to steer her along the course of her every day existence.

Love drives her — a selfless unrequited love although you truly give yourself heart and soul to her — and for that she is content. She is like a child, you see, she loves because she can, with a sweet child-like innocence and it will be your task to guard her from the darker aspects of the world. She will give herself entirely and ask nothing in return.

As adulthood nears, and she matures, Valliereth, will find mating flights difficult. While she truly wishes for you to be happy and to find love — and has come to understand that you do not discriminate in your partners, Valliereth finds this event to be something best done quickly, left unmentioned afterwards, and then forgotten. Even as the Turns pass, and she grows older and older still, Valliereth will not blood when she rises to mate, and she will only briefly, as if avoiding the spectacle altogether, show signs of proddiness.

In the end, she will be back to her sweet gentle self, and will quickly forget the acts she had just undergone until the next time. More ever, she is your love, and as long as you are there beside her, she will endure everything. But you must take care to always remain with her — you need not be by her side at every moment of every day, but support her, nurture her and love her — give her reassurance of that love, for you are her life. And without you, what does life hold for Valliereth?


Gentle and sweet, with a lingering scent of violets that seem to wreathe about her words, Valliereth's mindvoice is somewhat low and soft. Rarely does she seem to raise her voice, and it seems that for much of her time, she is silent. Watching perhaps, for being in the spotlight is not for her.

Her mindvoice is often tinted with the palest shade of lavender and violet; and a brief flash or two of gold.


Louise de La Vallière is the inspiration for Valliereth, and it is from her title that Valliereth gets her name. A mistress of Louis XIV of France (more popularly known as The Sun King) Louise de La Vallière was said to be a girl with "an exquisite complexion, blond hair, blue eyes, a sweet smile…an expression once tender and modest." Her relationship with Louis was not based off her desire for wealth or power, but for the love of her king. This was a stark contrast to her religious beliefs, and the later personal torment she put herself through ater in life for what she believed were sins.

While Valliereth gets much of her innocence, modesty and sweetness from the personality of Louise, she does not get the self-recrimination and repentance as those are human traits and not those of a dragon who merely lives day to day. Louise is simply an interesting human being — for a woman of the times who had a great deal of conscience, it is interesting to see that she is not a woman who desired to become a king's mistress for the sake of power or wealth.

Valliereth's egg is that of the banner of the city of Tours, where Louise de La Vallière was born (the blue banner of France with the golden fleur-de-lis, and the three white towers upon a black field) Her hatchling name comes from the fact that Louise was the mistress of the Sun King, as well as a historical novel by Sandra Gulland with that title.


Name Mistress of the Sun Green Valliereth
Dam Gold (NPC)
Sire Bronze (NPC)
Created By A'fiel
Impressee A'fiel
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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