Book Store in Planning

Ierne Weyrhold - Marketplace

A wide square full of shops and stores and sidewalk vendors of all types. Mostly Traders who specialise in certain items or Crafters who wanted a place in which to market their wares. Due to the WeyrHold being a major trade center, its an ideal place for something like this, open all turn round rather then just people selling during gathers.

L'ren is standing in front of an abandoned shop early this morning, hands on his hips. Reonth is not far off, though the green looks less than thrilled with her dry surroundings, the mist and dampness of the air notwithstanding. L'ren glances up, and frowns. "Reonth, what was it you saw on the fly over? Ah… I see." he frowns, and tilts his head at the shop's roof thoughtfully. The shop in question, well, it looks kind of dark inside, and it needs a lot of work, it's falling apart.

Ellamariseth is leading the way to the marketplace, happy to be near the busier center of the Weyrhold. After all, just how many people stop to say hello outside their weyr? Ysa trudges slowly, if a bit reluctant, in following her lifemate. She doesn't appear to be looking for anything specific, which is really why she immediately spotted the familiar greenrider. "L'ren!" She calls over, a half-grin now spreading across her face as she quickens her pace towards the older man. "An' Reonth. How are ya two?" She gives the shop a curious glance, though she doesn't question it just now..

L'ren blinks, and turns his head to peer in the direction of his name. "Ah, Lysithea, I don't believe I've seen you since you were a candidate back at Telgar." he grins, now turning completely to face her, and tilting his head curiously at Ellamariseth. Ah, he has been out of the loop lately, hasn't he? "We're good, been working hard lately, you know how it is." Though there's a touch of blush there, and a faint glow around Reonth. Reonth bobs her head in a sort of greeting or acknowledgement to Ellamariseth and Ysa, then settles it back down on her forelegs.

Ysa is a bit surprised at hearing her old full name, and she stops just a few feet from the greenrider in surprise. "Has it really been that long? Ella an' I jus' moved down here, too." She nods her head over to the gold. Ellamariseth happily makes her way over to Reonth with a warm rumble and settles down right in front of the little green. "An' it's Ysa," she corrects with a grin, then reconsiders it and gives a shrug of her shoulder. "Well, if ya want. I still hear Lys on occasion, I jus' haven't heard my full name from anyone but my parents." She looks up to the empty store and then back down to the greenrider with a raised brow. "That's good to know, keeping busy an' all. Have ya done… well, whatever it was ya told me 'bout books ya were going to do. Write some, was it?"

L'ren bows his head briefly and says "Ysa." nodding firmly as he cements that name into his memory. "I know how it feels, no-one's called me Lamren in turns, though I'd often forget to answer to L'ren in those first turns." he laughs, and glances up at Reonth. "Ah, the books, I've just been thinking about that now. I think that looks like a good location." he jerks his thumb at that dark store he'd been looking at. "Just needs a few glows, always preferred those to electric lighting, and a good paint job!" At that, one of the window shutters falls to the ground with a clatter. "…and a little fixing up."

"Lamren," Ysa tests the name out and then quickly shakes her head. "I can't see ya any other way but L'ren, since that's how I met ya anyways, all those many turns ago." She turns back to the store, this time fully focusing on the abandoned structure. "You've got some work ahead of ya," she says with a raised brow. The shutter dropping makes her jump a bit and she turns to stare down at it before breaking into chuckles. "Well, seeing we don't have the same duties as back in Telgar now, Ella or I wouldn't mind helping out whenever ya need it. Is this store already yours or are ya still thinking of a better place?" She glances around at the rest of the marketplace to see the more stable structures.

R'miel pops out of the post office, whistling to himself. He's got a few marks in his hand and he's counting them. Clearly the result of a successful drug deal. But seriously, he's made a little extra cash doing /something/ and pockets the money once he's sure he hasn't been cheated. He jumps a bit as something falls off a nearby building. "Sheesh… gonna get killed around here. Wonder if Katherine can get any for me…" He talks a bit to himself, scratching his chin.

