A Firelizard Hatches on the Beach

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach

A long curving beach, the sand yellowish brown, facing eastward along the Great Bay coast. Off on the horizon, far in the distance, can be seen the cliffs of Southern Hold, on the opposite side.

The beach curves north-northeast, and south-southeast, stretching both directions quite a distance, while gentle waves lap in from the bay to the east. Far beyond the hide-tide mark, at the forest's edge, the cobbled stones of the road lead west toward Ierne.

People: L'ren, R'ik.
Dragons: Reonth, Tunseth.

L'ren is settled in the sand, with a book resting on his knees. It's odd to see a man in full clothing on the beach, peering through his glasses at an old book. Very strange. Meanwhile, Reonth is enjoying herself immensely out to sea, and Ren's firelizards are chittering over some small object near the path to the weyrhold proper.

Silence reigns in the sky overhead. And then suddenly, a dragon appears from Between, not far from the beach. The sound of flapping wings fills the air as the large bronze comes into view, and then lands on the beach. The bronze and his rider land far away from L'ren's location, so as not to cause any trouble for the other man. The rider, a blond fellow, hops down and gives a smile to the man reading the book. "Hello there!" he offers in a pleasant tone, a friendly smile upon his face. "How are you?"

L'ren blinks a little and raises his head, refocusing his eyes on the blond rider. "Ah, hello. Just taking a moment to have a read. Fascinating book, absolutely fascinating, it's a weyrlingmaster's manual from the second pass!" For varying definitions of fascinating… "It's got notes written in the margins and everything, a little piece of history!" Well, he certainly is passionate about that. There's a lengthy pause as he stretches rusty socialising muscles. "Ah, and you?" he asks, completely ignoring the out of character chittering of his normally very quiet green firelizard.

Believe it or not, the blond man actually seems interested. Though in R'ik's case, it's wondering whether the information contained therein could turna profit or not. "Oh really?" he inquires, beginning to fiddle with the straps on the bronze. As he does, his own green firelizard lifts off from Tunseth's neckridges, where it seems she's trying to hide from L'ren for some reason. "Back when Thread was still falling?" he inquires. "Some people are very interested in the destructive stuff…I for one am glad we've seen the last of it. Or, so far anyway." He grins, and begins to walk closer to L'ren, skirting the firelizard's chittering. Though he pauses at it. "Hmm…does she usually carry on like that?" he inquires, tilting his head and examining the creature carefully.

L'ren grins, and nods. "Yeah, when thread was falling, amazing, isn't it?" he says, his eyes lighting up like a kid at christmas time. Though, even he has to admit, "I doubt I'd be a rider in times of thread. I love Reonth, I do, but riding is not for me. Give me my craft, any day." Nerrrd. He blinks a little at the firelizard, now that his attention has been called to her. "Er, no, that's why I named her Whisper…" he murmurs, standing and heading over to take a look at what's got the firelizard all in a tizzy. "Looks like a pastry." he says, at first glance. "A very, hmm, well." He kneels down in the sand, brushing it away from the 'pastry'. "Huh. Looks like a firelizard egg." he muses, picking it up, if only to silence that chittering green. It seems to work, as she switches over to humming, and L'ren eyes the egg a little more warily. "Have you ever seen such an egg?" he muses, as he heads back to R'ik, offering the man the egg, to take a closer look.

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice Egg
A slight buttery hue encrusts this egg in a crackle-crisp finish that fades to browning towards both apexes. A dusting of floury-white is smudged here and there, upon baked dough's wheaten tones. It may appear temptingly decadent, but don't eat it — there's something inside!

R'ik shakes his head. "No, I'm afraid I haven't," he notes, taking the offered egg and turning it 'round slightly, to examine the little thing. "It does look like a pastry, doesn't it?" R'ik chuckles. "Never seen an egg quite so lifelike. Wonder whose firelizard laid it?" He notes the humming, and also notes as his own green joins in, but he doesn't pay the sound any mind. Travanna's an odd little thing.

L'ren is perhaps well aware of what the humming might mean, as he's trotting back to where he'd been sitting to grab a bag left laying there. "Meatrolls?" he offers, opening the small roughly woven cloth bag, and holding it out to R'ik. As for the egg, he smiles. "You should've seen Reonth's egg. All white at first, but when the light caught it just right, at seemed to shine with all the colours of the rainbow." Though, obviously, dragons are not firelizards. "That's a good question though, just one egg, all on its own, maybe someone forgot it…" He frowns as the egg starts to wobble, and holds out the meatroll bag again, silently. He's got two good firelizards, and is still trying to train a third, he really doesn't need another.

R'ik chuckles. "Tunseth's over there…his egg looked like a hot coal from a fireplace," he notes. "I was almost afraid to touch it." He seems startled as the egg starts to wobble. "Oh," he notes. "So that's what got Travanna started." He does take a meatroll from the bag, at least knowing that the little things are hungry when they first hatch. He also gets a handkerchief from a pocket and puts the egg atop it in his hand, so that egg goo doesn't get all over his hands!

