Weyrlord's First Day: Grounding Riders

Log incomplete: Start and probably end missing.

Ierne Weyrhold - Infirmary

This large, airy, bright space is partitioned into a recovery area, an exam area, and a waiting area. Soft rugs cover the floor of the waiting area, but the other places' floors are bear. To make up for this lack, potted flowers and ferns have been put in every conceivable place not already taken up by shelves, closets, tables, or cots - although they are placed on most of the tables anyway. Only the exam area and a special room back in the back of the building - the isolation room - are fairly bleak, without soft rug or plant. The staff here has made up for this by hanging framed watercolors of plants.

R'miel comes into the infirmary, carrying Ysa. Her leg is injured, he doesn't know to what extent. His jacket is tore up, and his own arm has deep gauges from the kitty slashing at him. Several of the staff move to take Ysa from his arms, but he refuses. "No, I'll take her! Please! She's injured she's bleeding!" The staff try to assure him, but he continues to refuse. Finally two of the security move to restraing him and Ysa is removed from his arms. R'miel fights them, his sniffling can be heard through his bantering. "No! Please! I want to be with her! Ysa! Let me go!" Eventually he is pulled away to a separate room and probably given something to calm down while the healers tend to Ysa first.

Ysa is definitely hurt. Her pants have been torn up down her right leg where the feline had gotten a good hold of her and tried to drag her off while she was defenseless. The long trek back home was quite awhile and after the bloodloss, she was woozy enough to have dozed off on R'miel's back. Except now there's some commotion that has roused her enough. "Ram?" She calls, hazily, before blinking at the Healers everywhere, suddenly. She's placed onto a bed, wide eyes staring after the bronzerider that was removed elsewhere. "R'miel! Hey, what in the name of— Those were expensive!" She definitely still has some energy as she kicks with her good leg at a Healer. "Get that bronzer back in here—Shells, woman, that hurts!" She hisses as she is restrained back onto the bed for them to cut away her pants and get to work.

L'ren enters grumbling about paperwork, he really wants to be fixing up his store, or hidden in his weyr, but here he is, new Weyrlord's knot weighing heavily on the greenrider's shoulder. L'ren enters looking for a healer, any healer, with some kind of paperwork attached to his clipboard. He's busy reading it at the moment, though he has to look up at all the noise, seeing R'miel carry Ysa, get dragged off, and both call for the other. He decides to get R'miel's story first, and heads to the other room, asking "W-What happened?" peering curiously into the next room to check on Ysa.

R'miel is cradling his arm a bit. It's been temporarily bandaged while he waits to be seen. He's breathing heavily and looks ragged, dirty, and distrught. He looks up at L'ren. "L-L'ren… we… we went out looking for this feline outside the weyr. And it popped out of no where, and Ys…" He hugs himself for moment, then drops his head into his hands. Normally R'miel is the last person to be letting someone see him cry, but his emotions are running high. He's feeling guilty and frightened that Ysa may have sustained lasting damage to her leg. His shoulders shake as he sobs. "She's hurt cause of me…"

There is another hiss of pain through tightly clenched teeth as the pants are actually peeled back from the bloody leg, which is accompanied by a loud angry trumpeting from outside. Ysa is still not letting off easy, even after several people try to assure her. "Relax, ma'am." and "It'll be okay, we need to see your leg, ma'am." She definitely curses up a storm when they go ahead and clean off her leg. "I /won't/ be okay, ya 'snake! R'miel, get in here!" There's a beating of wings outside in the plaza and another louder angry hiss with someone definitely not happy about their rider being cared for like that. L'ren was missed amid all the hustling and eventually there are one too many people on staff holding her arms down so that she cannot make too much of a fuss besides shout out curses at them.

L'ren looks rather uncomfortable, like he wants to step forward and comfort R'miel, but he can't move from the doorway. "I-I… Let me just, just look, okay? She'll be fine, sh-she will." he nods, glancing back to the other room, fidgetting with his clipboard. He wants to get in there and help, try to calm Ysa, reassure her, but the healers don't seem all that likely to appreciate the distraction. "It-I-The healers know what they're doing…" he frowns, and moves over to R'miel now, putting an arm around the bronzerider's shoulders if he'll let him. "Y-you need, Arinith, Ellamariseth… Calm her down, she needs to be calm." Reonth is trying too, now, though she's just a green. «It'll be alright, the healers will fix her, be calm, be strong for her, she needs you to be calm.» Her often chaotic ocean mind is as calm and still as she can get it, though this isn't something she has had to do much.

R'miel winces as he hears his name from the other room. He whimpers a bit, but seems to calm down as the bronzerider puts his arm around him. "Arin, Ella. Right. Gotta… gotta. calm down." He breathes deeply and tries to relax enough. He calms Arinith, who is will Ella, and tells him to try and keep the gold calm. "I'm okay.. I'm sure she's fine. She's just got some nasty cuts that need to be cleaned out and some stitches."