L'ren shrugs slightly, and walks over to pick up the fallen shutter. "It was cheap. I'm going to need all the marks I can get if I'm going to pull this off. It is going to be the best stocked place for books in all of Pern, or my name isn't Lam— L'ren." he blushes at his slip, but also manages to laugh at it. For now, well, it's a run down old building that really needs a lot of work. It'll probably end up more expensive in the long run. L'ren still looks immensely pleased with himself however, even though he's still holding the fallen shutter. "I may have to call in a few favours, but it'll be great, you'll see." he glances to the post office then, thoughtfully. Then he notices R'miel, and tosses a wave to the man. "Hey, the post office busy this morning?" he asks, as it is quite early still. And misty, he wouldn't have seem R'miel if he'd been further away.

Ysa follows the greenrider closer to the building and takes a look inside through the window. She wrinkles her nose and turns her head to stare at the shutter in L'ren's hands. "Yah, it's going to cost ya quite a bit to look decent. Though 'm sure the money will mostly be spent on books, an' more books." She leans back on her heels and crosses her arms. "But like I said, we're up for a challenge, an' I s'pose I should pick up some other hobby instead of playing music, since I'll never be a Harper." She turns when he addresses someone else, and her grin broadens. "What kind of mischief are ya up to this time, R'miel?" She calls over to him, waving a hand.

R'miel turns as someone addresses him he squints, barely able to make out L'ren in the morning mist with his glasses on. "Hey hey! L'ren! How's it going? You on clean up crew?" He grins and heads over to him and Ysa. "Ah, not yet. I was running some errands for them, stopped to pick up my pay and drop a letter to my folks. Morning Ys. Why do I always have to be up to some trouble?" Theres a chuckle and a sly look crosses his face. "Well. Maybe a little mischief."

L'ren frowns at the shutter, and holds it up against the window thoughtfully, finally discarding it with a shrug, "Who needs shutters anyway? Natural light!" he nods firmly, planting his hands on his hips again and eyeing the store. "It'll take time more than marks, I'd think. Time and effort." he glances down as if appraising himself, and shrugs. He has been kept in shape by keeping up with Reonth, he's definitely fitter than he ever was before he impressed, he was a weedy thing back then. "I can do much of it myself. Though help is always good." he grins and tilts his head at Ysa. "You can still learn to play music, as a hobby. I'm sure you can find a harper to teach you." he nods, though he does realise that goldriders have less freedom in their career choices than other riders. R'miel is glanced at also, and he grins, "Going well, just bought this fine shop last night." he notes, though again he blushes when asked how he's doing, and glances to Reonth. She's glowing, very slightly at the moment, but still…

Ysa really didn't expect an answer from R'miel as far as mischief-making, and she raises an eyebrow in question, curious as always, before turning back to the enthusiastic greenrider. "Absolutely, natural light. An' open windows makes it more inviting, too." She chuckles at him. "I don't really need to be taught, jus' the time to practice. But I'd rather pick up on something else, too, while I've got the time to spare." She also has to finally glance at the slightly glowy Reonth, and she grins back to her rider. "So when do ya plan to have this place ready by?"

R'miel grins at L'ren. "Is that so? Looks like you'll have plenty of listen inside if we can get the windows cleaned up." He chuckles. "What kind of shop were you planning on opening?" He slides over to look at the shop up close, and possibly the inside if he could. The jack-of-all trades R'miel hadn't done any real carpentry since he'd left the farm ten turns ago, but that didn't mean he wasn't interested. "I've got a bit of carpentry experience, if you need a hand with anything. Ys and Ella are good at the interior stuff. Doesn't look too bad though, just a little this and that, should be nice." He raises a brow at the green rider and chuckles. "You don't say." Proddy L'ren. R'miel isn't sure he's seen this side of him before.

