Rooms parented to the IEW Room Parent (#823) have a few commands set. If you can't access these commands in your own rooms, here are instructions for setting them up:

@parent here=#823
&area here=IEW
@set here=!halt

Also, note that it is game standard for rooms to have names beginning with the area's name. For Ierne Weyrhold, this means rooms must be named 'Ierne Weyrhold - Room Name Here', for example: Ierne Weyrhold - B'ob and Joeth's Weyr

To change the name of your room, type: @name here=Ierne Weyrhold - <Room Name>


Ierne Weyrhold also has an exit parent set up. It does require minor customisation from users, however. Instructions follow:

@parent <exit>=#1375
&place exit=<Place exit goes to, for example, if in a beach weyr, setting the 'out' exit, put 'beach'>
&pfrom exit=<Place exit comes from, the room you are currently in>

For info on the additional commands mentioned in the first line of this help, see:

If you do not have a room, see: Housing

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