Dragons to Sea

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach

A long curving beach, the sand yellowish brown, facing eastward along the Great Bay coast. Off on the horizon, far in the distance, can be seen the cliffs of Southern Hold, on the opposite side.

The beach curves north-northeast, and south-southeast, stretching both directions quite a distance, while gentle waves lap in from the bay to the east. Far beyond the hide-tide mark, at the forest's edge, the cobbled stones of the road lead west toward Ierne.

L'ren is, as usual, lazing on the beach in long pants and a long sleeved shirt - not the usual beach attire, but it's what he wears. Reonth is out in the water, splashing about quite cheerfully. L'ren peers over the book he's reading, and laughs, "You're lucky, I'd wrinkle up if I was in there even half as long as you." he calls to his green, shaking his head in amusement.

if Reonth was giddy, that's nothing compaired to what Usath brings as the green happily bounces across the sands of the beach, trumping loudly as she peers over, waiting very expectantly for someone. A red-haired man can be seen chasing after the green, laughing loudly, "The fish will wait love, just give me a moment to catch my breath, I'm not as young as I once was."

Chill wind is no obstacle for W'rye and Astuzith. The sun is out and there is a beach to wreak havoc upon. "I think I saw when we passed by that hill. I do not know why you're asking me though. You and Ixtabith can carry on a conversation suitably well on your own, from what I've heard," the bronzerider says to his dragon as he walks down the shoreline, the waves lapping up around his ankles. Whatever the reply is to his statement appears to not be favored by the rider. He snorts loudly, eyeing the bronze askance. "You are never subtle or shy, so do not try that card with me. If you have something to say to her, you can say it yourself. I am not going to trouble myself with Shakti just so you can talk to her dragon about how ugly someone's attitude is." But all pretense of conversation disappears when the bronze spots the green dragons and their riders. He nudges his rider in the back, catching the man off guard, and he fairly pitches forward, catching himself in /just/ enough time that he does not fall flat on his face. A sharp glare is tossed to the dragon before W'rye extends a wave to anyone who had cared to notice their approach- not that anyone has to notice, mind you, for he is waving regardless.

L'ren pushes his glasses up on his nose now, and peers at Usath. "Hunh. Never thought I'd see a dragon more enthusiastic about anything than Reonth is over water." he muses, putting the book aside and standing up. "Hey, you!" he calls to R'yki, strolling over that way. If R'yki isn't as young as he once was, well, L'ren is even older. "I just, I have to shake your hand." A bit odd, but he holds his hand out regardless. "I… I have a hard enough time with /Reonth/." he adds, nodding to his own green. Unfortunately he's too distracted to notice W'rye's waving, but Reonth does, and she eyes Astuzith and W'rye. To the bronze, she calls, « Come an have a swim, the water's lovely! »

R'yki comes stumbling to a halt, bending over as he watches Usath dance around him, trilling loudly in her energetic manner. R'yki shakes his head at the green, managing a quiet chuckle. However, as L'ren makes his way over, R'yki can't help but arch a brow, standing higher in his position and offering his hand. "Err…you have no idea how hard it is with Usath at times, but then, we share the same love." And an affectionate look goes out to the sea, however, W'rye's entrance doesn't go unnoticed and the greenrider looks over his way. Usath pratically croons, stretching out her muzzle to the bronze, « Oooh, Azutith, come join us, please? We'll have fun, and we can play with the fishies. And then my darling will cook for us, and then we can eat. Won't you please join us? »

There is a notable tensing of the bronze's muscles as he considers the greens' invitation. He looks out across the water, and his voice comes back smoky and low, « I would prefer to stay where I am just now. I have things to think about, and that takes precedence over.. swimming. Perhaps, another time? » It is an obvious rejection, one his rider does not react to. With his hands shoved into the pockets of his linen pants, W'rye approaches the two greenriders, his expression neutral but not overly warm. His voice is quiet for the occasion, being that he steps right up within three feet of the other two men. "Afternoon." Simple, but it gets his meaning across. Introductions will come soon enough.

