Beachy Chat

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Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach

A long curving beach, the sand yellowish brown, facing eastward along the Great Bay coast. Off on the horizon, far in the distance, can be seen the cliffs of Southern Hold, on the opposite side.

The beach curves north-northeast, and south-southeast, stretching both directions quite a distance, while gentle waves lap in from the bay to the east. Far beyond the hide-tide mark, at the forest's edge, the cobbled stones of the road lead west toward Ierne.

S'uin isn't likely in much of a mood to be running about, skipping through the waves. Though he might be out and about for the time being, he's sticking quite close to Xiliath, trying to shade himself as much as possible beneath one partially stretched wing. His own boots have at least been kicked off, toes wiggling every now and then in the loose, dry sand…definitely not all wet like what M'iken is likely bounding through. He's taken to wearing a small clip in his hair for the time being, at least to keep the slightly unkempt locks out of his eyes. Xiliath, for her part, looks supremely comfortable where she is, despite one wing being cocked open faintly to provide shade. Her forearms crossed lightly, the pale yellowed-green of her hide almost glows faintly, certainly a shade brighter than would be normal. "It's too hot to be running around like that, M'iken!"

A trumpet sounds throughout the area, and then loud laughter follows it as a green comes bouncing into the area, warbling joyously as she turns her head to peer at her red-headed lifemate. "I'm coming you silly Wher!" R'yki laughs loudly, chasing after the green and pausing to bend over and catch his breath, "Shards, you can't expect me to chase after you all the time!" He pauses, looking over towards the other people that are gathered. "Greetings!"

Her atteniton caught by a voice, M'iken turns quickly to see who was calling. Only problem is, she trips over her own feet and topples over into the water. Usually she'd have Meluth there to catch her, but alas that is not the case this time since he was off taking a nap. Attempting to get up after being covered by a couple waves she whips her soaked ponytail around to her back and glares at in the direction the voice had come from.. seeing that it was S'uin though she breaks into a bright smile. "It's not anymore!" She calls back to him with a high wave of the arm before trudging off to go talk with him.

Bellanne watches the riders pleasantly, twining her fingers behind her back before turning to watch the waves roll in and out of the ocean. Her eyes watch the water for a few moments before her gaze drifts towards the gathering riders. Her lips form a small smile before her fingers untwine and she waves in a greeting. She doesn't move from her spot, turning to stare at the water.

Reonth glides in overhead from a nearby cottage's wallow, landing in the water with a splash. L'ren hurries out not long after, book in one hand, glasses in the other, shaking his head at his green. "Have fun out there." he calls, with an amused snort. Reonth warbles back at her rider, a cheerful sound, though it doesn't take long before she loses herself in the waves, having a great time out there. L'ren chuckles, and shakes his head, then puts his glasses on and glances around the beach, nodding to R'yki, tilting his head curiously at just about everybody else.

S'uin just watches M'iken's little trip beneath the water, brows arching faintly upward. He waits though, leaning somewhat further against Xiliath. "Maybe not for you," He offers tiredly, fingers lifting to brush a stray lock of hair away from his face. "'s terribly hot, and I'm not about to go diving in there.." Oh definitely not. That would require him to get his clothes wet. Or alternatively, take his clothes /off/. And that's just not happening. Though the loudness from elsewhere on the beach does get his attention, peering a bit curiously in R'yki's direction, simply lifting a hand faintly in a shy sort of wave for his greeting.

M'iken takes note of the other people on the beach and a deep blush rises on her cheeks, quite embarassed that other people had possibly seen her tumble into the water. "Maybe you should just get your feet wet then. It helps a lot." She squeezes the water from her hair and grins at the greenrider. "Do you know those people?" She asks in in a whisper, in reference to the other people on the beach. She does give a bright smile and a wave to the unknown woman though, deciding to be polite at least.

Bellanne quietly, though mostly ignored, she settles herself to sit upon the sands with her legs to the side. Her hands fold neatly in her lap and she minds her own business and enjoys the warmth.

L'ren notes how much busier than normal the beach is, and glances to his book with a sigh. Maybe later. He promptly turns around and heads back to his cottage, then emerges a moment later sans book, though still wearing his glasses. He heads over towards R'yki now, seeking out a familiar face above all else. But, R'yki buggers off. Now what? "Beach is a popular place today." he comments idly, to no-one in particular. Though the crowd seems to be thinning already. He doesn't have the luxury of recognizing anyone, so he wades out into the water. Reonth fixes him with a look, and he shakes his head, returning to shore. "I'm L'ren, that's Reonth." he introduces, with a roll of his eyes and an unwilling tone. "I, ah, have you been at Ierne long?" this is a rather general inquiry, because L'ren honestly doesn't know one person from another yet.