Ysa will never make it easy, even after the wound is cleaned off and fellis had been applied in all its stinging glory. But then there's the numbweed salve applied around the gash where the teeth tore down when trying to drag her away and the small teeth puncture wounds. Ellamariseth is all sharp silvers and icy mind touches as she rounds about on the smaller green angrily. «I will when /I'm/ in there.» But with the calming salve, she seems to calm down just a bit, and the bronze helps too. The gold simmers down to a boil, growing outside the infirmary. Ysa, on the other hand, is glaring as the Healers get to work on stitching her up. She's not fighting back, but she's not happy. "/Now/ can he come in," she seethes out to the head Healer, the woman she called a snake. "I saw L'ren's shiny new knot— I know you're there, too! Use your shardin' authority already!" That's called out to the other room where the men are.

L'ren looks up, and frowns. It's his /new/ knot, yes. He's not sure exactly how to handle his newfound powers yet. He clears his throat, tries to sound authoritarian, "Ahem, what's going on here?" he asks, his voice cracking partway through. He really has no idea, but he gives R'miel a final pat on the shoulder, then heads back into the main infirmary, trying to look the part. He beckons for R'miel to follow, then seeks out the healer in charge for a few words. It's what he thinks he should be doing now, anyway.

R'miel looks at L'ren. "I… I think she wants us in there." He hangs his head. "Did you hear her? This is the woman I want to be the mother of my children someday. She'll break my fingers if I go in there I just know she will." He stands up slowly, and moves his way into Ysa's room. "Ys…?" He says timidly, heading over to her bed. His eyes gloss over as he squats down near her.

Ysa's seething seems to calm down visibly at the sight of the greenrider, but she keeps it up until the Healers finally allow the bronzerider to her side without much fuss. Those on staff that had been holding her down go to help the woman with the stitching of her leg as R'miel takes their place. The goldrider sighs out, and drops her shoulders. "There ya are," she says, turning her head towards him. Her green eyes roam over his face, than they go straight to his arm and narrow immediately, and she lifts an arm to point. One young apprentice went to hold her back down but she only glares at him. "Has /that/ been properly taken care of?" She turns to R'miel, sparing L'ren a glance. "He needs stitches too, doesn't he? An' some proper care. I don't know what all /this/ fuss is about."

L'ren is busy talking the healer's ear off, but he did note what R'miel said with a quirk of his lips, a faint hint of perhaps a smile, and a whisper of 'good luck'. He may be burned out on relationships himself, but he's still a romantic at heart. Ysa's pointing out of R'miel's arm does distract the greenrider from misguidedly berating the healer, and he frowns at the bronzerider. "That does look nasty." He didn't notice it before because everything was happening too fast, and he's had a lot on his mind lately, but now he peers at it, and grabs a nearby healer by the shoulders, pointing the journeyman at it. One less healer to be bothering Ysa, and there are certainly enough healers to be a nuisance to R'miel if he'll resist. L'ren's clipboard lays forgotten in the other room for now.

R'miel it's just as well that R'miel is removed to be tended to. His own arm needs to be stitched, but he doesn't yell or howl like Ysa did. He grits his teeth and takes it like a man. "Wasn't their fault… I came in refusing treatment until Ysa was taken care of." His arm is stiched up and bandaged up. Once he's finished he rushes back to Ysa's bed, looking down at her. His arm might be clean, but he still looked a mess from the fight and the trek home. He still looks distraught. "Ys… are you alright? There's no damage, right?"

"It was nasty," Ysa confirms with the greenrider, glaring at the Healers that go to take care of R'miel's wound. Her own by then had been finished and carefully being bandaged. She gives the woman another stern look as she heads off to concoct some fellis drink for her to probably sleep the rest of the day away without any problems… until she wakes up and starts fussing again. "No damage?" Her brows raise up to R'miel. "My shardin' leg got shredded, but other than that, I think I lost my knife out there." She settles back onto the bed with a sigh. "An' it wasn't your fault, so don't go blaming yourself. Blame that feline… an' I want a bloody coat out of it's hide."

L'ren is just sort of feeling … not needed, so he sets off to find that clipboard. "Where, where, ah, there." he mumbles, all but pouncing on it. Hoorah, pointless busy work. "I, ah, well I can see the reason for /that/ now." he mutters to himself, scribbling something down. "Ah, Ysa, R'miel," he heads back over, "How are you feeling now?" he asks, pen poised over paper. A pause, and his face goes white. "F-feline?" he repeats, glancing to the pair's injuries. Not a /domestic/ feline, then?

R'miel settles down in a seat next to Ysa's bed. He sniffles a bit and rubs at his eyes, making them all red and puffy, then pulls his glasses down onto his face. He winces as Ysa talks about her leg and hangs his head. "It is my fault though.. I took you out there. I'm so stupid, why did I do that? I'll go back out there today and get your knife and the skin, don't worry Ys." He then shakes his head to L'ren. "No… it was a wild feline. A big one. I'd heard about it, so we went looking."

"Nasty thing with nasty teeth," Ysa tells L'ren with a nod. She doesn't seem to want to put too much fight in being angry, especially with her lifemate finally calmed down outside. She pats the bed beside her for the bronzerider to get a closer seat. "Aw, have ya been crying, R'miel?" She finally notices, smiling up to him. "No need to go on out, really. 'Lease not today, or not alone. Or send someone else to go fetch it. I don't want /ya/ getting attacked 'gain by the feline's mate or something." She closes her eyes and rests her head back briefly before opening them up to look back to L'ren. "'m feeling woozy," is what she answers, giving a shrug. The healer comes back to rest the fellis on a stand next to her, but she doesn't dare touch it yet.