L'ren chuckles, and shakes his head slowly. "Ah, Reonth can't understand why I like books so much, nor I why she likes the water so much, but we seem to get along more often than not." he shrugs, glancing back to the book on the sand behind him. "Of course, certain books get her agitated sometimes, I try to leave those for when she's swimming or asleep." So, most of the time, then. W'rye is noticed by the rider at last, and he nods. "Afternoon…" a pause, and he realises he has no name to fill that blank. "Ah, I'm L'ren, Harper journeyman, archivist, historian, avid reader. And that's my green Reonth." This introduction is given to both men, now. Reonth can't believe that someone would /not/ want to swim, and she says as much, her words much like waves as she demands to know, « What's /wrong/ with swimming? »

R'yki laughs quietly and shakes his head, watching the blubbly green bounce from one point to another, making her way over towards the bronze and fixing him with a sturdy gaze. A warble is offered to he bronze, «You're no fun, sourwherry!» If she could stick out her tongue, she would. But the green just makes her way over to her lifemate, butting him with her head and crooning impatiently, "All right, all right! We're going all ready you silly, impatient dragon." He laughs loudly, shaking his head, "I'm R'yki, this is Usath, and yes….she's /always/ like this. Don't mind her."

« Swimming, like so many other things, is a waste of time. I would much rather be learning the newest word from the other Weyrs and Holds. Do you not think politics is more important than dalliance? » Astuzith's words are issued with impatience, and one can almost imagine him sniffing arrogantly as he looked down his snout at the two greens. But there he is, sitting complacently, as if he is not having the conversation at all. W'rye settles his stance, slightly sloppy posture. "My name is W'rye and that guy over there is Astuzith. I should apologize for him. He is not good with females." And his head falls back for a second, his eyes closing, and then they snap open again. A wide grin precedes his words, "And neither am I, so he says. We just transferred in from Fort Weyr."

L'ren groans, and buries his head in his hands. "Reonth." he mumbles, then sighs, and looks out at his green. "Leave the dragon /alone/. If he doesn't want to swim, he /doesn't/ want to swim. Don't involve /me/ in this!" the man complains, blushing for some reason. Is there a story behind that? The man takes off his thick glasses, and makes a show of cleaning them, giving himself a moment to compose himself, and change the subject. "Ah, R'yki." he notes with a nod, "Been around Ierne long?" L'ren has 'only' been here five turns or so, after all, and almost all of that time has been spent with his nose in a book. As for points of origin, he ahhs, then notes, "I was born, raised, apprenticed, impressed, even made journeyman at Telgar. Came here nearly five turns ago, for the beaches, for Reonth." He does tend to ramble on a bit, doesn't he? Reonth is sulking, though the casual observer would note no change in her apparently playful splashing in the water. She's sending definite sulky waves out though, mentally. There's a sullen silence that she's sending to Astuzith and her own rider, not quite silent as it sounds rather like a large empty ocean, like putting a shell to one's ear.

R'yki just shakes his head as he's escorted along and with one last shove, Usath finally manages to get her boy into the water, "You didn't have to push me y'know." He sticks out his tongue playfully at the green, shaking his head in amusement as he enters the water, grinning from ear to ear dispite it all. Usath peers one last time at Astuzith and dips her tail into the water, attempting to send some his way. « Take /that/! » She calls playfully before erupting into a rumble of laughter, bouncing off into the water and causing splashes where she lands. « Reonth, play with me! » She calls to the other green, splashing at her too. R'yki just watches, "So you're good with males then?" R'yki calls, wiggling his brows over at W'rye, "Cause you don't seem too talkative with us either." To L'ren he grins, "Oh, I've been here for a while now, I'm just here to catch as much fish as I can. I don't really know what else to do with myself, fishing is all I know."

