Meet and Greet

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach

A long curving beach, the sand yellowish brown, facing eastward along the Great Bay coast. Off on the horizon, far in the distance, can be seen the cliffs of Southern Hold, on the opposite side.

The beach curves north-northeast, and south-southeast, stretching both directions quite a distance, while gentle waves lap in from the bay to the east. Far beyond the hide-tide mark, at the forest's edge, the cobbled stones of the road lead west toward Ierne.

People: B'ky, L'ren, Slidra.
Dragons: Avideth, Iaserth, Reonth.

The morning is well on its way to noon, and B'ky and Avideth are out on the beach, enjoying the sunshine. The blue dragon is lounging on the sand while B'ky, still dressed in riding leathers, unpacks a couple small crates of what appear to be food. The bluerider smiles and raises his head, chuckling at his dragon and nodding absently, while setting out parchent-wrapped items on the sand.

L'ren wanders over with his nose deep in a book, though, by now, his feet know the path from his store to the beach well enough to not need the input of his eyes to get him there safely. He also has a scuffed leather satchel thrown over one shoulder, large enough to hold A4 notebooks and papers. Reonth is, as she always seems to be, out wallowing in the shallows. There's a cheerful warble sent Avideth's way, causing L'ren to look up and blink, shuffling his satchel half out of sight, protectively, before moving closer. "Er, hello." he calls to B'ky, in a curious tone, though not /quite/ a question.

A green dragon lands on the sand, well away from B'ky in order not to spray him with sand and, after unstrapping, Slidra slides down, patting the green on her jaw. "Yes, go play in the water." She then turns to B'ky and then L'ren. "Hey there."

B'ky waves amiably to the two riders, offering a gentle smile and a, "Hello." Avideth bugles a friendly greeting towards the greens, lifting his head from the sand to watch them. B'ky glances towards his lifemate and chuckles, then straightens as he introduces himself, "I'm B'ky, that's Avideth." He brushes off the sand from his fingers and then extends a hand to L'ren, then Slidra.

L'ren shifts the book to one hand, adjusting his glasses briefly, before extending his now-free hand to B'ky. "Ah, L'ren, historian, archivist, shopkeeper, Weyrlord." Listed in order of preference than anything else. He does love the past. "And that's Reonth." He jerks his chin at the green in question, a near permanent fixture on the beach. Introductions done, and hand shaken, he extends his hand to Slidra, with a "Hello." for her as well. Reonth gives a bugle to Slidra's green as well, calling to both dragons to join her in the water. It's /lovely/.

Slidra smiles and shakes both B'ky and L'ren hands with a cute smile. "Nice to meet you both." She answers with a soft, happy voice. "I arrived only a few days back and it's all new to me."

B'ky blinks at L'ren's introduction, and raises his eyebrows, saying to both riders, "Well met." Avideth swings his head to glance at B'ky, and then gets up to go play in the water, crooning happily as he dunks down in the shallows, sending small waves up the beach. B'ky chuckles softly at his dragon, then nods to Slidra, saying, "Welcome, then. I'm relatively new here, myself. Avideth and I are on vacation from Fort." At the word vacation, Avideth snorts loudly from his spot in the water. B'ky just smiles and moves back towards the crates, saying, "I was just about to set up for lunch, if either of your would like to join me?"

L'ren nods to Slidra, his satchel sliding around to his side, and then carefully pushed back. "Nice to meet you too, uh..?" he asks, with a slight frown. She hasn't really introduced herself yet, as such. He does tilt his head a little sheepishly at B'ky's reaction to his introduction. "I'm a busy busy man." he mutters, eyeing that book with a slight grimace, before tucking it away in his satchel. Reading later. "I, er. Lunch sounds good." he says, eyeing the crates a little warily. Reonth is overjoyed to have company, and she shows it, by waddling through the shallows towards the other dragons, flicking her tail twice under the water, once to send a wave towards Iaserth, and once to send one towards Avideth. It's this game she likes, called 'get everyone wet', apparently.

Slidra place a hand before her mouth and blushes lightly. "I'm sorry, I'm Slidra, green Iaserth's rider." She says with a cute smile. "I get forgetful sometimes and I still have to get used to the change of time, there's some time difference for me"

B'ky chuckles and nods to L'ren, removing more parchment-wrapped items from the crate. The last item, instead of putting it on the sand, gets places on the crate after he turns the wooden box on its side. He unwraps this package carefully, revealing half a dozen meatrolls. The items previously placed in the sand get unwrapped as well, showing them to be various bottles of juice. B'ky offers them to the other riders, and settles himself on the sand, saying to Slidra, "Where do you hail from, originally?" Avideth gets wet by an incoming wave, and moves into deeper water. He likes this game! Rising slightly, the blue dunks down, sending waves outward, while nearly completely submerging his body.

Slidra blinks. "I should be going, I was to meet for some tanning craft in a short moment." she says at B'ky and L'ren with a sorry smile. "Maybe another time." She adds with a smile and a wink.