L'ren nods quickly, bobbing his head up and down almost comically. "Time, time, that's always the issue." he notes, having himself just noticed Reonth's colour just then when he'd looked at her. "I … I think it'll take a while. I'll need to order supplies, and … I can't start for a week or so, no, busy busy busy." he's talking rather rapidly now, trying to get everything out before Reonth rises, though it'll be a few days yet, possibly even a week. "It'll be an, ah, book store, some for sale, some for lending. The books will be the brunt of the costs, so I tried to save money on this place." he bobs his head up and down again, rubbing at the grubby windows to peer into the store, simply to be doing something. "Oh, look, there're shelves already. That saves me some time."

Ysa is trying not to laugh, and so she stands back on her heels and crosses her arms. "Has he always been so chatty?" She asks R'miel, though still loud enough to include the greenrider. "I could've sworn he was more of the quiet kind of guy." But she takes another look to slightly-glowy Reonth to be sure, and snickers a bit under her breath. That could generally explain mood swings. "I think it's going to be great, L'ren. Really. It's going to be quite a difference in this place, an' I bet plenty of people will want to swing by once you're up an' running." She bobs her head, glancing in again. "An' like R'miel said, I can help with giving the inside some color. Even though bookstores generally need lots of shelves an' space really."

R'miel chuckles at the greenrider. "Well, I don't have too many duties right this second. If you get the supplies ordered I can get started for you next week, take care of some of this outside stuff. Get the windows cleaned up and see if any of the need replacing. I'm not too good with interiors, but I can assemble shelves. It'll be something fun for Ysa and I to do together." He grins at the gold rider. "Nah, he's usually a little on the quiet side." There's a glance to Reonth. "She's looking spectacular as usual."

L'ren isn't exactly going through a mood swing, though Reonth's state is clearly affecting him, and very likely also his judgement. He's more trying to get as much done as he can before he secludes himself in his weyr until the flight. "I hope so… Bright colours, lots of glows. I suppose some electric lights may be necessary, but I like the homey feel that glows provide. Possibly a reading corner, yes, with cushions and comfy chairs, a spot just for reading." he nods, grinning at the store. "I can see it now. People browsing shelves, people reading, people talking about what they've read." he nods excitedly, and grins. R'miel and Ysa's offers of help are received gratefully. "Oh, that'd be excellent. I, here, the place isn't locked." he notes, as he heads over to open the door. It doesn't budge, however. "Ah, er, the door, it sticks a little, that's all." he nods, and pushes on it harder, finally throwing his whole body against it, shoulder first. This works, and it creaks slowly open, leaving L'ren standing there and rubbing his shoulder. "See, just sticks a little."

Ysa bobs her head after R'miel offers both of their help again. "Absolutely, ya can drag us here to help whenever we're not on duties." She then turns to give one swift nod to the bronzerider. "I thought so," she comments. She goes to follow L'ren into the store when he moves towards the door, but then takes a step back as she realizes that the door is stuck. "I guess that's something else to put on the list to fix. It won't do if it takes that much effort to get in… I definitely won't be able to if ya can barely get it to budge." She wrinkles her nose at the creaking. "Ya need a new door."

R'miel blinks a bit and nods, trying to take in everything the greenrider is saying. "Glows… yeah that'd be-cha-right, right, heh. I suppose not a lot of reason to keep it locked." He raises a brow as L'ren tries to budge the door, but before he can even get out an offer to help the rider is tossing his weight against the door. "Er… careful. We'll… get some oil for that door. Sand down the bottom so it doesn't stick. Or a new door, heh." He slides inside with the other two riders, taking a look around.

L'ren shakes his head, rationalising, "But it was cheap!" Yes, yes it was. You get what you paid for, after all. "But, yeah, okay. New door, top of the list." he nods, and runs back outside to a nearby bench, picks up the clipboard, and runs back inside, scribbling something that may very well be 'new door' at the top. Possibly. He frowns at it a moment later, and crosses it out, writing more carefully, more legibally. "I … careful there, there's a crawler web in near every corner." he frowns, and looks around. Thankfully the webs are empty, they look just as abandoned as the store, in fact. There are shelves, as L'ren noted, but they're old and rickety. There are also some old dusty glowbaskets left here by a previous tenant, and L'ren hurries around the store, opening each one up. The light from them is not very bright, over half of them are completely dead and the rest not far from it. "See, glows! I'm telling you, this place is going to be great!"

