As the official starting point for new instariders, Ierne Weyrhold understandably gets a lot more transfers out than in. To make this go as seamless as possible, please read and do the following:

1. Check how long you've been at Ierne. The command is: 'iew who time' OR 'iew .who time/name:<your name>'
The number in the MDays column MUST be over 90 before a transfer can be allowed. You are however permitted to arrange a transfer ahead of time, to take place after the 90 days.

2. Contact admin of the area you wish to transfer to. You may also notify IEW admin of your intent to transfer at this point, though it isn't required.

3. Once the transfer is sorted with the other end, send an @mail to the admin of the area you wish to transfer to, and the admin of Ierne Weyrhold.
Current IEW admin: iew .who/admins

4. Let Ierne admin know where your weyr was, for @desting purposes.

5. There is no 5. That's it, you're done! Have fun!

For joining procedure, see Joining

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