One dark eyebrow lifts as W'rye reacts to R'yki's question. "Are you suggesting something?" The light in his hazel eyes is not kind, but his expression does not suggest any hostility.. yet. He turns towards the older greenrider and shakes his head. "Give Reonth my sincere apology. Astuzith is just mad that I will not do him the disservice of contacting another dragon's rider when he knows perfectly well that he can contact the dragon herself. I refuse to serve as his courier," he mumbles, brushing an errant curl out of his eyes. Not willing to concede to their frolicking and play, Astuzith shifts his body around, facing the opposite direction. He ignores Usath's attempts at goading him and instead settles on a firm, « Behave yourself. You look ridiculous. »

L'ren glances to the water as R'yki enters, then shakes his head at Reonth. He looks gratefully at W'rye when the bronzerider sends an apology to Reonth via L'ren, then sighs at Reonth's response, or lack thereof. "Alright, alright. If /I/ come swim, will /that/ shut you up?" But, she's already giving him her version of the silent treatment, isn't she? This seems good enough for the green however, as she now warbles at Usath, « Of course! The water is lovely, isn't it? » she calls, words bobbing innocently like little boats on the water, to be suddenly drenched by a massive tidal wave at the end. The wave is mirrored in reality to the best of Reonth's ability, aimed at Usath, playfully. Meanwhile, L'ren has collected his book and disappeared into a nearby cottage, soon emerging sans glasses and book, clad only in a pair of shorts, and a persistent blush. He's back in time to catch 'So you're good with males then?' and he shrugs, though it wasn't directed at him. "Males, females, it's all the same." Of course, L'ren would /much/ rather be curled up in bed with a book than a person, but if he had to be with a person, well, he's not picky. As for fishing, L'ren nods knowingly, "Ah, I'm much the same with my books." Reonth snorts, and notes of Astuzith in a sing song tone, « One of these things is not like the others… » In other words, he looks more ridiculous for not joining in. In Reonth's opinion, at least.

R'yki just shakes his head slowly, "I guess you don't have a sense of humor. Sad." Murmurs R'yki, running a hand through his hair briefly, closing his eyes as he moves through the water. "Usath is just Usath. Just as your dragon is your dragon. All dragons are different and he's not bothering me, so it doesn't matter." Fingers reach out to splash at the green, grinning to himself. L'ren gets a tilt of his head, "Well, I'll admit, I had a female with me for a while." And here his face goes sour, "But, she left, and I haven't had company in turns. I think I prefer it that way, but it's nice to get to talk to people once in a while. Usath croons quite happily as Reonth joins in her game of play, flaring her wings as she lashes out with the next way. She warbles joyfully, looking sideways over at Astuzith to see if he's watching.

« Notably so, Reonth. I prefer to be civil. Clearly you cannot say the same. » Again with the cold shoulder, his whirling eyes follow the lazy path of a couple far off. No amount of pleading or tricks will get the bronze to get in the water; he is too pompous to allow himself to. W'rye takes the cue of everyone else and walks the short jaunt down to the water. He stands in the shallows, allowing the water to soothe his feet. Astuzith gets a sideways look from his rider and a subtle smirk that is whisked away in favor of a pensive line. "Humor comes in all varieties. You are welcome to yours." That is the only concession he is willing to give, the only slight show of resistance. He transitions easily back to the stance of a relaxed dragonrider. Looking down at the sand between his toes, he remarks, "For better or worse, I stand by my dragon's hide."

L'ren nods firmly. "Oh, I know I prefer it this way, flights are more than enough for me. Just me, Reonth, and a good book." But there's something in his tone, and a blush on his cheeks. "It's difficult to be choosy when you ride green, I must admit." he notes, with a chuckle. Reonth dives under the water, showing off just how long she can hold her breath, then coming up in a splash. "Show off." notes L'ren, with an affectionate grin. It would appear that the green isn't going to let Astuzith get to her, not at all. L'ren just looks blankly at W'rye, as if all of the greenrider's intelligence was left in his cottage with his glasses and his books. But he does comment, "As do I. There's no-one I'd stand by more than Reonth, no-one. She can be a bit out there at times, but…" he shrugs. She's his, and he's hers. Nothing more needs be said.

R'yki tilts his head to the side, "Well, you're allowed your sense of humor, and me mine." He lifts his shoulders indifferently, watching the two greens play in the water with a soft smile. "If we weren't here, I might have another opinion, but we are here, and I do not." L'ren gets the majority of his attention, arching a brow. "Aye, we aren't allowed to have a position as to whom beds us. But, if I had my choice, between male or female…I think I might lean more towards male after what I had to go through."