L'ren chuckles, and glances out at Reonth, out to sea. "Sometimes I see the same rainbow reflection in the water. I think that's what she was trying to tell me, in the egg, that she'd be /obsessed/ with the water one day." he snorts, but it's an affectionate snort. The egg is wobbling slowly, picking up the pace in a lazy sort of manner, there's no hurry, it has all the time in the world… "Look at me, I'm getting a /tan/, I'm an archivist by craft, and Weyrlord by occupation, I'm supposed to spend all day indoors, not /tan/." Besides, he's exaggerating, he's not getting a tan, though he is going slightly pink, the beginnings of sunburn most likely.

R'ik chuckles a little, making sure the egg's tipping doesn't cause it to fall out of his hand. He looks up to L'ren, giving a smirk. "Well, that's what a beach is for, isn't it?" he inquires with a smirk. His own complexion has a healthy sort of tan; apparently he's used to being out in the sun. "Though I'd watch the sun exposure…if you have pale skin, it will burn easier," cautions. No rushing the egg from R'ik, either, though Travanna climbs down the front of his shirt to examine the little egg, almost seeming to fret over it as if it were her own.

The egg, dusted with sugar and spice and all things nice, begins to crack now, and then suddenly the pace becomes more frenzied. What's that it can sense through the crack now? Food? It smells food! It must hatch, yes, and quickly. The egg rocks and rolls and shudders until it is near vibrating. It won't be long now! L'ren takes a cautious step backwards, making sure R'ik is the one holding the bag of meatrolls before he does so. "I'm not really a sun person, but, in my limited free time, I like to be with Reonth, nd I like to read. It's hard to do both and /not/ come down to the beach. I could read elsewhere, but Reonth is almost never elsewhere, so…" he shrugs a little, and takes a smaller step backwards, trying to appear casual.

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice Egg trembles for a moment, then begins to jitter, it's definitely moving in a very jittery manner, like a child all hopped up on sugar and bubbly pies. There's a brief high pitched noise, and then it all falls apart, leaving a hungry little Neither Snips nor Snails, nor Puppy Dog Tails Brown in its wake.

Neither Snips nor Snails, nor Puppy Dog Tails Brown Hatchling
The hide of this firelizard is a mixture of colours, starting with a rich chocolatey dark brown that sweeps from his head, down his back and over his wings, all the way to his tail tip, melting along his sides into a creamy tan that coats his lower half and the underside of his wings. There are a few oddities, like the headknobs that look dusted with white sugary powder, or the buttery cream patch on his stomach, but these things pale to his most obvious feature: his roly poly girth. Oh, he's a jolly old fellow alright, with more than a little bit of a sweet tooth.

The egg hatches with a minimum of egg goo, apparently the hatchling /ate/ it all.

R'ik nods. "I can understand; she likes the water, after all. Tunseth prefers to be flying, and he often likes to make sure I'm with him. Luckily, since I'm a merchant, we have to travel all over the place, so…." He pauses as the egg falls apart in his hand, and looks to the entry into the world. He grins, and offers the meatroll to the hatchling. He takes care to keep his fingers clear, as he knows how ravenous newly-hatched firelizards are. "Haha…! Rotund little fellow," he notes. "But still quite cute. But hungry."

Neither Snips nor Snails, nor Puppy Dog Tails Brown Hatchling looks into R'ik's eyes. Impression!

L'ren grins as the brown gobbles up R'ik's offerings, the brown already looking up for more. Finally, the greenrider steps closer again. The danger has passed. "My, he /is/ a rotund little guy, isn't he?" he notes, with a chuckle. "You'll have your hands full with him!" And he means that quite literally. Whisper, the man's green firelizard, is quite smug. /She/ found the egg, and didn't she do well? It wasn't even a dud, or eaten by tunnelsnakes or anything, it actually hatched!

R'ik goes for more meatrolls to offer to the still-hungry hatchling. "It looks like it," he notes, chuckling. "I have to confess, I have something of a soft spot for firelizards. They can be trained to do so much that no one expects." A grin. "And they're a great marketing strategy, since they're so cute. Many people would buy from a merchant who actively uses firelizards to further his sales."

L'ren raises an eyebrow at the training comment. "Oh? Like what, exactly?" his responsible Weyrlord side is warring with his firelizard-owning shopkeeper side, and it's unclear exactly which is winning, though he does have to smirk. "Whisper suits my book store slash library very well, she's like a miniature librarian. And then there's my brown, Hardcover, /always/ on the look out for sneaky thieves." Although L'ren tends to direct the thieves to the library section, he's a softie when it comes to giving people access to books.

With a smirk, R'ik answers, "Well, they can hold signs, for one," he points out. "And they can draw customers to a booth. They can pop around an area giving out free samples of product…and come on…who could resist something useful or tasty that's FREE, given by something so cute?" He grins.

R'ik looks up as Tunseth snorts. "Oh?" he looks at the sky. "ACK! Was that today?!" He grabs a couple more meatrolls from the bag, in case the hatchling remains hungry. "I'm afraid I have a meeting with another merchant about setting up a booth in Fort. He's interested in having me carry his merchandise…and he's going to be upset with me. Hopefully I'll see you later, when I'm not so rushed, and we can discuss that book of yours." He smiles, and then, scarfing firelizard and all, hops onto Tunseth again, followed by Travanna.

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