Reonth's Flight - January 14th, 2007

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach

A long curving beach, the sand yellowish brown, facing eastward along the Great Bay coast. Off on the horizon, far in the distance, can be seen the cliffs of Southern Hold, on the opposite side.

The beach curves north-northeast, and south-southeast, stretching both directions quite a distance, while gentle waves lap in from the bay to the east. Far beyond the hide-tide mark, at the forest's edge, the cobbled stones of the road lead west toward Ierne.

L'ren is laying on the beach, pretending to read, but watching his lifemate sleep. "Won't be long now…" he mutters, eyeing the dragon's glowing sea green hide. As if on cue, Reonth stretches out one front paw, and then the other, waking slowly. « It is too hot. Far too hot. Why is it so hot? » the green complains, forgetting to narrow her thought to only her rider. L'ren sighs, and carefully puts his book to one side, before heading back to his weyr at an all out run. « Oh. » Reonth realises, launching into the sky, « That's why. »

There was a reason for L'ton to be at Ierne, but whatever it was is abandoned for the time being as Dhonzayth practically skids to a stop on the beach, L'ton hurriedly dismounting and pulling the straps off, Dhonzayth quickly returning to the air, after the green. « I will cool you down. »

J'leron is busy getting things packed up and all on Dakoth's back for their move to Western. If this isn't bad timing, not sure would could be. Dakoth gives a startled rumble towards J'leron as he gets restless. «Can't we put this on hold?» Dakoth inquires of his rider and when J'leron notices the green he gives a groan and says quietly. "I give up… fine… just this isn't going to help us get to Western any sooner." He chuckles. "And is bound to get me in trouble." J'leron starts undoing the straps and bags and moves them aside only to receive a relieved warble from the brown. J'leron gives a sigh as he knows there is nothing he can do but… let the brown get the upper hand this time.

L'ton has the straps in hand, as he swivels to look around him, balling them up carefully, and attempting to locate the rider-half of the flying pair. A glance at J'leron as his brown takes off, and he nods briefly, and then starts to head in the direction of the original fleeing form. That has to be the one he needs, no?

Reonth wastes no time getting into the air, leaving the gathering males behind, at least at first. She revels in the feeling of air rushing over and under and around her body as she moves, heading in a perfectly straight line out to sea, barely climbing at all. Her wingtips rtail in the water on the downward strokes, bringing water splashing back up as they rise again. Reonth trills brightly, finding this part of the chase exhilarating.

Dhonzayth hopes to make use of his superior size in this chase, each wingstroke pushing him forwards, across the water, and hopefully gaining on the green and her headstart. With limbs pulled close to his body, he tilts, gliding low to the water, and gaining altitude once more to avoid speed-stopping waves from crashing into his form.

L'ren is hiding. Yes. Unfortunately, his weyr is in sight, no corners to duck around or anything. It does have a hut, though, and that's where L'ren is headed. He runs inside, and slams the door. A moment later, the closed door creaks, opening to just a slit. "Go away." says the glowing green's rider. "The place is a mess." he adds, although he knows full well that no-one is going to notice in the heat of the flight. "Unless…" the voice grows unsteady, "…do you have any wine?" he asks, quietly.

Well Dakoth is not going to let what needs to be done deter what he wants to do and in grand style the joker of a brown decides now is the time to be a show-off as he chases after the green rather amused.

The slammed door has caught L'ton's attention, and the bronzerider continues his pursuit of the rider just as his lifemate continues his pursuit of the shining green. Leaning against the outer wall, he glances sidelong at it, waiting for it to open all the way. "Ah dun wanna go away.. Ah think ya should come out, and then it ain't no difference, if'n its a mess." A glance around him, and he shakes his head. "Ah ain't got no wine. Just straps."

Reonth glances back, and screeches as she notices Dhonzayth and Dakoth both gaining on her. « No, no, no! It isn't supposed to be yet! This is all wrong! » she cries, angling upwards so sharply that her tail plunges beneath the water. « Too soon! Too soon! » she complains, as she brings her agility into play, zig zagging up into the clouds. She'd be hidden pretty well up there, behind the clouds, if she wasn't glowing so brightly.

L'ren opens the door a little wider, peeking out at L'ton, and the flight over the waves. "Well, I'd better, before I lose my head…" from his tone, that's already beginning to happen. "I … don't want to break anything… Some of these books are old. Fragile." he mumbles, just barely aware of what he's doing as he slips out of the hut. "Mustn't hurt the books, no."

Dhonzayth is unable to capitalize on Reonth's slight dip into the water, and it takes a much longer time for him to lift his form away from the water, and up towards the clouds that Reonth has picked as a hiding place. « But I am right, never wrong. Always right. » But, up and up and up, trying to catch up, each wing stroke lifting him closer to the green, though in a much straighter line than she took. Agility is /not/ his strongpoint.