Idle chatter has never sat well with W'rye. It takes all of three minutes for him to tire of standing in the water just staring at his feet. He strides back towards Astuzith, who is pretending to not notice the turn of the discussion. Leaning back against his dragon's flank, the bronzerider muses over their responses. "That's precisely what I was saying, R'yki," he notes idly and listens to the rest of their banter. "All I can add to it is that women talk too much and I've no attraction to men."

L'ren chuckles, and has to admit, "I seem to wind up with females more often than not. Flights notwithstanding. But I'm really not fussed, it kind of amuses me when people are." A pause, and he admits, "Though I try to make it easier. It only happens that way if a flight was involved, so there's that." and he shrugs, glancing to shore. "Ha, men talk as much as women, sometimes more." L'ren being a prime example of 'more'. And this is how the shy man acts around people he's just met! Though perhaps it's nerves making him ramble, could be.

R'yki shrugs his shoulders, "It doesn't bother me much either." He looks over to W'rye, deciding that the bronzerider isn't really deserving of attention and settles his gaze instead on L'ren, who is much more pleasing to talk to. "Usath is chatty, but that's just how she is, I'm a bit more quiet, but…I talk more around her." The green gets a glanced. "Flights don't bug me anymore, they used to, not anymore."

"I," he begins, "would rather not say two words myself. So I guess I was using that as a comparison." W'rye stares up at his dragon, who is likewise watching him. Conference is obvious between the two before the bronzerider pushes away from the bronze hide at his back. "If you will excuse us? Astuzith says Ixtabith is awake and I would rather he get this over with so he cannot trap me into being his messenger. Good afternoon," he says, touching his brow in a jaunty salute. They amble back the way they came, but the dragon wading through the shallows this time and his rider walking the sand.

L'ren blushes, though he's really a lot more used to flights than he'll give himself credit. "I, ah, shut myself up in that cottage there," he points to his cottage, "For about a week, before Reonth rises. Don't really trust myself." Well, considering he's usually not been with anyone since Reonth's /last/ flight, and the effect of Reonth's hormones, he tends to only look for one thing at that time. But she still occasionally manages to rise without L'ren noticing much beforehand, so he's rather over-cautious, really. W'rye's jaunty salute gets a slightly more formal one from L'ren, rather at odds with the image of the man in the water with the playful green. "Afternoon." he responds in kind, then turns back to R'yki and the greens.

R'yki lifts up his hand in a salute to W'rye, "No one likes to be a messanger, especially a messanger for your own lifemate. I wish you luck in that." R'yki calls to the departing man, Usath bugles to the bronze before going back to playing with Reonth, all too happy to have a playmate that enjoys the water as much as she does.

L'ren glances over at Reonth, and frowns. "I don't know how you can do that, be totally upset and sulky one moment, and then /miss/ the one you're sulking at the next." A pause, a blush, and a closer inspection of Reonth, ending in a relieved sigh. "You seriously just wanted /company/? Well, what's Usath then?" he shakes his head, and glances to R'yki with a roll of his eyes, and the word "Greens." said in a 'what can you do?' sort of tone. "See, this is why I like books so much. Books are obvious, books have only the printed word to say, and they generally don't argue. They certainly don't sulk, don't make unreasonable requests, don't pass over what they have in favour of what they can't."

R'yki tilts his head, giving his attention fully to L'ren now that W'rye has left, just floating along the water. Usath seems to almost forgotten the bronze, and doesn't spare him another glance as she dips her muzzle into the water, blissfully blowing bubbles with her nostrils. "That's just how they are, they're complicated, and I wouldn't have my lifemate any other way." Usath gets a adoring smile, "I don't read too much, but I've picked up a bit of reading since I've been here. I like to sit out on the beach and fish mostly, Usath always joins me. Then we usually cook a good meal afterwards."

L'ren swims over to Reonth's side, and manages a smile. "I can't imagine life without Reonth… Well, that's not true, life without Reonth is a recurring nightmare of mine." he shudders, then shakes his head. Here he'd be cleaning his glasses if he hadn't put them away when he got changed. "I like to sit out here and read, mostly. Been thinking of starting something up here at Ierne, a place for books, to buy or to borrow." he notes idly, glancing out to sea curiously. "Never been fishing, I must admit. What's it like?"