S'uin does look a little surprised when the other greenrider so abruptly flees, but shakes his head, sending a look back toward his clutchmate again. "I've..seen him around, but I don't know him, no." The thought of perhaps putting his feet in the water does sound a bit good, although the greenrider doesn't seem too intent on moving from his spot. It's shady, where he is under Xiliath's wing. That is..until the green gets up. Looking a tad mortified by the sudden loss of shade, he offers M'iken a hastily apologetic look, before hurrying after his lifemate. "Xili! You can't just.. hey, come back!"

M'iken blinks and chuckles, quite used to Xiliath and her random moods to be somewhere else by now. At the introduction from L'ren, a broad smile pops up on M'iken's face. "So you're the mysterious greenrider who carted Ysa off to a hatching turns ago." Though she's never met him she remembers his name. "It's nice to meet you finally." she says with a dip of her head and if she weren't saoking wet she'd offer a hand in greeting. "I'm M'iken, my Meluth is up in our weyr snoozing. We've only just gotten here but it's quite nice so far. This beach is fabulous." She definatly has that kid excited about the beach aire about her.

L'ren waves lamely as S'uin disappears as well, smiling to himself. He blinks at M'iken, then blushes and shakes his head. "It was Reonth's idea, not mine." he notes, adding, "I came away with a firelizard myself," with a wry twist of his lips. It was not his intention. Now that he's been introduced, he's quite chatty. "Ah, the beach, that's what attracted my Reonth to Ierne, indeed. We'd both only ever lived at Telgar before we came here, about five turns ago, give or take." he shrugs, not keeping an exact figure. "I've noticed that, while decent, Ierne doesn't quite have the literary resources of Telgar. I'm working oin changing that, once I have enough books, I'll be opening a place for them, to be bought or borrowed. It'll be the best one on Pern, short of the Harper Hall." He certainly does ramble on when he's excited about something.

M'iken continues to smiles and even giggles a bit at his enthusiasm, glad that L'ren was so friendly. "That sounds very interesting. Maybe I'll be your first patron when you open up. I've always liked a good story, or even reading about how to make things." She really was more of a hands on kind of person, but a good read every now and then was always a little treat for her. "Meluth like the beach also, though he can be a kind of fuddy-duddy. He thinks I'm gonna go off and drown myself. like I'd do it on purpose or something." She shakes her head, imagining just what he'd have to say to her about such things.

Bellanne quietly rises, noticing the two riders speaking to one another. She smiles and quietly turns to leave. She waves in their direction and goes to explore the rest of the Weyr.

L'ren glances out to Reonth, and laughs. "She's obsessed with the water, she wants everyone to swim." he notes, nodding to the green. "Which was 'fun' when Borren and Janiel were young. Honestly, there's only a slim chance that they're my children — very slim — but Reonth /insists/ that they are. Of course, there'd be no doubt if it weren't for her. Flights…" he rants, though Borren and Janiel are not one of his usual topics of conversation, then sighs, "I wouldn't change a thing though." And he goes back to his original point at last, "I was sure on more than one occasion that they were going to drown, too young to learn how to swim, and all. But Reonth wouldn't be dissuaded." he rolls his eyes.

M'iken laughs a bit. She'd never met anyone who just talked about everything so freely. "I suposse multiple flights would make things a bit debateble." She says with a shrug. "Luckily Meluth hasn't chased anyone so I haven't been in that position." She looks out to the green and grins. "Maybe I should introduce Meluth to Reonth there, maybe her attitutde could rub off on his a little." She rests her hands on her hips and shifts her weight onto one foot, quite comfortable.

L'ren blushes a little now, and shakes his head. "I… I didn't mean to go on like that. I just… I never thought /I'd/ not know who the father was, you know?" he rolls his eyes, then glances out to Reonth. "I warn you, that's not an attitude you'll want. I can't go back to Telgar because Reonth won't /let/ me. She's had a taste of beach life, and now she won't accept anything else." L'ren chuckles fondly though, and sits down in the sand with a soft grunt. Not as young as he used to be, though he's got many turns ahead of him still.

M'iken crouches down beside him, leaning on her knees like they're a shelf or something, plenty young still for that kind of position. "Yes well, I suposse I wouldn't want to change him for the whole world, but it would be nice if just every once in a while he loosened up and gave us both a chance to really enjoy something without worrying about what might go wrong." She says with a grin.