L'ton offers a hand towards L'ren as the door opens further, still not looking directly at the greenrider, eyes instead glued on the dragons in the distance. "Come on out. Maybe we can find some wine for ya. Why'd ya want wine anyway? Ah ain't scary, am Ah?" And L'ton finally glances sidelong at L'ren, taking a half-step sideways, closer to the rider, as he arches an eyebrow, curious as to the response.

Well Dakoth isn't one to be challenged by a larger green and seems to gives an equivalent of a draconic chuckle through his mindvoice. «Yeah yeah… are you going to believe him or believe someone that wants to help you enjoy and have some fun?» Dakoth dives down a little and is quite the continued show off. «M'lady… pay no mind to that one. He's full of himself.»

Reonth frantically darts this way and that, almost fish-like in her movements, as she tries to escape her determined chasers. Tired out from the zigging, zagging, and frantic darting, she just seems to get madder. « If I say it's wrong, it's wrong! » she roars, « Fun? Fun?! I was having fun, until you lot showed up! » and with that, she turns, folds in her wings, and dives for the waves, between Dhonzayth and Dakoth.

Dhonzayth is too busy grumbling at Dakoth at first, to realize that Reonth is still protesting. And not only is she protesting, she's falling. Right past him. With a trumpet, wings are folded to follow after Reonth, stretching his serpentine neck out, limb sand talons aiming for her wingjoints, hoping to snag her from the air, stop her downwards descent, and prove to her how /right/ it is.

L'ren glances at L'ton vaguely, rather distracted at the moment. "Wine… Wine helps… Reonth gets so mad…" he winces at the green's roar. "I'm not cut out for this…" Well, it's about twenty seven turns too late to turn down that white knot *now*. Reonth's sudden plunge barely gets any kind of recognition from her rider. Well, he's seen it all before, he knows all her tricks by now. "Which…" he begins, then frowns. "Which is yours?" he asks of L'ton, meaning which dragon.

Dakoth gives a bit of a rumble at the bronze and gives a little chuckle. «When I catch you, we'll have fun my dear. No need to be so vehement about what comes naturally you know. Just like your beauty. Oh it's right, I'll show you how right if you let me.» Dakoth swoops down as he seeks out the chance to catch the radiant green goddess. He may love pranking but he loves females even more.

J'leron stands off a little from where L'ren and L'ton are as he seems lost into things with his brown. He does stay fairly close though… just like Dakoth does. J'leron does pace though… pace a fair bit even.

L'ton moves to rest his hand idly on L'ren's shoulder, though it clenches into a fist as Dhonzayth drops after Reonth. "Dhon-Dhonzayth. Bronze.." He offers, most of his well formed words falling into oblivion as he narrows his eyes, glaring into the distance, hands remaining clenched while he waits.

Reonth ignores the males entirely now, « So very hot! » she screams, eyes on the vast expanse of water beneath her. « Far too hot! Must cool down! » But, of course, it isn't that easy, no. The green notices the males again, but it is too late. « No! Water! I need to get to the water! » she cries, although her descent has been slowed considerably by the 'lucky' male, and she isn't exactly resisting.

Dhonzayth snags her wing joints, his own wings snapping outwards to slow the pair's descent, winding his neck around Reonth's, and moving to support them both and keep them from impacting. « I will cool you down, far better than water. I'm all you need. » Cocky? Maybe. But, either way, he remains entwined with the green.

Dakoth gives a rather loud disappointed rumble as he lands in a rather grumpy mood and J'leron for sure knows the mood for sure as he curses realizing what's happened. "Dakoth… let's get this stuff and get going… you already wasted time and gotten yourself disappointed." He grumbles a little more to himself as the reluctant pair go back to what they were busy with before.

Reonth relaxes into Dhonzayth's grasp, just as her own rider leans into L'ton to steady himself, mumbling something about books and wine. « Water… » Reonth warbles, but it's only a token resistance. For now and today, she is Dhonzayth's willing partner.

L'ton wraps an arm around L'ren's shoulder's as the older man leans over, moving to steer him somewhere else while Dhonzayth and Reonth are elsewhere.

J'leron finishes getting everything that is needed and gives a bit of a sigh of relief… soon he and Dakoth will have a new start at Western. He pats Dakoth on the side. "Well Dakoth… time to go. Don't want to keep F'inn and Taruth waiting. Already kept them waiting long enough." He climbs up on the brown's back and says. "Let's get to Western… I know it's frustrating for you but at least I got a nice warm bed waiting for me."

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