R'yki steals a look to L'ren, arching a brow as he slowly wades out to his lifemate's side. The green is quite calm now that she's in her element and has more than enough to keep herself entertained, like the fish under the water which now holds her gaze. "I couldn't imagine life without Usath anymore. It'd be…too quiet for my liking." His eyes flicker up to the sky. "Not a moment goes by when she's not talking about something, even in her sleep she's constantly there in my head. I don't think I'd survive long without her anymore." A small smile, "I might stop by and rent one of your books then, it'd be nice to have a good read, if you have any you'd like to reccomend." R'yki drifts of, looking out to the sea quietly. "It's…calming. I really enjoy it. I can let my mind wander with the sea, and at the end of the day I get a good meal and I don't have to worry about anyone else feeding me."

L'ren nods slowly, glancing back to his cottage again. "I've a fondness for tales of thread, myself, though Reonth gets a bit agitated sometimes. It's not her fault, dragons seem to have this built in need to fight thread, even though it's long gone." he shrugs, looking up at Reonth. "I like journals of all sorts, really. And tales that have been passed down from one generation to another, things with /history/." he speaks with feeling, passionate about this if little else. "I must admit, I often get so caught up that I forget to eat." he notes, with a sheepish blush. It would seem that reading is where he gets his 'excitement', from exciting tales that happened to other people. He doesn't really seem the type to be looking for a thrill, though finding it from a book does seem more his speed. "Calming, hmm? I should try it some time, unwind at the end of the day."

R'yki listens quietly to L'ren tilting his head to the side as he runs his hands over his lifemate. He doesn't speak for a long time, just lending his ear to the other rider. "I suppose that makes sense." He says finally, "There's nothing wrong with liking history. It's just…not our thing. We love the sea, more than anything else. I think I would be torn if I were ever to part from it, much like you would be if you could never read another book. It's a part of me, I could never leave it." He smiles a little at this. "Perhaps we could offer you a meal? I tend to catch more fish than I need and usually end up letting some go because I have no use for it, but occasionally we might have company over and share our food."

L'ren glances to Reonth, and smiles. "You and Reonth both. But I'm happy with my books, and my work, and that's what really matters, right?" he says, with a smile. As for a meal, he shakes his head, and begins to politely refuse, then stops himself. He spends too much time with only books for company, books and Reonth, and neither are much for conversation. Also, he is kind of hungry now that he thinks about it. "That'd be nice, I'm not much of a cook myself, everything seems to come out tasting the same." Like chicken.

R'yki smiles, "I think your Reonth and I understand each other quite well." He smiles at the greenrider, "But then, my lifemate is the same. And I wouldn't have her any other way." But then his thoughts drift off and he turns towards the sea, "Well, then I'll just have to cook you something that stands out, won't I? Gotta make a good impresssion."

L'ren chuckles, and nods, looking around the water almost critically. "I see this as a big expanse of wetness, more or less. A convenient place for bathing dragons, nothing more or less. But Reonth… Trying to tear her away from this is like trying to tell a firelizard not to fly. It's just not going to happen." he laughs, affectionately patting Reonth's side. "But I wouldn't have it any other way." He glances out to sea, then shakes his head. He still doesn't see the attraction. But if there's a free meal coming, well, who is he to argue? Actually, he may dispute the 'free' part, be all honourable and good about it. "I do have this tale, it's a bit out there, but it has to do with the sea. I could get another copy, next time I'm at the Hall." Probably along the lines of the Loch Ness Monster, or something similar. "I think you might like it." he adds, doing all he can to offer it but say 'do you want it?'

R'yki laughs quietly, "I guess it's only something that some people can understand." He smiles, "I've lived on the water all my life…I don't think I could live anywhere else but on the sea, and Usath only intensifies my love for it." He moves slowly to the beach. "It's a done deal, you come by my place any time and I'll cook you a meal. Sound good?"

L'ren nods, tilting his head at R'yki, noting, "I've been at land-bound Telgar most of my life, I'm used to snow and ice coming in large quantities, not water." he jokes, though he shrugs, and turns to Reonth. Might as well scrub her while he's out here, get her clean. Though she's not really that dirty, can't get that dirty if you don't leave the water. He does give R'yki a wave, as the man seems to be leaving, and nods. "I'll bring the book, you bring the food." he calls, with a grin.

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