L'ren chuckles slowly, and nods to Reonth in the water. "Well, there's always time, though I must admit I've changed /far/ more than Reonth. There was a time when the thought of people would send me back to my books in fear. I was … well, I am still a big nerd, but I was a big shy nerd." he rolls his eyes, then notes, "I do tend to bury myself in work more often than not, I'm a harper, journeyman specialities of archives and history, and apprentice speciality of law. I wasn't very good at that one, so I dropped it." he shrugs.

M'iken grins. "It's good to love what you do. Though if I were to bury myself in my work things would get just a bit messy. Tanner apprentice, speciatly goods design and creation. Was just about to go Journeyman before I was searched." She says with a grin. The one and only thing she regretted, but she had the best consolation prize /ever/. "It's not very hard for me to imagine you as shy." she says with a grin.

L'ren wrinkles his nose automatically at the word tanner, then shakes his head. "Sister's a tanner, made Reonth's straps." which the green is not wearing right now, but still… He's somewhat aware of the messier aspects of that craft. "I was an apprentice when I impressed, didn't go right back to the craft though, I spent some time as a transport rider. That failed, with a splash, so… here I am." Well, actually, he spent a few turns at Telgar as a harper after being booted from his wing, he literally only came here for the beaches, for Reonth.

M'iken chuckles and shakes her head at his reaction. "I see, well then maybe I can go back one day and finish up my apprentiship." She plops backwards on her bum and stretches her long legs out. "Ah, knees were begining to hurt." She leans back on her elbows in the sand, knowing full well she was going to be covered in sand and have to listen to a lecture form Meluth later on. "What was that book you were carrying when you first walked out?" She was very observant, plus it was kind of obvious when he went back to his cottage and then came back out empty handed.

L'ren leans back in the sand, stretching his arms up, then planting his hands in the sand to keep him from falling backwards. "There's always time." he notes, with a nod. "I didn't go back until I was, oh, thirty I think. Didn't make journeyman until mid thirties, at the earliest. But then, I'd not been that close when I impressed, I was just sixteen." he shrugs, then glances back to his cottage, smiling a little. "Ah, the book? The book. A journal, by a greenrider's brother, an account of sibling relationships and rivalry, and losing a brother to thread." Not exactly the most cheerful of reading, but L'ren seems passionate about it. "It's amazing the sorts of things dragons and riders used to live in fear of, and yet they never failed to rise to the challenge."

M'iken listens to what the book was about with much inerest. "Ohhhh. Now that sounds like something even Meluth would like to hear about." She smiles brightly and looks up at the sky. "I can't imagine what it would be like if we had to go up and fight thread. I think I'd be very afraid." Her smile diminishes slightly at the thought.

L'ren nods, glancing up at the sky, frowning slightly. "I know. I don't think I would have agreed to stand if thread was a concern, not even the once. But it does amaze me, the respect riders received, compared to now. So many rumours about 'what riders get up to' and… I don't even know where the one about dragons injuring /people/ came from. Riders are still useful, but it's mainly for transport, and keeping order. There's still respect there, but, it's not the /same/."

M'iken nods. "That's true. I think I would have still stood, because if a dragon at the time would think I'd stand a chance out there in the skies fighting, I'd imagine there would have to be something in me that was strong. I'm sure if they asked you back then, you'd still say yes." She says, her smile taking back it's rightful place on her face.

L'ren snorts, and shakes his head. "I don't know. My sister would, definitely, probably two of them actually. My brother may do, trading wouldn't be as easy then, but I'd stay safe in the records room, never knowing what I'd missed. Never meeting Reonth, nor J'iel, nor Bolia, no Janiel, no Borren. Just me, and my books. I'd probably be a master by now." By 'now' he means his current age, not the present day.

M'iken chuckles lightly. "Well, lets just be glad we don't live back then, then. Because you'd be missing out on a lot if you hadn't impressed." she stands and brushes sand off her bum and arms. "If you'll excuse me L'ren, I'm starting to feel sand in unpleasant places and need ot clean up." She says with a wave and a smile. "Maybe I can come by and read some of your books sometime?" She calls to him as she starts walking back towards the weyrhold.

L'ren stretches again, grunting a little. He's kept in shape by running after Reonth, but that doesn't stop the turns from creeping up. "Of course. Books should be shared!" he grins, looking over to his cottage, and pointing it out. "Come by any time… I'm usually out here on the beach, but if I'm not, just knock." He gets up himself and disappears into his cottage then, with a wave to M'iken.

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