L'ren watches B'ky carefully, before picking up a bottle of juice and very cautiously sniffing at it. This seems to be what he was hoping for, as he relaxes a little, and carefully settles himself on the sand, moving his satchel to his lap. There's a frown as Slidra says she has to leave, and the man waves a little. "Well, uh. See you around, Slidra." he says, with a nod. Friendly. Friendly like a politician, because, let's face it, that's what he /is/. Reonth seems quite happy to play in the water, chasing Avideth even further out to sea. There's a joyful bubbling croon as he sends a wave her way, and she dives under the water, evidently most at home in the sea rather than on land or in the air.

B'ky smiles softy and nods to the departing Slidra, "Another time, then." The bluerider chuckles at the dragons' antics in the water, even as Avideth is peering around for Reonth, and dipping his own head underwater to look for her. The blue blows bubbles, not quite as at home in the water, but still enjoying the game immensely. B'ky snags a meatroll, offering these too to L'ren and asking, "You said you were a shopkeeper?"

L'ren chuckles softly, and nods, grabbing himself several meatrolls, and using his satchel as a makeshift plate for the time being. "Mmhmm, just off the marketplace, cosy little store, the Book Place. It stocks books, for sale and loan." He munches on a meatroll, then has to admit, "My son usually runs the place, on a day to day basis, I just don't have the /time/." Sigh. He is clearly passionate about books, his eyes lit up when he talked about his store. Reonth surfaces with one of her bubbling croons, flaring her wings out and splashing water up into the air.

B'ky listens thoughtfully, nodding in sympathy at not having the time. "For loan?" the bluerider asks, raising a curious brow as he takes a bite of another meatroll. "I'll have to stop by," he adds, "Avi's been nagging me for a while to find something other than work to do." B'ky chuckles and shakes his head, though the fact that he is still dressed in riding leathers likely means he's been off doing said work anyway. He certainly does not look like a man on vacation. In the water, Avideth whuffs in surprise at Reonth's appearance. The blue is in good humor and mimics her, though his wing spreading and splashing is less 'up in the air' and more 'everywhere'.

L'ren raises an eyebrow at B'ky. "Work?" he asks, with a slight chuckle. "I thought you said you were on vacation? You really should /relax/." he adds. There's a momentary pause then, and he admits, "When Reonth and I came out here, well, we took a brief vacation. Didn't take too long though before I was back in the archives." Nope, not long at all. "My predecessor here had an /interesting/ filing system." As his successor to the archivist position no doubt thinks of /him/. Reonth tilts her head at Avideth, then demonstrates again. You hold the wings at /this/ angle, and move them like so… Water in the air! She warbles at Avideth, encouraging him to try again.

B'ky chuckles softly, pointing his meatroll up the beach towards his weyr and saying, "I've been trying, but there's always someone who needs something delivered, especially around here. I used to fly transport for Fort, but," he shrugs. Old habits die hard, perhaps? The blue rider smiles, though, "Interesting, hm?" and he chuckles, "I remember when I was younger, I'd sometimes help sort through Fort's old records." B'ky shakes his head, "Half the work was trying to figure out how they were organized." There's a fond smile, though, for the memory of it. Down in the water, the blue dragon watches Reonth curiously. Avideth tries again, watching the green carefully and then tilting his wings at the demonstrated angle and, WHOOSH! Well the water goes up. And then it comes down. And the surprised blue gets a faceful. Shaking droplets off his muzzle, Avideth can't help but look a little sheepish. Not he's completely wet. Oh well, what else is the beach for, after all?

L'ren belatedly notes, "I've got a section of the store set aside for loaning books, I don't believe books should have to cost marks just to /read/. Though, my son disagrees." And his son is probably /right/ to. "Store's not doing too well, money wise." But it's said with a casual shrug. It's really more of a hobby for the man, perhaps even a calling, and he earns enough in his /other/ job to fund it. "We'd be happy to have you though. If I'm not there, my son sure will be." There's a pause, and he nods at the blue in the water. "If you're not doing anything for the next six months, we /could/ use another rider. We've got a brownrider based out of Ista who runs collections on overdue books, but she's gone and found herself pregnant. Puts me in an awkward position. Can't really fire her, she's my sister, but I've got to do /something/." Reonth seems /delighted/ at Avideth's second attempt, splashing up more water. She seems quite content to have it fall back down on her. The green rolls over onto her side then, using a wing to send a wave in the blue's direction. Another new trick to learn? What fun!

B'ky smiles, "I will definitely stop by. I don't know of any other places that loan out books. How long can they by borrowed?" He chuckles at the not being able to fire one's sister, and nods with some amusement, "I don't plan on moving again in the next several months. And I'd be happy to help." Help? No wonder the man can't take a proper vacation. But B'ky seems genuinely interested. Poor guy, does he even know how to take a vacation? Avideth, meanwhile, sees the wave coming, and… ducks under the water? As if that's going to keep him from getting splashed. He seems to realize his faulty logic as the wave washes over the rest of him, and he blows bubbles at Reonth before surfacing again, his eyes a merry, swirling blue. The dragon attempts the sideways wing-splash with mixed success, managing to get off a pretty good wave, but at the same time, swinging himself over into his back. Whoops. The upside-down blue gives a watery snort of amusement before righting himself.