"Cheap, but it's going to be a lot of work." Ysa follows in cautiously, glancing into the corner. She jumps back, nearly hitting R'miel. "/Crawlers/." She says, staring more intently into the corners with narrowed eyes. Right, she's not scared. She stiffens her shoulders and walks forward again, into the middle of the room, and avoiding any webs. "Yah, ya need to get fresh glows an' it'll make it a whole lot nicer. I like your idea of using glows. An' maybe jus' redo all the shelves." But she looks back to R'miel for conformation. "I can get Ella to tell me what colors will look best.."

R'miel chuckles a bit. "Well, a new door is easy enough to fix." He ducks a bit coming through the entrance and wipes a web from his hair. Thankfully that pause is long enough to make sure Ysa doesn't hit him. He picks the bottom row of a shelf to test out, putting some weight onto it to see how sturdy it is. "New shelves maybe, yeah. Or maybe strengthen up these. The glows are a nice touch. Got a nice rustic look to it. Real cozy. Gonna have klah for the patrons?" He smiles to L'ren.

L'ren laughs, and glances out to the marketplace. "Reonth seems to want blues, greens, and an underwater theme." he tilts his head thoughtfully as he scans the darkened room. It's a bit larger on the inside than it first appeared, a long and narrow shop rather than a short and wide one. "I'm not sure about that though." a pause, and he smiles. "Her other idea is to do it up like a boat, a ship." Well, it'd certainly be interesting… "I think… bright colours, maybe the blues and greens and underwater theme, or maybe just … bright. No theme, doesn't need to have a theme." he shakes his head, and looks around thoughtfully, walking amongst the shelves. He points to the back wall, the furthest corner from the door. "That half there, reading corner, cushions of all different sizes." Some beanbags, some smaller. Then his hand sweeps across to the other corner, "There, klah, and seats and tables, possibly some sort of bread rolls?"

Ysa wanders around with a bit more confidence after she made sure nothing tiny with many legs were crawling around in the corners. She narrows her eyes at the dust and then wanders back towards the shelves to trail a finger. "I was going to suggest blues, too. But they all have to be lighter colors, to make the place look brighter. Especially if you'll be sticking with glows." She turns when he starts picking out places for things to be, grinning at the greenrider. "That sounds really good. Comfy. Maybe R'miel can bake a few things here an' there an' sell 'em to some of the shoppers that come by?" Suggestions.

R'miel seems to ignore most of the color talk. "A ship hm? Interesting…" He nods a bit, and looks to the greenrider when he starts talking about the back corner. He nods to Ysa. "Ah, yeah. That's sounds good. I've got a recipe for sweetrolls… out of this world. I hate having klah without them." He chuckles. "You can mix it up by putting different nuts or berries into the dough. Whatever's in season. I'll make some up next time you're here."

L'ren nods, glancing around, and grinning. "I think the blues and greens, light colours. Maybe some brightly coloured fish painted here and there, but mostly light blues and greens. Blue walls, green shelves, or the other way around? Hmm… The cushions should be a mix of both, probably, and slightly darker. For the klah area, perhaps a sandy colour?" he is mostly talking to himself, jotting down notes on the clipboard as he wanders about the store. "Glows here, here, and here, and all around there. I wonder, electric lights, do they come in colours? A blue light might give it a nice underwater feel…" he blushes suddenly, and looks up, remembering that he's not alone. "Ah, sweetrolls, excellent. Yes, charge for them, of course… And for the klah, too. People can be careless, messy, and it'll cost marks to replace books."