L'ren frowns, and jots something down. "Hm, I see… You went looking." he glances to R'miel, and shakes his head slowly. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to ground you both until you heal, those'll get infected if you're not careful." he points his pen at Ysa's leg, then at R'miel's arm. "Give you time to find a safer pastime than looking for felines." Though he doubts they're likely to do that again. He taps at the clipboard, thoughtfully. "Perhaps assign some other duty, I hear the healers are always looking for assistance." He's not serious, he can't be. He's letting the power go straight to his head. He sighs then, and takes off his glasses, rubbing at the bridge of his nose. All that's gone to his head is an ache. "I do know a tanner who's been looking to try something new, I'll get her out to take care of the feline." he sighs, but it's a better option than letting an injured rider try and deal with it.

R'miel climbs up and sits carefully on the bed next to her. He sniffles a bit and strokes her hair gently. "I'm sorry, Lyssie…" He leans over to kiss her forehead. She couldn't be dying if she had that mught fight left in her, right? He looks to the greenrider. "Ground us!" He protests, then sighs. "I suppose it's for the best. I can stitch and help mend maybe. Been a few turns since I've needed to."

Ysa stares at the greenrider— no, they're looking at the temporary Weyrlord in action there. "/Grounded/? Ya can't be serious…" Her eyes turn to her bandaged up leg. "How long will this take to heal?" This is asked to any of the two riders, as the Healers have taken their staff elsewhere once they made sure that she and R'miel were taken care of properly. "I-I don't know what else to do." There's a frown on her face as she listens to the greenrider further. "The tanner can send whatever she makes to my weyr— or R'miel's, really. I wanna see that feline hung up or worn somewhere pretty after all it had done to us." She reaches over to take the bronzer's hand in hers, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

L'ren shakes his head slowly, conferring with a healer for a moment, before rendering his official verdict, "You're not to go between until you've healed, as that's the sort of thing likely to get infected between. I /suggest/ taking it easy for the next couple of days, you don't want to tear those stitches." But he makes it clear the latter is just a suggestion, not an order. "Find a relaxing hobby, practice music, do whatever you like, just don't go looking for trouble." he notes, frowning at his clipboard. "You'll be free again soon enough." he nods, though he's no healer, he can't tell how long an injury will take to heal.

R'miel decides not to answer Ysa's question about how long it'll take to heal. He knows an injury of that caliber will likely never heal, she'll carry the scars for a long time. "Probably should take a week off, Ysa. You… lost a lot of blood. I'll look after you, don't worry. But… I don't think I'll be making good on my promise, love." He nods to L'ren. "I'll keep track of her, Weyrlord."

"Perfect," Ysa mutters at the verdict of the times. She wrinkles her nose at her damaged leg before turning to look up at L'ren and bobs her head quickly. "Yah, music, I guess I have that while I sit down on the ground all alone an' everyone goes off having some fun." There goes her fun plans as well as enjoying her duties. At the thought of less meetings and errands, though, it seems to make her feel a bit better. She raises a brow curiously at R'miel. "What promise was that? An' 'm fine… the wooziness is probably from the blood loss but 'm good." Yes, wooziness indeed. She shuts her eyes a moment before opening them again to glance at the other two.

L'ren blushes and looks kind of uncomfortable again, and he'd been doing so well with the position so far, too. "L'ren. Please." he pleads, with a strained sigh. He looks to the clipboard, and shakes his head slowly. "I've… I've got work to do. You two take care of each other, now. It wouldn't do to lose two riders so shortly after my promotion." he smiles weakly, a little joke. Very little. "If you need anything, just ask. Reonth is happy to relay messages, if I'm off elsewhere." he adds, grimacing. Meetings and errands indeed.

R'miel clears his throat. "Er. /You know/…" How soon she forget. "I won't be running off anyplace. Are they going to keep you here? I can carry you back. It'll be more comfortable in your own bed." Yep, he's fussing. He nods to L'ren and grins. "Thanks, L'ren, for looking out for us. We appreciate it…"

Ysa seems to be coming up short on recent promises that the bronzerider made before it suddenly dawns on her. "Oh," she says, bobbing her head. "Right." She tries to offer the greenrider a reassuring smile as she lifts her free hand to wave after him. "We'll be fine. They can't get rid of us that easily…" She tries to manage a chuckle but her mood really isn't in on it just yet. "Thanks, L'ren," she calls after him. Turning her attention back to the rider remaining, she shakes her head slowly. "They want me 'ere overnight," she says with a suffering sigh. "Check up an' all. Ya should stay, too." This is said more forceful in case he thought he would leave her there in the infirmary alone.

L'ren nods briefly to R'miel and Ysa, noting, "Well, what's a Weyr — or a Weyrhold — without riders, right? Got to take care of them." he nods exaggeratedly, almost a sort of bow, then slips out.

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