L'ren munches on a meatroll idly, and leans back a little, relaxing as he so rarely gets a chance to do nowadays. "Mm, books can be borrowed for a month, but you can extend that time if you come in to the shop." he says, with a nod. It's apparently a frequent question. "We carry a wide line, everything from instruction manuals, to historical accounts, even fictional tales." There's a /slight/ blush at the last, and a glance to his satchel. "We'd … pay you. Naturally. It's not really that much of a high demand position, it only exists in the first place because of a favour owed." he notes, with a shrug. Reonth warbles at Avideth, and copies his wing movements a couple of times, rolling her over just because she /can/. What fun!

B'ky nods, and raises a brow at the blush, but doesn't ask, saying instead, "I always liked reading through the old wing journals at Fort," he sounds almost wistful, but continues, "I can't remember the last time I sat down to listen to a harper tale, either." Avideth pauses in his splashing to glance shoreward, and B'ky nods absently in his direction, "Probably before I impressed." The man chuckles, and shrugs lightly at the mention of payment, not too concerned. He's saved enough to go on an extended vacation, after all. Avideth turns back to the water, letting out an amused warble for the rolling green.

L'ren stretches a little, and raises a juice bottle in a sort of toast, "To old journals! A particular favourite of mine. I've been transcribing the journals of a weyrlingmaster whose dragon lost a wing to thread, it's /fascinating/ stuff. He taught seventeen classes, never lost a pair!" Amazing! He's clearly passionate about the subject. "It's … yeah. Pass journals /fascinate/ me. I can't even imagine a world with thread, just can't." he murmurs, with a shake of his head. He digs around in his satchel for the book from before, passing it to B'ky. "You might like this, it's the journal of a young boy who impressed a bronze, went on to lead a wing after some turns, and even found himself weyrsecond later in life." he says, holding the book out. Reonth stops her rolling with a dizzy warble. Woo, that was something… She tucks her wing in close and just submerges all except her muzzle, laying still for a moment.

B'ky chuckles, raising his own bottle briefly, and then frowning just slightly at the mention of a dragon losing a wing. But he regards the book L'ren hands him with interest, putting the juice down and flipping through it slowly, "I've always wondered what it would be like to live in those times. To fight thread." The man smiles softly, murmuring, "To have a purpose like that…" But then he shakes his head, his gaze flickering out towards the water where the dragons are playing, and he adds, "I'm glad there is no more thread." Avideth sinks down in the water and blows bubbles, the fifteen-turn-old blue acting almost like a weyrling himself. B'ky shakes his head, returning his attention to the beach and saying, "May I borrow this for a while?" indicating the book.

L'ren nods quickly, bobbing his head up and down. "Yeah, fascinating. Can't say as I'd've been bold enough to accept Search once, let alone twice, but, it's something, alright! Dragons leading fighting wings… The Weyrs used to get tithes once, now it's all paid for, with riders running errands and turning to crafts to gather the marks. It's certainly… Different." Not that he's ever known it any other way. "Take the book, I've already read it. It's good." He doesn't want to give things away, but it ends with the man becoming Weyrleader. "I should get to transcribing that other one…" Eventually. He's still happily munching away on those meatrolls, just sitting there. Reonth flicks her tail playfully at Avideth, sending a fine spray of water in the blue's direction. You'd never guess that she's actually nearing her thirty-sixth turn.

B'ky is also nibbling at a meatroll, and smiling pleasantly as he regards the book again, murmuring a thanks and then seeming thoughtful, "I have met a few riders who probably wouldn't mind tithes," and he shakes his head slowly with a soft chuckle, "The discipline some of the wings had… I almost wish I could see it." See it, perhaps, though the bluerider is genuinely glad about the lack of thread. Ever. "I don't know how they managed, dragons fighting thread instead of flying transport." The mostly-submerged Avideth copies the tail-flick, lounging comfortably in the water as droplets splash over his head. He's certainly not going to need a bath anytime soon. The blue shakes his wings, sending droplets flying in all directions.

L'ren nods! "It, it was /amazing/. Pern's not seen the likes of it since." he murmurs, in an awed tone. But he does have to agree, "I don't think there's a Weyr on Pern that would be prepared for thread. It's a good thing we'll never have to face it." Yep. Good. But there's a slightly wistful look in Reonth's direction. The green is having fun out there, just splashing about without a care in the world, and L'ren has to laugh. He stands then, and throws the satchel over one shoulder. "Thank you for the lunch, I hope you enjoy the book. I'd best get back to work." he says, with a nod, heading back up to the Weyrhold and his office.

B'ky waves amiably, and chuckles also at the playing dragons, then opens the book and does the first non-work-related thing since he went on vacation - he actually sits down and reads.

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