"Blue lights might not be the best idea, for people that are trying to read," Ysa says with a shrug, as her opinion of course. "i like blue walls and green selves. I think ya definitely have your mind set with a sort of ocean theme, L'ren." She turns up to grin at R'miel. "Ya won't charge me, though, right? These sweetrolls of yours, I've got to try 'em too." She licks her lips at the thought, pushing back her hair from the heat of the stuffy store and turning back to L'ren. "Do ya still have marks saved up 'nough after buying the store? Then we can start on this as soon as possible."

R'miel chuckles a bit. "These aren't too sticky, they're meant to be eaten with klah of course. So hopefully book loss will be minimal.. I can give you a few recipes if you'd like." He chuckles at Ysa. "Love, you can have my sweetrolls whenever you like." He sneaks up behind Ysa and runs a finger ever so lightly along the back of her neck.

L'ren nods to Ysa, thoughtfully. "Well, true. Glows, then." he nods, satisfied with that. "A few extra in the reading corner, maybe more in the klah corner as well. And definitely need a clear view of the exit," he makes his way back to the doorway, looking to his left and then to his right. "I think… Here, just here." he gestures to his left. "Perfect place for the counter, for book sales and for checking books out." he nods. "Klah and roll sales will be handled back there," he nods to the designated corner, "So I'll need at least one employee, probably more." he notes, shaking his head, and then without a further word turning and heading back out, scribbling away on his clipboard. Not the most thoughtful person at this time of Reonth's cycle, he often seems to forget that other people even exist.

Ysa leans back into R'miel's touch, chuckling as well. "Well, ya have other duties besides baking for me, so I'll jus' steal some the next time ya decide to make the rolls." Her green eyes follow the greenrider while her grin only gets broader. "He's definitely got a lot of energy into this project," she muses, listing to him making suggestions for his store. Eventually she follows him out as well, turning to glance over her shoulder to see if the bronzer is following them. "Are ya satisfied?" She says, turning back to L'ren. "Ya seem to be well organized and have everything decided, now. Details can be done once ya have the place fixed up more."

R'miel heads out with them, frowning a bit. He was hoping to scare Ysa a bit before they left. But getting some affection from the gold rider isn't bad either. He chuckles a bit at the greenrider and smiles at Ysa. "Heh, well if you don't want me to bake for you… He's got the enery of three greenriders I think. Seems to have everything in line, just needs to go about ordering some things." He makes sure to shove the door back closed.

L'ren glances at the clipboard, frowning as he runs over the list of things to be done. "Seems doable." he notes, glancing to Reonth. She's not any brighter than she had been previously, nor is she particularly likely to be. "I…" he nods, and turns to Ysa, "I think I am. I … can't help but feel I'm forgetting something, but I'm sure it'll come to me eventually." The books, perhaps? "Ah well, it'll have to wait until … after. Reonth is getting ready to rise, so, I'll be out of touch for a little while." he notes, as casually as though he's commenting on the weather. He shakes his head, and looks to the storefront, chuckling to himself. "Ah, not this 'energetic' by choice, though, there's just not enough time to do everything." he points out, quite happy now to take himself over to a bench and flop down on it. That's a lot to take care of before breakfast, it is.

Ysa is not that easily scared, obviously, especially after the whole walking around the store to calm her nerves upon entry (especially with a slightly distracted player that misred the pose). She looks over her shoulder to R'miel and bobs her head. "That's alright. Don't have to fatten me up or anything… ya can bake for everyone when ya have the time." Though she likes the idea of having sweets around, she's definitely not going to monopolize the time of the bronzerider completely. She heads over to the greenrider on the bench and leans up against the back of it, looking him over. "Ya should use all this energy before she rises to get some supplies an' furniture. Might as well. An' she won't be rising for at least a bit longer, anyways.."

R'miel chuckles at L'ren. "We could maybe get going on some of the more mundane details. Though you're the second green I know glowing right now. Arin will be awfully suspicious if I don't let him up at least once." He pats L'ren on the shoulder and grins at Ysa. "No? You might look cute with a little extra meat on you." And his hands were raised defensivly in case she took to hit him for that last comment.

