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Drab green, not unlike the color of shady leaves, covers her bulky form, the dragon's shape more round than anything, with muscles prominent on stocky legs. Her claws are pretty short, but still sharp, the curved talons a shade darker than her hide. With a broad tail and thick neck, she's hardly as elegant or dainty as most greens, though her wings are surely large enough, mottled membranes shot through with bits of lighter, leafy tones. There is a paleness to the skin of her belly and the undersides of her jaw and feet, but she is otherwise unpatterned. Her muzzle is blocky, giving her head a less than streamlined appearance, with nostrils that always seem oddly flared and eyeridges that slant downward, making her look perpetually grumpy, no matter what color tints the faceted orbs below them. She has headknobs that stick out quite a lot, although the effect might be said to be comical, the tips of them just a tad greener than the rest of her, matching the very tiny patches of brightness that touch her back and ridges. Solidly built and burly, she still is on the small side for her color.

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Name Zorbaloth
Dam -
Sire -
Created By -
Impressee C'lom
Hatched -
High Reaches Weyr
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