A WeyrLord is an elected leader of a WeyrHold. They are very much like a mayor of a town and have to work very hard to keep the citizens of their 'town' happy or at least make them think they are happy. They can be honest or corupt, like any reallife elected official. They serve a 4 turn term. IC elections are usualy around November each year.


  1. Candidates must register by @mailing Mynti to say they are interested in running for WeyrLord.
  2. Candidates (players) must have been on the MUSH for no less then 90 days before the voting starts. (this can apply for alts if the person needs to make a new alt for this.)
  3. Creation of multiple IEW alts during voting to stuff the balot box will not be tolerated.
  4. You may post campaign ads to the Harper's Drum bboard (#14). Note. OOC campaign promises, such as ideas for making the place more fun should have (OOC) next to them.
  5. You must be active AND willing to lead IEW if you should win. If you fail in your duties (go idle), the runner-up will be asked to step into your place.
  6. A WeyrLord can serve up to 3 terms.
  7. A WeyrLord does NOT have to be a rider. ANYONE who lives at IEW can run for the position. Even the village idiot…
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