L'ren laughs, and looks up at the sky. "She'll keep, true. No rush there. But… I'll admit, the rumours of greenriders before flights… They got to me." he blushes sheepishly, though he can't deny that he pays more attention to people - thus tries harder to /ignore/ people - in a physical manner at this time. "I… don't trust myself. I'll be shut up in my cottage by lunchtime." he notes, glancing up at R'miel when his shoulder is squeezed. "He's a bronze, isn't he?" Ah, stereotypes, even the weyrbred L'ren holds to them, which is kind of silly, given that he doesn't want to be held to the greenrider stereotype. "I, ah, well, I've made a list of items I'll need to order already," he taps the clipboard that he'd been scribbling on all that time in the store. Most of it is even legible.

Ysa reaches to grab something to throw at the bronzerider, and finding nothing… at least nothing she's willing to throw in his direction. "Right, say that a bit closer next time. I doubt you'll actually believe that if I do put on a bit of weight." She settles for sticking out her tongue at him. She turns to L'ren again, and shrugs her shoulders. "Oh, I've seen worse greenriders back at Telgar. I get kind of loopy too, or so 'm told, when Ella goes all a-glowing." She passes a look over to her own lifemate to make sure that she isn't. Good. And thent urns to look back at the greenrider. "If ya aren't holed up in your cottage, let me know. I won't be bothered at all by ya an' Reonth so that I can help paint the place, at least. If the walls are fine, we can start by cleaning an' painting. It won't hurt."

R'miel scratches his head. "Shut yourself up? Why would you want to do that? Yeah, bronze…" He just looks generally confused. He's just another guy who has no idea what it's like when their dragon goes proddy. He grins at Ysa, cautiously poking at her side. "I like all the glowies." Typical. "Makes me feel useful for once." He even doesn't mind the males, but he'll never say that out loud.

L'ren blushes and avoids eye contact with Ysa, mumbling something and looking at Reonth. He takes a deep breath, and nods. "I… I suppose so… But if I get too, um, you can send me back to my weyr…" he nods, and leans back, looking up at the sky. "I… You know what it's like." he says, finally. Of course, R'miel doesn't. "Ah, have you been in a flight yet?" he asks, apparantly not thinking it uncommon for the answer to be no, or he wouldn't have asked. "If you have… Imagine that feeling, right before, dragon hormones at their peak, but spread out over a week. The loss of control more gradual, but far /far/ sooner, and more tempting, if only to get it over with already." Well, that's /his/ experience, anyway. Different pairs react differently and all.

Ysa rolls her eyes at R'miel. "Ya would like the glowies. Well, I've known some glowies that would give ya a punch to the nose jus' for saying that. 'Least, some of the greenriders back in Telgar were pretty testy when they were proddy." She doesn't dare comment how /she/ acts during that time. She smiles, encouraging L'ren, and shakes her head slowly. "Don't worry, I doubt I'll need to send ya away. 'Least we both can get some stuff done an' normally having something to do also helps distract ya from all that mess. Probably not completely come closer to the flight, but ya shouldn't be locked up alone for such a long time anyways." She bobs her head at his explanation, obviously sympathizing.

R'miel grins. "Yeah..? That feeling is /awesome/ don't you think? Though… I guess it would get old after a week. So just go out and… hm. I guess maybe you can't. I'm surprised you don't have a weyrmate Ren. Dunno if that would make it better. Do you always just lock yourself up before a flight? That seems… horrible man. Do ya even eat?" He blinks a bit, and grins at Ysa. He'll ask her later what she's like proddy, don't worry.

L'ren just shakes his head, "I … It doesn't take long, not for me." he blushes, ashamed of his weak will in that area. He can't help it though, he's usually starved for that kind of contact between flights, and it's more psychological, he convinces himself that it's Reonth, when it's mostly him. It would ruin his nerd credibility if he was always taking up with people, after all. "It's something, that's for sure. I don't always mind it, but I … it can make things awkward." he notes, blushing. Now it's R'miel that he refuses to make eye contact with. "I… I'm not the weyrmating kind. No room in my weyr, after my books. And flights can be inconvenient, and often confuse the issue." he shrugs, though there's something in his tone, perhaps that's not the whole reason. "There was this bluerider, we'd grown up, and impressed, together, but she was only into me for flights."

"Well… well, if ya feel uncomfortable 'bout it all, ya can always ask Reonth to contact Ella an' me when ya need the help to fix things up." Ysa doesn't really want to pressure the issue about keeping the greenrider out if he really doesn't want to be. She takes a seat on the edge of the bench, looking between one rider and then the other. "'m sorry to hear that, L'ren." She offers, not really sure what else to offer when it comes to failed relationships.

R'miel scratches his head. This was all pretty new to him, and some of the feelings that S'uin had were starting to make more sense. Of course, he had spent most of his life chasing after one girl or another and didn't have any reputation to keep track of. "You just need to find a weyrmate that loves books as much as you do. The shop can help with that you know." He frowns at L'ren's last comment. "Ah… I'm sorry to hear that. Well… if you insist on staying locked up you should at least let us come by to check on you. "

L'ren shrugs slightly, and sits up again, leaning forward a little. "It was turns ago, turns and turns. J'iel and I, we're still friends, I suppose. Don't see each other often, but we write, she keeps me informed about Janiel, sometimes I used to invite her to Ierne, but she only ever wanted one thing." he shrugs, and notes, "No-one's quite sure who Janiel's father is, unfortunately she takes after her mother so entirely that it's still impossible to tell." But this uncertainty probably helped to split the pair up. Finally, the man shrugs, and glances from Ysa to R'miel. "It's fine, really. I have books there. I have work I can do. I've even got Reonth to talk to. It's fine. You can stop by if you want, but I can't promise much." he shakes his head slowly, though he is grateful for the offer. "I… The shop will keep for another week, though I think tomorrow should still be okay, for work. Tomorrow sounds good." he nods, eyeing Reonth critically. "Tomorrow."

Ysa tilts her head at the greenrider as she listens. "Janiel? Would that be your, well possibly, only child?" Curiosity, of course. "At least there is still some form of companionship between the two of ya, to be able to remain friends, an' things weren't completely cut off. But I really don't mind coming by your place for company, either." She grins at the other rider, glancing momentarily to their dragons. "Ella would love to share plans for colors an' decorating, an' can keep Reonth company, too." She bobs her head. "I can spare some time tomorrow to help, too." She turns to regard the shop, as if willing for it to be completely fixed by tomorrow.

R'miel nods and frowns sadly at L'ren's story. Clearly the green rider had grown much more attached to the blue than she had to him. He hangs his head a bit. "That's a shame… but at least you still maintain some contact with her… even if it's pretty minimal." He looks to Ysa for a moment, before turning back to L'ren. "Ah, yeah. Tomorrow. That'll work just fine." He gives a bit of a smile to the greenrider.

L'ren shrugs slightly, and glances to Reonth. "Not only, but very 'possibly'. Janiel, and Borren. Borren is more likely my own son, that was … before the flight. But Bolia didn't exactly have a shorter back-catalogue than J'iel." he shrugs, that never deterred him before, and it's not likely to now. "Did take up briefly with a brownrider before J'iel and Bolia, but he left after he found he had a child." the man shakes his head. He's not exactly had a shortage of partners himself, but he does like his solitude. "I miss it, sometimes, but…" he shrugs. He misses J'iel most of all, though he's loathe to admit it. "But that's the past. Tomorrow is a new, hopefully flight-less, day." he nods, glancing up at the grey sky.

Ysa lifts her hand so that she may place is on the greenrider's shoulder, if allowed, for the comfort. Not that she is very familiar with any of that. "Sounds like ya had quite a life so far, L'ren. 'm sure someone else is bound to come 'long, like R'miel said. An' you'll be busier with the bookstore, so not so much alone 'nymore when ya have all your patrons coming 'round." She also does glance up to the bronzerider, and bobs her head. "Give us a call tomorrow. Ella's already so excited about the prospect of more decorating that she'll be disappointed if she's forgotten now."

R'miel nods a bit. "I… Well. As far as I know I don't have any kids. Arin has caught a few greens, but nothing ever came of them. Do you see Borren at all?" He askes hopefully, then nods to Ysa. "There'll be others. We'll try and help you get through this cycle, just let us know when you need it. Don't be shy." He gives L'ren a pat on the shoulder as well.

L'ren shakes his head, and looks from Ysa to R'miel as both pat his shoulders. "Really, it's fine. I'm fine." He wasn't acting that way, though. "It's not my first flight or anything. I can take care of myself." though, he smiles, and seems to relax a little. "I have had quite a life so far, haven't I?" he notes, with a thoughtful tone. "Perhaps I should write a book." he declares, randomly, though he doesn't seem that eager to get started just yet. "I see Borren occasionally. I may have to get him out here to help with the store, find him a nice girl. He just made journeyman, you know. An archivist and a historian." Just like L'ren. There's /very/ little doubt about Borren's parentage.

Ysa stretches her arms up over her head as she chuckles at the greenrider. "It'll be an interesting book. I wonder how many riders out there have decided to jot down their lives eventually. You're probably the best one to do so, given that ya know more 'bout books an' writing than many others, I bet. Give it a try when ya have time further along in the future. You're still young an' all." She gives L'ren a wink and turns to the store. "Borren sounds like ya. I'd like to meet 'im if he comes 'round. I'll probably be stoping by your store when ya have it set up."

R'miel smiles a bit. "Ah, you have led and interesting life. And you're good at storytelling. I'd read your book, L'ren." If he could. Reading was never one of R'miel's strong suits. His smile turns to a grin as L'ren talks about his other son. "Ah, is that so? Well, good for him. Just like his old man, eh?"

L'ren laughs, and notes, to both Ysa and R'miel, "If you help set it up, I'll give you a discount, on everything." Because, you know, he can't really /pay/ them. As for good at storytelling, he shrugs. "I read a lot, that's all. About people who've led /far/ more interesting lives than myself." he adds, modestly, but more or less accurately. They can't all be winners, though. "It's more for selling books, not for writing books." he adds, nodding to the storefront. It may look old and rundown now, but in L'ren's mind he can see it when it's finished and packed with books and people, and the thought cheers him up immensely.

Ysa's grin broadens at the greenrider. "Discounts? Really? Thanks," she says, sincerely. Though she didn't have a book collection, the idea was always welcoming if she decided to purchase something. Well, purchase books. "An' reading a lot generally helps ya learn to write better. Ya gotta write something in the years to come. I want to see your name on a book in the future, though we'll most likely still be chatting every so often so I'll probably be pestering ya 'bout it." She chuckles again before leaning back on the bench, glancing up the sky to guess at the time now.

R'miel also grins at the greenrider. "I don't read too much, but if I ever need a book I'll know where to come. But I will pick up you book when you write it." He stretches a bit and intertwines his fingers behind his head. "Maybe your son will take over the family business someday, and you'll have plenty of time to write." He follows Ysa's gaze upwards. "Argh… suppose I should go attend to my duties…"

L'ren glances up, and shakes his head slowly. "Well, there's a lot to get done, and not a lot of time. I'd best get to ordering and all that running around, I think I can get hold of the basic materials this afternoon." he nods. Just paints, wood, hammer and nails, that sort of thing. And glows, most importantly glows. "I'll see you both here tomorrow?" he suggests, nodding to the abandoned store one last time, before standing, and heading off towards the beach, and his cottage, which currently doubles as his office, to start work on that.

Ysa frowns when R'miel mentions duties and sadly bobs her head. "Yah, we should be heading out too," she sighs and turns to L'ren with a smile. "'Course, tomorrow. We'll bring ideas an' some klah, an' start on what we can as soon as possible." She gets up and stretches again, waving to both the riders. "We'll be seeing ya," she tells them both as she trots over to Ellamariseth so that they could leave together.

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